Healthy Food Choices for a 1- to 2-Year-Old

today we're going to talk about what to feed your one to two year old child this is a very exciting time for kids and food they're growing teeth which means they can explore new flavors and textures they're also getting new skills so that by age eighteen months they can begin using a fork and a spoon at the same time it could be very challenging time children in this age group are not eating as much as they were when they were infants and parents often worried that their children aren't consuming enough calories at this point they're going to want to eat at least three scheduled meals and two to three scheduled snacks during the day and remember portion sizes at this age are quite small usually around a half cup what to drink is very important at this age you want to move from formula or nursing toward whole milk although it's okay to nurse as long as you and the baby are both enjoying it you want to get about 1 or 2 cups of whole milk a day but not to exceed 3 cups of whole milk because that may put your child at risk for iron deficiency anemia it's also very important to get rid of bottles at this point now that your child has teeth the bottle can lead to very serious tooth decay juice is lovely but you really want to hold it to about 4 ounces of juice a day ideally a hundred percent real fruit juice water is great in the meantime it's a good time to start your child on the habit of drinking water choking is a significant risk for children in this age group you want to look out for any food that could pose a choking risk examples include whole grapes hot dogs carrot pieces nuts raisins and other foods that remain sort of whole and ball shaped when the child eats them don't get into field battles with your child at this age provide healthy choices lots of fruits and vegetables low fat proteins low two servings a day of dairy and then let the child choose which they're going to eat and which they're not going to eat they will eventually learn to like a lot of different foods if you keep presenting them but it may take up to 15 attempts to get a child to eat he hasn't tried before a good idea is to pair that with the food that he does like and you may make a positive association between the two if you reward or punish eating behavior it's going to set up a dynamic that can lead to bad eating habits for the rest of his life so to review between ages 1 and 2 children are exploring and discovering a lot of new foods and textures they're moving from nursing or formula to about two cups a day of whole cow's milk they need no bottles whatsoever and very little juice and you need to be aware of the risk for choking finally be sure that you don't get into food fights with your child they're going to win that is how to feed your 1 to 2 year old child


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  3. after watching this im scared coz i am giving 4serving of milk per day 200ml each!!! need to cut them down

  4. "they're gonna win."– funny but true! =) 

  5. Great advice thanks!!

  6. my one year old love pasta!

  7. my 1 1/2 yr old chews whole grapes , hot dogs , baby carrots, mixed nuts , rasins really well and has never had a problem with them. there isnt much she cant eat , however its best to really watch your lil one to make sure they are capable of doing this

  8. Very useful. Thank you!

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