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Well I met Dr. Lasee about two years ago. She was a bit more passionate and a bit more
driven than most other doctors. The way she speaks to you, she just builds
a sense of trust. That definitely sets her apart. The way she cares for her patients. You really just feel the passion. I would trust her with my mom, honestly. I would highly recommend Dr Lasee. I’ve had her see some of my family members
and she just does a phenomenal job. When you go to a big chain retail, you’re
treated more as a number. When you come and visit Dr. Lasee at Healthy
Eye Care, you get personal attention. Don’t be surprised if Dr. Lasee actually talks
about your personal life with you also, you know, how are the kids, how are the basketball
games, football games. Dr. Lasee has state-of-the-art equipment here,
unmatched by any retail or large chain practice. What she finds in her exam is seen right there
on the computer by the patient. She excels when it comes to patient education. She really sets the bar for optometric excellence
in spectacles, frames and contact lenses. There’s no need to go anywhere else.


  1. Dr. Lasee at Healthy Eye Care is very warm and kind, as well as very knowledgeable. I was impressed by her state-of-the art technology and beautifully decorated office. After getting a very precise eye exam, she recommended lenses that were perfect for my lifestyle. The selection of frames is from high quality companies with up-to-date designs. She really cares about eye health. Healthy Eye Care Fit Optical is my optometrist for life!

  2. Dr. Lasse is an amazing optometrist. I have never had clear vision and for the first time in my 36 years of life, I can see perfectly. I am so glad I found an eye doctor I can trust and use time and time again.

  3. This office is gorgeous inside! I've been here twice now, once for eye glasses and the second time for contacts and sunglasses. I love the selection and the no hassle approach of the staff and doctor.

  4. Dr Lassee is awesome.  I went to her for the first time this week for an eye exam and to check out getting a pair of computer specific glasses like my wife raves about.  I am very happy to share that Dr. Lassee reported my vision had not changed since my last prescription, from a different optometrist. So, there is no need to get new everyday progressive trifocal glasses!  Very high ethics. 

    I am getting the bi focal computer glasses that that reduces eye strain from working at a computer most of the day.  They have special coatings that cut blue light glare and are fixed on my mid and near range focus.  Even people with perfect vision would benefit from these lenses.

    I totally recommend being treated by Dr. Lassee.

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