Healthy Eating Tips for Parents

hi I'm chef Art Smith Top Chef master here at the Easter Egg Roll at the White House you know what even master chefs love a snack and nothing beats a better snack piece of fruit an apple and orange a banana it will set you free and rather than reaching for this high carbohydrate sugary treats reefer a piece of fruit because I want to tell you something it will make you feel good and you'll feel good about yourself one thing that you can do is replace the refined sugar and your recipes with honey I recommend about twenty-five percent by weight of hunting instead of granulated sugar the other thing important especially when serving children is portion size so control their portion size because if you double the portion size you're doubling the calories I just kind of like slowly work things in and see what they like and what they don't like give your kids some options some choices of what they can eat because they're not going to always want to eat what you put on the table so if you have two or three things on there find out what they like sorbet it's a nice light alternative to ice cream and we often think that sorbet sometimes has a lot of sugar in it as well but when you use very fresh fruits like mango it's delicious and it's sweet just like it is and if you take it and you peel it and cut it up and put it in a fruit blender and make it nice and pureed and then strain it and if you freeze it just like it is you don't have to put any sugar in it you can start even easier you can start even simpler and take a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich and use all-natural peanut butter I think it's sometimes easier to change something that's familiar to a kid and get them to eat it than it is to get him to eat something totally different that he's never eaten before


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