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hi guys um I have never done this for my computer before so if you guys could let me know you can hear everything okay um for those of you who are watching live just leave me a comment letting me letting me know you guys can hear everything okay um so the reason I thought it would be good to go live is I still do not have comments on my youtube channel um I've reached out to YouTube I know I've said this before and um they have mentioned they have messaged me saying that they're going to manually um review my channel to see if I can be eligible for comments again but they couldn't give me a time frame on when that was going to take place so I'm still kind of in limbo with the whole comment thing and at this point I'm just assuming I'm never going to get comments again so I'm looking for alternative ways to be able to communicate with you guys and still chat with all of you and one of those ideas that I had was to go live uh once a week and be able to hang out with you guys and chat with you in the live comments that way so um thanks to those of you who are tuning in live I will have this video uploaded um for people to view again so if you are one of the ones watching um this video playback um that's okay too um I'm not sure if you'll be able to comment on this video though so um yeah we'll just have to kind of play that by ear um this mom's journey hello um if you guys don't have your um personal names in your YouTube channel name um leave those too so that I can say hello to you if you're comfortable doing that so today I wanted to talk about meal planning and I do have some notes here because I'm really nervous being on here live I can't edit myself so this will be interesting um but I'm kind of changing up how I'm going to meal plan and if you watch my videos on meal planning you'll see kind of a progression over the last few months of how a meal plan I've tried almost every meal planning system out there and have probably spent way too much money trying to um you know have the perfect meal plan system and it just doesn't exist and I've talked about that before in my meal planning tips video and if you're watching this back I'll have that linked for you guys down below if you want to check that out i'm heather hello nice to meet you um so anyway i mentioned that in that video that there's no perfect meal planning system out there you kind of just have to um try a bunch of different systems and see what works best for you but I've kind of had a mind shift over the last few months with how I know plan how I clean my home all of it I just want things to be simpler and um give me a thumbs up in the comments if you agree you just need your life to be more simple you need less checklists and Leste printables and less systems you just need things to be simple and um so I'm kind of doing that with meal planning and a few maybe a month ago I did the whole zero waste food meal planning and that was awesome I loved doing the zero waste because it gave me um it helped me realize how much I was bringing into my home and how much I ended up not using and um I think that's kind of the underlying reason why we all feel overwhelmed is because um as the stay-at-home mom you're kind of responsible for everything that comes into your home right so whether its food or home decor or cleaning products or anything whatever comes into your home you're now responsible for that item making sure it gets used making sure it doesn't expire or go bad and sometimes we're just overwhelmed because we've lost control of our inventory so to speak we and that's easy to do because things are so readily available now we've got the shipped app instacart a grocery delivery Amazon hold of those things if you need something you just click ship and it arrives in two days and sometimes the same day so it's easy to let your inventory get out of control but I think that that's why um as moms we get so easily overwhelmed because we're just surrounded by too much stuff right so um zero food waste meal planning was awesome because it really opened my eyes to how much food I was buying and then wasting which inevitably you know resulted in wasting money too because I was throwing so much stuff away so I'll link uh those videos down below as well if you're watching this video on playback um some of my zero food waste meal plans I want to continue I'm doing those meal plans incorporate those into my meal plans but I've come up with a new easier way to meal plan and I wanted to share that with you guys along with five um not tips but like five um new rules that I'm gonna be using when it comes to meal planning so I picked up this little um folder notebook you can get them anywhere 98 cents is how much mine costs so it's super cheap but the first thing I'm gonna start doing is building a recipe Bank and so in the first part of my and I'm sorry the lighting keeps going in and out how to fix that foot on the first page of this notebook I'm going to start having a recipe Bank and if this is backwards for you guys I'm sorry but I want to keep track of all of the food or meals that my family loves not just likes but the recipes that my kids ask seconds for I'm going to write them on the first sheet of this notebook that way I can reference it back every time I mail planning and I know that it's going to get even because everybody in the family likes it so I have a ton of recipes and they just fill everywhere and I am so tired of being unorganized with everything and these recipes