Healthy Eating Show – Crab Salad, Carrots, Hummus & Blueberries!

hello there and welcome to my channel it's good to be back I am having a nice healthy lunch today I'm having a salad with crab and French dressing some carrots with everything bagel humus and some berries and I have my little drink over here this is I love these um they also come in watermelon watermelons but a favorite but this is good too so I I enjoy them I'm used to doing this anymore but anyway so I am trying to eat healthier obviously I had a little setback I'm feeling back on my game again so that's good I actually made an appointment I actually made an appointment with a doctor we both see the doctor and see if maybe seeing a nutritionist would help me a little bit better because then it's one on one I did Weight Watchers I did end up I ended up losing 50 pounds but it was only because I was really really really sick so in actuality I lost about 42 pounds and I have been able to keep 20 off which is good but and it's been at least a year year and a half since I've been on it so that in itself is good and I am proud of that but I'm nowhere where I want to be so I really need to figure that out I um I have someone in my family who has lost a lot of weight has seen the same nutritionist and I've just watched her change her entire life and it her entire lifestyle she exercises and eats well now when she never used to do either of those things I was very worried about her and now I'm proud to say that she's doing much better she still has a ways to go but she's out of the really really dangerous zone that I felt that she was in so I'm really really proud of her for that well you know what maybe I can go see her doctor no surgeries no nothing I just need to change my eating habit but maybe I don't understand the chemicals of food or what foods or whatever my husband and I have also been learning a lot about dairy and how we don't need dairy in our lives at all so we're trying to cut that out too no cheese on my salad so I'll see how that goes I've always had an issue with dairy anyway in life so I probably should have cut it out there will be times where I will have dairy once in a while but I'm not gonna make a point of putting it on my foods especially and all that stuff I can't eat lots of food without it it's a flavor masker I love the flavor of cheese but it also masks the flavor of all my other foods that I'm eating so maybe I should taste my lettuce and my crab this is something that um my friend eats all the time is crab salad with French dressing and I thought it sounded really gross but it's actually good I love God I'm gonna make some homemade sushi this week since my husband and I are also on a money diet lately oh you're getting new siding on our house and we have some doctor pills that we need to pay off so we have no money we're just trying to be really good and find lots to do that it's free the really good thing though is that we have started our other band are our 56 teeth cover band and that is going very well we just had a show on Saturday so we don't get paid a lot for doing our shows but we do get paid soon and so that has now become our spending money so if we want to spend money on anything then we need to have a show so we have some spending money I might be cutting out a little of my chewing because these carrots take a while to chew and I've quite a few carrots just so you know up front but I'm trying to think of what I said last time um my daughter my daughter has since moved out with a friend from high school um she's doing okay you know I get those late-night phone calls you know somebody's trying to murder them or whatever last time it was a drunk girl trying to get into the building but she's throwing rocks at their windows and buzzing their apartment and being loud and scaring them they did call the police boom but they both left and didn't spend the night there they went to friends houses and you know to me it's just like okay yeah it's just a drunk girl and I tried to tell them now no one's gonna kill you it's gonna be fine but when you're that age living on your own for the first time you are very scared about everything so I do get it and you know I just try to be very understanding and not laugh about it what are you gonna do this hummus is good it's got that um everything bagel seasoning but they don't put enough so I ordered some off Amazon scooped up the part they had the seasoning on it and then when it comes in a couple of days then I can put more seasoning on the parts that don't have seasoning so there you go just I don't hummus is good to be but it has to be well seasoned otherwise I don't really like it that much um you know I'd love to dip my carrots and other vegetables in something when I eat it raw so hummus is obviously a good alternative but it's gotta be flavorful flavor I really jacked up my shoulder in January so I went and got an MRI call the doctor on Friday to see what the next step is I don't know if I talked something or if it's just like he thinks it might be frozen shoulder so I was clean to physical therapy but it wasn't working and then she's like oh you need to go get an MRI I was trying to cut out the middle step it was really weird getting an MRI for the first time very loud and you can't move luckily they tell you every little while it's gonna take this long um stay still and then there's just like all this noise and stuff going on around you in this tube and stuff and this interesting I don't want to do it again but it was interesting took about an hour and I'd like to see it if I could but I doubt it don't it's a bit of a racket I believe that when you know you need an MRI your physical therapist told you do you know there's something really wrong with your shoulder that's not bones I had to get a regular x-ray first before I even saw the doctor then I saw the doctor then I had to go get the MRI and now I have to go see the doctor again and then he'll send me to physical therapy or surgery or whatever but it's like why did I need that regular x-ray no one needed it and I'm sure that cost hundreds of dollars so because it was lots of pictures lots of angles huge machine I'm gonna but I play the game because