Healthy Eating Tips During Ramadan | Assim Al Hakeem

people have made if bar as a feast full of varied dishes how was the iftar of the Salaf now the Salif were very moderate it was a meal a day and if maximum two meals a day so a meal a day was the habit of the vast majority of the Seraph either a good breakfast or a good pre-dawn meal not both nowadays we have like three meals a good breakfast a good supper and a good pre-dawn meal and then we were shocked at the end of Ramadan to find that we've gained 5 to 10 kilograms how was that possible we were fast fasting yes but you were consuming more food than other months during the night time which is wrong but having said that is it Haram no not at all what is Haram is to go into extravagance when you cook 10 dishes and you don't finish one of them and the rest goes to the dustbin what is Haram when you fill yourself to the rim and then go to pray taraweeh and you fail to offer YCJA on time you come late you Prayer Asia you pray 2 rakaats of taraweeh and then you retire why you said well I my stomach is full my back aches my knees are shaking because you filled your stomach with more than it can bear so yes you don't have to do like this Elif used to do by just eating one meal a day because Allah has made things permissible be moderate eat your pre-dawn meal and be moderate in that so that you can find the strength and fitness to offer your night prayer without a problem and eat also a good pre-dawn meals hor so that it would gives you energy to act and work the rest of the day [Applause] you

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