aren't even ones that my family necessarily loves they're just ones that I thought I would want to try or we tried them and they were okay but I wanted to make them again I don't know why I wanted to make it again because if my kids aren't eating them the first time they're probably not gonna eat them the second time but I want to simplify that whole thing and just keep the actual recipes in here but to be honest these recipes that I wrote down in my food bank I know how to make because I've made them a hundred times because they're ones my family likes so sometimes when I'm no planning I forget the basic meals that my family likes and so I end up making my meal plans way too complicated with trying a bunch of new recipes with tons of new ingredients and then I'm wasting a ton of food every week so this way I have to think less because I've written down all of the recipes my family really likes and if you want to skip this step you could always just bring out your recipe binder if you're really good at storing only the recipes your family likes and just flip through that but I think having them written down for just the sake of time is gonna help make this process go a little bit easier um the second thing I'm going to start doing is saving my mail plans so I'm gonna start meal planning just right in this notebook so I have this little divider here that is going to help divide up my meal plans so you can see I haven't milk plan for this week yet so I wrote down the date 522 526 I like to mail plan Monday through Sunday and because I grocery shop on Mondays and then when this week is over then I'll just flip the page and meal plan for the next week because I don't know why I've never thought about this before but you can uh cycle through your meal plans every you know four weeks technically you could do it every two weeks because that would be 14 new meals that you're having every two weeks but I thought if I can come up with a solid meal plan for four weeks then I can just rotate through that and maybe every now and then throw in a new recipe off Pinterest um but it's gonna be full of meals that I know my family likes I'll get the grocery list down to a science and I will be good to go and have less food waste and save money and all of that jazz so I'm gonna be saving my meal plans and in this notebook and also to go along with that I'm gonna be making notes on the meals if we ran out of the food like if we didn't have enough leftovers if we wanted more leftovers maybe I need to double it the next time I make it or like I said if it was too much food scale back on either the side dish or the main dish but I'm use this more of as more of us use this as a food journal um not necessarily just a meal plan so you want to take notes in it and highlight things that work for you and maybe things that didn't work for you so the next thing I'm gonna do kind of also goes along with that is um I want to make simpler meal plans and also focus more on side dishes so I had a pull over on the community tab on my main page of YouTube and I asked you guys what kind of videos you like to see from me and a lot of you guys selected the meal plan videos that you guys loved seeing meal plan videos so I want to keep doing those for you guys on Mondays and I thought it might be fun to continue those live so maybe next week I can do a live grocery haul video and share with you guys my nail plans my meal plan for the week and then my groceries um let me know in the comments if that's something that would be fun to watch live maybe one week I could do a fridge clean-out for you guys and share what food I have leftover or um maybe what food I'm rolling into the next week or used for leftovers I'm just different kinds of meal planning related videos on Mondays that I could do live for you guys um I also have since I mentioned meal leftovers and food prep I want to focus on um meal prepping more and I say that lightly because I okay I it I used to UM batch cook and do a lot of freezer meals and I love freezer meals but I feel like a lot of freezer meals are shredded chicken or pork and sometimes I'm just not in the mood for shredded crock-pot cooked chicken so I want to meal prep more of the food that I'm going to be eating that week so when I go to the grocery store I want to take a couple minutes and prep all of my vegetables for the week maybe I need to prepare a salad that I can do ahead of time so I bought uh these uh I don't even know what they're called but there are storage bags they're like Ziploc bags um but I got them off with Amazon and you can just stick them in the wash dishwasher and reuse them every week now I haven't even opened these all the way yet so they're kind of very sticky but I thought this would be good to prep any vegetables that we have for the week also fruit if the kid and it'll help the kids make healthier snack choices because everything's already prepped and ready to go but they had these um bigger sized bags online then I got to prep my meats ahead of time so if I'm gonna be having like a sweet and sour chicken and I need diced chicken I can go ahead and chop that up at the beginning of the week and stick it in this ziplock bag and be ready to go and I'm not wasting plastic bags because these are all reusable ones I can use every week so I think prepping food taking a few extra minutes to do that will also help I also want to summers around the corner so I want to start making my kids smoothie packs again and I don't know that I've ever shared smoothie pack recipes with