I need to get my shoulder fix No there's much I've only been on the no dairy and every meal healthy eating for about six days at same but already I am feeling out decrease in my desire for sweet so that's good not going to have dessert or you know some sort of sweet thing after every meal unless it's like fruit that's why I'm you know and a piece of gum maybe and that'll just try to train myself out a bit cuz it wasn't like I was having a big dessert or something after every meal but I did want something sweet so I might have a a square of dark chocolate or a cookie or you know whatever we had I try not to have much around the house but things happen baking happens sometimes but I don't know I kind of feel like since my daughter moved out I can focus more on myself she moved in with us when she was having a trying time in life you know teenager leaving her biological mom to come live with us for I was like three and a half years ago it was very stressful and I have a habit of taking other people's dresses on as my own which I know I'm not supposed to and I don't need to do but I do so just having her out of the house for the last month has really really made me feel so much less stressed and calmer and happier minutes and I don't want to put it on her and it's not her fault it it's not her it's she's got a lot of drama in life and because she's a young girl you know she's a very young adult she's 18 there's a lot I remember being that age and being out on my own for the first time it's dramatic it's stressful there's just drama all the time so in just kids in general they're all very dramatic so it's just what I lived with if it wasn't her being dramatic it was her friend being dramatic or whatever coworker always something going on so it's just nice that you know we still talk she comes over every blue moon not a lot we went over there when in a moving day and then after she had things kind of set up and everything they went there I would say if you like crab and you like French dressing it's actually the combination I need to find a little container that's bought half this tall for my hummus cuz these little baby carrots are so small can't get in there without getting it on your fingers that mascara didn't look too good now for some blueberries in my drink see that's even too heavy for my arm that's good whoo I don't know this channel just keeps me coming back don't know why I'm just talking and eating but just happy no to me if that I love watching my muffins but they're not healthy for me so I had to unsubscribe to everybody I didn't go talk to a couple people but I didn't watch their video of them eating just said hi nothing against anybody I just I feel like that's good if you know something about yourself and you know you struggle then fix it obviously one of them seen people eating desserts and fried foods and stuff it makes me want to eat those things in the beginning it kind of curb cravings but now I realize that after a while it reverses it makes me want to eat those things and then I do end up enjoying things and I gotta do things that make me successful and watching mukbang is not successful for me so unfortunately I can't watch them anymore but I'll get into watching funny things on YouTube is better I've been watching a lot of health things on there you oughta TED talks on healthy eating and stuff like that it's always good to watch some pranks things like that we did get our tent so we have to set that up but yesterday was May 19th and it snowed quite a bit actually but today is supposed to be sixty degrees and sunny so it should all be gone or mostly be gone it's just we've had such crazy weather and we're having the winter that never ends so it's not not cool mother nature not cool but luckily I made our reservations for our camping in June to be toward the nature part of June so I'm very happy about that since we're gonna be in a tent now and I can't really handle them when it's super cold the only bad thing is now I was with my arm I gotta get this figured out because I actually have not been able to sleep in my bed for a month I've had to sleep in the chair in the living room because I can't lay on the side or lay way back no matter what I do I just I can't lay in my bed for sometimes more than five minutes sometimes I can get an hour but it's so painful I I just can't so I'd like to sleep in the bed with my husband again you know it's kind of nice for married couples to be able to sleep in the same bed but so anyway that's what I'm doing dealing with some good some bad but that's life nothing's ever just good in life or just bad in life so there's always a little bit of both so you guys hang in there I'm gonna hang in there I'm gonna really focus on being a healthier individual and that's what I'm focusing on now and I really feel like I can do it I have a a really fresh mind now new energy and I'm feeling like some things could really change for me now so gonna go with that and if I see you again I will be eating something healthy and delicious maybe I can figure something out that's better than just salad vegetables but I mean really that's where I am right now and I suppose if you don't like it you don't have to watch it so I'll just go with that I'm just gonna eat healthy things and if you don't like it we'll go with that cuz otherwise then I would just never make any videos and sometimes I like it sometimes I don't depends depends on the day so but today I'm liking it so all right we'll see you again next time have a wonderful wonderful day bye-bye


  1. Good luck. I love crab salad.

  2. That actually looks really good, I’ll have to try it.

  3. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Omg I’m so excited. U look great. I love your vibe makes me so calm. Love these ideas.

  5. Looks delicious!! Nice to see you back again😊

  6. You look amazing! I hope all is well and that you’re enjoying the increase of temperature ☺️.

  7. Your Hair looks good 😍

  8. I am working with a nutrition coach. I have lost 15 pounds so far in 3 weeks but it is a struggle still. My problem is head hunger and emotional eating. I'm wishing you well 💜🤗 good to see you.

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