HEALTHY FOOD DIARY! Low Carb Meals for Weight Loss #FitFriday

hi everyone welcome back to another fit Friday I'm on my walk right now with Odin of course and I just want to do a little intro for this food diary that I'm about to show you that I've kind of filmed the or the last few weeks kind of the meals that I've been preparing for myself and trying to reduce the amount of carbs that I'm consuming so things like potatoes pasta bread pastries anything may look like white flour you know increase the amount of wholesome like vegetables and like whole foods I'm not drinking alcohol at the moment so I'm not like a big partier or something so like cocktails not really my thing but I do like wine I like to have wine with my dinner so basically I'm not drinking wine every day one time on a weekend like maybe on a Sunday if we cook a nice dinner like we'll open a bottle of wine but it's not like something I have regularly anymore and the other thing I'm cutting back on is sugars so sweets and cookies that sounds obvious but even sometimes things that you think you know are not as obvious with sugars is like condiments or fruit juices contain a lot of sugar good Danish I think oh goodness zoom ease also just being conscious of the types of fruits that I eat so if I do eat fruit I will mostly eat berries because they have a low glycemic index which means your blood sugar doesn't spike so I'll have those Sundays and smoothies or something like that yeah so I'm kind of just trying to eat a little bit healthier and a little bit more conscious of what I'm putting in my mouth and it's not I'm not like super strict I'm not like how this is keto or Atkins South Beach or whatever you know call a little bit more of a low carb plan reducing my alcohol reducing sugar and just focusing on more like wholesome Whole Foods and the other things that I'm trying to do is just eat basically two main meals a day which is for me totally enough everyone's different I feel like I'm very satisfied with to like bigger meals per day and just not snacking throughout the day so I have actually periods where I'm like hungry so that I'm like yes I'm really hungry now I'm going to eat again instead of rather just like eating little things all day long so maybe around like 11:30 12:00 I'll have my first proper meal before that I will have like just a coffee or a tea or something and then really just try not to eat anything until lunchtime which is fine because I'm not usually super hungry in the morning anyway after lunch I will just not snack until evening and then I'll have my second proper meal which is like dinner if I'm really hungry like maybe I'll have a snack usually it's not really hunger though it's more just like I want something in my mouth which is that's why I'm trying not to snack but soon as I'll do is if I do feel like having a snack I will do vegetable sticks like I'll do celery often because I like the crunch of celery and I'll just dip it in maybe some cream cheese or something or I'll happen to be like half an avocado cuz their very filling and if I have a sweet craving like sometimes after dinner I will do a chocolate protein shake so I have a vanilla protein shake by food spring and sometimes I'll just add cacao powder to it just the raw cacao or I will add some berries in there yeah I'm not really usually like satisfies my sweet craving because it's very like filling so I hope you guys enjoyed this little video let's get started morning our late morning early lunch I felt like me ding low-carb protein pancakes so these are so good I made these with protein powder which I'm using this one by food spring this is the shape shake in the vanilla flavor and then there I added some eggs to here baking powder and milk you can use I use a little bit of almond milk those are baking up right now look oh my god I'm so excited and then instead of putting syrup because you can't buy sugar-free syrup here I made myself a strawberry puree syrup so basically I just had some frozen strawberries I cooked those up with some water and just so they're not frozen and then I just pureed that and I added some sweetener so I use the stevia okay so here is my pancake I'm going to put even a little bit extra oops a little bit extra butter and not that on top then I have my sugar free strawberry sauce I was really in the mood for pancakes and that is a muesli on the bottom I haven't mixed it together as you can kind of see the individual components so on the bottom I have my muesli mix and it looks like this so you can look for this in your grocery store unrefined ingredients like there are oats in here there's nuts in here and then there is actually some dried fruit in here as well I think there's little raspberries and some raisins not too many though so it's not the same as granola because canola is basically they add oils to it usually and bake it so this is not baked or anything is basically just the raw ingredients so I put those in a bowl and soak them with just a little bit of orange juice just to soak these up so they're not quite so hard so I let it soak for about I don't know like 15-20 minutes so it's soaked up all the orange juice and then I've put one whole apple that I graded so there's a shaved Apple or grated Apple in here you can see the Apple and then I've got some plain yogurt there's no sugar in it and then this on top is actually passion fruit which has been my grocery store find I am loving having passion fruit in my muesli it's amazing and this right here what you're seeing but is actually a vanilla bourbon vanilla so it's just ground up vanilla I don't like it when it's too too solid so I mix this all up and then if it's too thick I just add a little bit of water and this is a big bowl so sometimes I will eat like half of this for breakfast and then sometimes if there is any leftover I will have this like when I get back from my walk with the dog and this honestly keeps me full for a really really long time so I have two eggs under here so this is what you're seeing on top is arugula so I just put that on top there are two sunny-side up eggs down there I've got two sausages and then these are some oven roasted tomatoes which I absolutely love these I use cherry tomatoes and I slow roast them in the oven some garlic and spices and olive oil and I roasted those I think for like three hours so they have this an incredible flavor I don't know if the eggs are still somewhat soft yes I love it when the eggs are like soft well there's still like a little bit of runny egg yolk this is what I like to make often so I thought eggs here today are very hungry so I made three eggs sometimes I just make two eggs can I just depends then I will took some spinach and I've got some bacon here and then I put a little bit of feta cheese on there as well so that's my my vegetables in there and then I've got the protein and really something that I like to make for lunch my chicken noodle soup without the noodles so basically I have a actually a recipe for a chicken noodle soup and I basically just do that I add a crop ton of vegetables to the soup carrots salary's leek and I think like cabbage or I don't know there's like a basically a bunch of soupy type of vegetables just put some broth in there and then there's a lot of chicken in here so you can see there's like tons of chicken chunks there I put those in the oven and then I took them off the bone so I used like the chicken thighs and the meat like the dark meat because I feel like has a lot more flavor and then I added that and then cooked it with the broth well I am just preparing dinner for tonight I am making like faux potatoes so these are butternut squash pieces but it is actually a low carb friendly vegetable and I made it as if I'm making like potatoes like roast potatoes so I put on a bunch of fresh rosemary and olive oil and salt and pepper so I'm making again like for multiple days I've got some chicken drumsticks so I've got a bunch of them since this is gonna last me for a while again a little bit of olive oil not too much because I do leave the skin on and there's like a lot of fat in the skin so you don't need to add like a ton of oil but just a little bit so that the spice mix adheres and I just use like I don't know this meat spice mix and it just has like paprika so I'm gonna put this into the oven to roast and then I've got some vegetables here I've got some broccoli some Romanesco and some purple cauliflower and I'm going to steam that okay I have just taken everything out of the oven so I wanted to show you how crisp and brown these squash are that a butternut squash they almost do look like potatoes the baked chicken and I've got my steamed broccoli Romanesco and blue cauliflower in there that's the portion I'm gonna eat I'm gonna put a little bit of lemon juice on top of this as well sorry guys and here's a quick dinner that I just prepared um it's basically just chicken breast that sliced up and I basically made a little stir-fry out of it with some broccoli and I basically I steamed a brach a little bit before because we don't have a proper wok and like this thing just doesn't get hot enough so I like to just Steven the broccoli a little bit and then I at the end I put it in the pan put some roasted sesame is on the top and then the soy sauce and a little bit of what else is in there lemon juice and Sri Racha sauce and some garlic that I just put in with the meat fried up so I hope you guys enjoyed that food diary let me know if you would like to see more and I'll try and film it again and thanks so much for watching that a fit Friday and give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and I will see you soon bye


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