so Anna today’s video we are gonna be
making some super yummy healthy fall treats if you’re new don’t forget to hit
that subscribe button and let’s get into it so first off we’re making these
pumpkin spice doughnuts and guys they’re dole ish I’ve been eating them all week
I cannot get enough of them so we’re starting off with some pumpkin which is
super high in fiber so it’s gonna help us keep us full and it’s high in vitamin
C and beta carotene which means it’s gonna be good for our eyes and our
immune system and it also helps decrease your blood pressure some maple syrup
which actually boost your immune system and is also chocked full of antioxidants
just make sure you get real maple syrup a little bit of vanilla extract for some
flavor I like the one from simply organic and then some a coconut oil a
great medium chain triglyceride you’re also going to need two eggs you can also
use flax eggs and I will leave that in the description as well both work great
so you do you so you’re going to mix up all of the wet ingredients until you
kind of get it all combined because then we’re going to be adding the dry to that
you can use a fork you can use a whisk either way super easy then we’re going
to be adding in some coconut flour and I love coconut flour because it’s high in
protein fiber and it’s a healthy fat some tapioca flour which is a great
flour to use in gluten-free baking as well as some baking soda which is gonna
help it rise and some baking powder as well and then you’re just going to stir
that all up together with my Star Wars spatula you guys know if you’ve been
here for a while the Star Wars spatula I got it at William Sonoma I feel like I
get that question a lot William Sonoma I don’t know if they still have it but you
can check so you just mix that up until the batter is nice and it combined and
it will be thick because coconut flour naturally absorbs really well so it’s
going to be a thick batter so then I use a bag to kind of squeeze out a doughnut
shape and while those are in the oven we’re baking them at 350 for about ten
to twelve minutes I’m and glaze with some almond butter a
stomach maple syrup and some pumpkin spice you kind of just stir that up and
as always the measurements for everything will be in the description
and then I’m taking the donut after they’ve cooled and putting the glaze on
if you do it when they’re too hot the glaze will just run right off and be too
thin so make sure you wait until they’re cooled and then I just dip them in the
top and guys these were the bomb like I you can’t even tell they’re healthy they
taste amazing perfect for fall I’m definitely gonna make more this is my
favorite thing I’ve made all fall so far I like my favorite recipe you have to
try next up or making apple crisp because I feel like apple crisp is at
least for me a really classic fall dish so we’re gonna make this a little
healthier so we’re starting off with some apples and as a doctor always said
an apple a day keeps the doctor away and that’s probably because it actually
decreases your risk of a diabetes hypertension and heart disease and it’s
also really high in antioxidants so I’m chopping up three apples and then my
secret to a good apple crisp is adding in some tapioca flour or some arrowroot
powder along with the spices to the apples themselves and they get this
really nice coating and they soften that’s the secret guys is adding a
little bit of that that’s how you get those like really good apples that
aren’t too crunchy aren’t you soft a little bit of lemon juice which you
don’t taste in the apple crisp like you don’t taste lemony
but it just brings out the flavor I’m putting the apples in to a baking dish
and then next up we are going to make the crisp part so I’m using some oats
I love oats these are just some gluten-free ones tossing those into a
bowl and then some almond flour almond flour is great because almonds or rich
in vitamin E a healthy fat and I love increasing the fat and like healthy fat
and protein recipes it’s a great way to kind of help us buy something some apple
pie spice B would also use cinnamon I just find it easy to use the apple pie
spice that already has like a nutmeg and cinnamon and a bunch of stuff in it some
sliced almonds for some crunch as well as some coconut oil which is gonna help
everything bind and Brown together so then I’m mixing that up with my store
where spatula until you get lategame a crumbly mixture and the coconut oil
coats everything and it’s a little bit more thick and then I’m putting that on
the top of my apples just kind of distributing it all on the top to make
sure it’s not just one huge massive clump crisp you want to cover it for the
first 20 minutes this is key so that it doesn’t burn and then you remove it for
the second 20 minutes and this turned out so good it’s no added sugar it’s
just the sugar from the apples it’s so yummy you can have it for breakfast even
you can have it for dessert I love this apple crisp and lastly we’re going to be
making a thumb up in Nanna bread and I’ve been making a paleo version lately
and it’s really good so you’re gonna need a three really ripe bananas I know
you only see two in the frame guys but you need three and the ripe bananas are
great because they’re easier for digestion and they’re gonna add more
sweetness also rich in potassium and the potassium decreases your blood pressure
and teresa’s your risk of heart disease and then we’re going to be adding in
some eggs you can also use flax egg or Chia egg here whatever you like I’m just
using regular eggs so you’re going to need four in total and I will leave
everything again down in the description box and then I’m going to be adding in a
little bit of vanilla and it’s gonna add a little bit of a flavor to it as well
as some coconut oil and then we’re gonna be making our dry part so I’m using some
almond flour here and that’s what makes it kind of paleo and green free because
it’s made from almonds as opposed to making like grain fold flour some
tapioca flour again a great gluten-free baking essential and putting that in to
the bowl and then we are going to be adding in some cinnamon and cinnamon is
great because it actually helps regulate your blood sugar some baking soda as
well as some baking powder as you guys can see I love Bob’s Red Mill I get a
lot of questions like what brands I like for like pantry essentials and I really
like Bob’s Red Mill they’re affordable they’re good and I’m mixing up the dry
ingredients and then I blend it up the wet and I’m adding the wet to the
dry ingredients and I like this because this way the bananas get really like
blended and you don’t get chunks of banana so I just find it super easy I’m
throwing in a handful of dairy free chocolate chunks and putting that into a
greased baking pan guys do not forget to grease it it’s happened to me before and
then it will stick and if you forget just take it out and then wash it and we
like spray it and put it back in because I promise you you don’t want to deal
with sticky like baked goods I topped it with a little bit of banana slices to
make it look pretty and a few more chocolate chunks basically it just helps
it look a little bit more pretty and yeah then I baked it for 45 minutes at
400 Gries 45 minutes for 400 degrees and this is how it turned out I burnt it a
little bit so that’s why I say 45 minutes cuz I left it in accidently for
15 go do before – five minutes and you will be good to go it’s so delicious I
actually like making a french toast with it I hope you guys enjoyed this video
don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and tag me and any of your
recreations and I will see you in my next video bye guys


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