Healthy Food Choices for Athletes

now I'm going to talk to you about healthy nutrition for athletes nutrition is very important for optimal performance and giving you that competitive edge athletes should follow a high carbohydrate diet consisting of about 60 to 70 percent of their diet good carbohydrates to eat are things that are complex higher and fiber things like whole wheat brown rice whole wheat pasta you really want to limit high sugary foods and high-fat foods because these things can decrease your performance another thing that's important with athletes is you want to make sure you practice a good well-balanced nutrition plan all while you're practicing so that you're ready to go when you have a competition or an event it's also important with athletics to make sure you have proper proper fueling before during and after exercise or your events so for example you want to make sure you have a high carbohydrate snack moderate and protein about an hour or so before your practice then during your practice if it lasts longer than one hour you need to supplement your hydration with some kind of carbohydrate sports or play a sports replacement drink in order to ensure you can give yourself consistent carbohydrate to keep your energy levels and to keep you training at a high level you also want to make sure that you fuel up after your training or after your events you want to make sure you have a high carbohydrate snack at a moderate protein within 30 minutes after you finish training or your competition in these 30 minutes after you finish training your body is the most sensitive to rebuilding everything that you broke down or used up during your activity so a good example of high carbohydrate moderate protein source would be something like a granola bar and a piece of fruit or peanut butter crackers and a sports drink so remember when your athlete you need to have a high carbohydrate diet adequate amounts of protein lean sources like chicken turkey and fish you want to make sure you sell well hydrated and if you are practicing for a longer than hour or competing for longer than an hour you want to replace the carbohydrates loss of some kind of sports drink and then fueling afterwards is very very important within that 30 mmm to make sure you get a high carbohydrate source moderate and protein all these things are healthy recommendations for athletes


  1. Is it bad to eat candy on special occasions? I'm a 14 year old soccer player

  2. She should specify that the emphasis on high-carbs is for endurance atheletics.

    Carb/Protein/Fat ratios of 50/25/25 or 60/20/20 would be ok for a cyclist or a runner, but to build size or strength, I'd tweak that just a bit – 33/33/33 or 40/40/20.

    The quality of the macronutrients is far more important than the quantity. CommonID 's anectodal evidence to the contrary, egg whites and oatmeal are excellent choices for clean protein and low-glycemic , high-fibre carbs, respectively.

  3. @TheCommonID most people, including athletes, get more than enough protein as it is. and when you eat high carb, you also spare a lot of protein because you don't use it for energy. worrying about what you eat isn't super critical though. I compete in powerlifting, and I have won 1 out of 4 competitions. the one competition I won, I ate french fries and hot dogs pre competition. the 3 I lost, I had egg whites and oatmeal which is said to be good for athletes

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