Healthy Food Eating Challenge With My MOTHER Top Healthy Foods

hello friends I too may marry mom kasagic eating challenge can never allow intensity but it was the party magician I for Xperia mosaic gym shot since kapenta for a shuttle so mr. Landsman Georgia data I'm gonna match it yeah I'm a higher gear so very mum minimum key curvy sorry doll maker do friends reject and beetroot ketchup and I still ahead my holy termites Merry Christmas are you 42 or 42 or brinjals IKEA if and eh a nostalgic so friends disagree updates a minimum is a multi minimum gram positive curvature joke am Kranthi Costa Rica a travel agency as Sarah concurred in the challenge a minimum data


  1. Best of luck bhaiya aap hi jitoge

  2. Love u ma

  3. sugar vochi chatharu

  4. Aunty ji to good

  5. Khane ki sewa kuch kaam nehi hai kya ma beta ki ??

  6. Nice vedio

  7. Thada dur dur betha kro bhukhd

  8. Mom bhi Kisi se Kum nahi
    Good challenge

  9. Bijan aap bot innocently bolte ho nd Aunty g is soo sweet 😍

  10. Super bijan continue with challenges

  11. 😃😃😃

  12. Ei kamon kore kotha bole sunei hasi pai😂😂

  13. Khob sundor

  14. eta kintu thik na tomar make sari tumi emniteo kine dio nije thoke gie

  15. Nice

  16. Bengali te bolleo আমরা bujbo

  17. Love ur mom and ur innocence dear brother

  18. Challenge ta darun chilo. Aunty to super fast. Aar Khub sweet aar tumi khoob innocent. Good job 👍👍

  19. Good job auntie 🤗👌👌👌👌

  20. nice video

  21. Khub bhalo…❤️

  22. Itna khana kha k kya bany ga ap logon ka

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