you guys before so that might be a good video to share as well so those of you who are watching live let me know in the comments if you would like to see a freezer pack a smoothie freezer not freezer I don't know why I keep saying freezer uh smoothie packs um for smoothies let me know if you guys want to see that video umm this is why I don't go live because I am terrible with my words and I spend like an hour editing my videos before I put them up so then you're getting the real me today uh okay so kid smoothie packs talked about that um I also want to prep muffins and cookies because I want to stop buying packaged cookies they're terrible for you homemade cookies are still a cookie so technically it's not super healthy but I think a homemade cookie is better than a store-bought cookie any day so I want to get better at making those um and then the last thing that I'm going to do that is a little bit different than my previous grocery haul and meal plan videos is I'm gonna start buying my meats for my meals the week before so I'm gonna be meal planning my main dishes around whatever was on sale the previous week that way I can still save money and come in under budget because I'm not buying meat full price which is something that I haven't ever really focused on before so um although I'll be buying the current week's sale items for like fruits and vegetables and my side dishes and stuff um any meat that is on sale I'll be saving to use the next week and I know that a lot of people meal plan around a hundred percent what's on sale that week I just get too stressed out doing that and I feel like I'm on a time crunch trying to like find the perfect meals for the specific meat that's until that week and it just gets too complicated for me so I'm going to be meal planning for the current week and then I will buy meat bits on sale for the next week and then I can in the following weeks meal plan so I have a few extra days I have a whole week to be thinking about how I'm gonna be using that meat in the next week's meal plan so I hope that makes sense um because I can tree watch this video and edit it so it can make sense um but yeah do you guys have any questions about meal planning um that I could maybe answer do you guys like the zero food waste meal plans do you guys I do want to try and incorporate more season vegetables and fruit in my mail plans I know in the summertime I cook probably 90% of our food out on the grill so you'll see a lot of grilling friendly recipes on my meal plans for the next few weeks I don't do a lot of soups and crock-pot meals in the spring and summer just because we like eating outside and I'm having more fruits and vegetables so my main dish is going to be more vegetable related and then our side dish will be the meat if that makes sense so I'm kind of just doing it a little opposite for the spring and summer just because we tend to eat a little bit lighter those months in general so um I hope you guys um will go out and get a notebook and meal plan this way with me and maybe we can share some of our meal plans with each other um if you guys want to I don't know if I'm gonna have comments once I close this live out but if I do leave a comment with some of your meal plans for the week and we can share them with each other and I will be sure to when I finish my meal plan I'll be sure to write it out in the description for you guys so if you want to follow along with me you can I will have links to the recipes I use if I have any new ones from Pinterest or whatever so you can click on the recipe in the description box and it will pull up the full or you can click on the meal in the description box and it will pull up the full recipe for you I'll do that as well you'll just have to give me a little bit of time to get that written up for you guys um but thanks for tuning in live to those of you that did it was nice to be able to chat with you guys let me know down in the comments um some ideas of what I could do live next week I think I'm gonna continue doing these every Monday at 10 a.m. Mountain Standard time so that we can chat with each other and just um connect since I have no comments on my other video I'm still gonna be posting on Wednesdays and Fridays Wednesday's are going to be some type of motivational mommy type budgeting advice and then Friday's will be strictly cleaning videos so I'll have some type of clean with me video or a cleaning tips video um so for those of you who love the cleaning videos Friday is going to be your day for those and um yeah be sure to leave me your ideas down below and I will incorporate them into future videos thanks for coming along and joining me live you guys this is a lot of fun and I will see you guys in my next video on Wednesday have a great day guys bye


  1. Good plan you have, thanks to makr this kind of video.

  2. Have you tried the Favoreats app? So far that’s working for me. I go through my fridge/freezers once a week and see what I need to use up and go on that app and make meals for my week accordingly. I love all the ideas you come up with. 💕

  3. I'm so sad I missed it I had an alarm set but was on hold forever! But I am excited to get to comment now

  4. Yay!!! Your comments are working again!!!!!!

  5. Hey friends! It's my first LIVE, thanks for joining me. I definitely need to find a new way to stream because the quality here in TERRIBLE haha Let me know what you'd like to see next Monday, a LIVE grocery haul? LIVE fridge clean out?

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