Healthy Eating Tips : Healthy Eating & Beverages

well moving along we're going to talk about beverages now the most important beverage being water and most of you have heard of the eight by eight recommendation eight glasses of eight ounces of water per day that's pretty much a rough guide how much water you drink really depends on a lot of things for example the climate the temperature outside your activity level your diet those are all things that determine you know how much water shoot you should be drinking there is a few opportune times to drink water one would be in the morning when you get up to cleanse and wake up your digestion help with your elimination another good time would be between meals between breakfast and lunch in between lunch and dinner so when it's getting close to mealtime that should be your cue to drink a glass of water don't rely on sodas to satisfy your thirst we want you to cut down on your sugar consumption so if you're hydrated you're drinking enough water then maybe you'll be satisfied with just a little something sweet so that's the deal on water other healthy beverages you know it's been said if we run out of water probably the next healthy beverage would be drinking is whine whine of course is a part of the Mediterranean diet which is one of the healthiest most scientifically documented diets in the world but again moderation and the official recommendation for wine would be one glass per day for women and two for men and we don't want to go over that and usually your taste will tell you how much wine to drink per day if it doesn't taste very good maybe you should put it down so wine particularly with food you want to have the alcohol with the food and the benefits of course wine in moderation is anti-inflammatory part of the healthy mediterranean diet we have seen some studies that people that drink wine in moderation lower risk of Alzheimer's disease and of course very good for the heart thins the blood its anti-inflammatory other healthy beverages of course high on my list would be t particularly green tea contains all those polyphenols kind of antioxidant we need the antioxidants to scavenge an unstable molecule called free radicals kind of soak up free radicals free radicals contribute to aging and deterioration so that's why we need the antioxidants like you find in green tea and of course in fruit juices I would suggest you dilute your juices otherwise you might be getting a little too much sugar there soy milk almond milk I know some people have allergies to soy in which case you might want to try something like oat milk when comparing these I would choose the ones that have the lowest amount of sugar so read the label and the sports drinks typical sports drinks like the one they advertise on TV all the time you probably know the one I'm talking about those are recommended for electrolytes minerals that we lose during perspiration heavy perspiration problem is with some of those advertised ones they don't have the correct sodium potassium balance so I would go to the health food store and ask for one of the health food store brands of the sports electrolytes drinks with the proper proportion of sodium and potassium that's the deal on beverages


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