Healthy Food Choices for Gestational Diabetes

okay let's talk a little bit about gestational diabetes this is a condition where when you're pregnant your blood sugar is above what it should be now you have high blood sugar is normal for most pregnant women but sometimes what happens is in the third trimester it raises up too high so your blood glucose is entirely too high and this turns into gestational diabetes which just means that during that pregnancy you have a form of diabetes but it disappears as soon as you give birth so just like with regular diabetes if you have a condition like gestational diabetes you need to balance your carb intake at every meal and throughout the day because you want to keep regular blood glucose levels and you should work with your dietitian to figure out what kinds of foods have carbs in them in general carbs are found in breads starches pastas rice cereals and any grain products like that those are the things that raise your blood glucose the quickest also it's important to eat regularly throughout the day three large meals or five small meals to maintain your blood sugar levels throughout the day and if you have any morning sickness make sure that you're eating something in the morning that's high carbohydrate with a little bit of protein to keep those blood levels under control so for tips if you have gestational diabetes and you need to keep your glucose under control first of all remember to eat three meals a day with two snacks or five small meals a day this keeps your blood glucose kind of running level so that you don't have any spikes or any low drops second remember that if you have morning sickness don't go without food you need to avoid fried fatty food and you need to have some whole-grain like crackers or a little bit of dry cereal in the morning to keep your glucose maintained thirdly remember that you need to be able to count your carbohydrates throughout the day so you need to know which foods are a serving of carbohydrate for example two slices of bread would equal one carbohydrate food and you'd want to include some protein also and the last step of course is to include a source of protein with your carbohydrates at every meal to keep those blood sugar levels balanced and those are four tips on maintaining gestational diabetes


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