Healthy Eating on a Budget – beginning a whole food diet

so I think a lot of people want to eat healthier but they feel that they don't have the money or the time to be able to eat the way that they want to I have the same problem I am a single working parent i homeschool my kids I'm awesome in school myself so I do not have a whole lot of money to spend on our grocery budget and I don't have a lot of time to spend preparing our foods so a lot of our groceries have been cheaper processed foods not super jeeps not super unhealthy I try and make healthy choices but you know I'm not eating as much Whole Foods and as much unprocessed foods as I would really like for my family to be eating so this month I am going to really be focusing on changing our diet to as much Whole Foods as possible we also eat a lot of plant-based foods we don't eat a lot of meat we're not strictly vegetarian we do eat some meat we also eat eggs and some dairy products but not as much as the typical American family so we eat you know limited meat and a lot more plant plant-based foods but you know budget is a concern and time is a concern so I am going to try and find a way for my family to eat healthier even given my time and budget constraints so I'm going to share with you guys as I go through this month and the months to come how we are able to eat and what kind of that looks like for our family so if you are considering eating a healthy your diet what it might look like for you guys to wear family of three it's me and my two daughters in our typical grocery budget every month is two hundred and forty dollars and that feeds us all breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks and everything so my goals when changing our diets is going to be it does have to be cost-effective and it does it can't take me a very long time to prepare I do know that it's gonna take more time and it's probably gonna be more expensive in the beginning but I'm going to try and work on those things and make them more efficient one of the things that we've decided to do to help cut our grocery budget is to have a garden and to grow as much of our own food as possible right now this month all we have really growing are spinach and kale and all of our salad stuff we have Tomatoes coming up and we also have cucumbers so I am not having to purchase those things at the grocery store by the end of this month we should have raspberries and blackberries we do plant raspberries blackberries grow like a weed in my guards so we have tons of those with those things I'm going to be learning how to make jam and preserve those things can those things so we can have them all year also be freezing some of them just so I don't have to buy those things my youngest daughter loves berries she eats those for dessert so that's something that plays a huge factor in our grocery budget I'm also going to be trying to cook from scratch a lot more I don't bake or cook very often at all so this is going to be a learning experience for me but I want to know what the ingredients are in our foods so that's something that I'm going to take the time to learn this month and I know once I do it more it'll become easier for me and won't take as much time I went to the grocery store yesterday and got about two weeks worth of stuff – some produce stuff that I will have to go back and get some more produce next week but I spent a hundred and fourteen dollars yesterday and that includes two big bags of flour I got holey flour and then all-purpose flour it is organic GMO free that will last me a while so ten dollars of that is you know flour that'll last a while let's show you what all I bought this week and I'm gonna show it to you and then I'll kind of go over real quick what all I got I'm going to be looking at my pitch so I can go over it with you real quick like I said before I spent a hundred fourteen dollars ten of that was the flower we also got two things of juice we got v8 juice and orange juice we don't drink a whole lot of juice because it does have a lot of sugar in it I got two things of almond milk we don't ever drink dairy milk we have dairy issues so we've always drank almond milk I usually get the silk dark chocolate almond milk but they were out so I had to get chocolate syrup which I do not usually buy but one of my daughter's really likes chocolate milk so it's okay I did get two bags potato chips when I pick up potato chips each of them only have two ingredients it's just the one of you know just potatoes and oil jar of natural peanut butter the unsweetened applesauce that'll be for both eating and for baking organic salsa a block of cheese organic butter and a couple things of yogurt vegetable pasta we've never tried that before so I'm not sure how that will go we already had pasta sauce we got two things of eggs again hopefully act it by the end of the month we won't have to buy eggs anymore because my hens will be laying bacon chocolate chips a few Clif bars because I like to eat those at work a couple cans of tuna and then a whole bunch of fresh fruits and vegetables apples grapes pineapples Kiwi peaches raspberries strawberries with the strawberries I'm actually making strawberry jam with strawberries and sugar to go on our whole-grain muffins we did get a couple of frozen cheese pizzas because I'm still learning to cook and I know I won't want to cook every night or I'll get bored with it so those are good for busy nights and then we already have some staples like we have rice and we have dried beans and we have potatoes so those are things that I didn't have to buy crackers so those are things that I didn't have to buy that we eat on a regular basis but I plan on making with this week to kind of introduce myself to baking I'm gonna be making like muffins and biscuits and pancakes with the muffins I'm gonna be making like whole wheat muffins and then I will also be making some chocolate chocolate chip vegan muffins that I got a recipe for and with the pancakes I'll throw in a bunch of fruit in there but those are that's that's what we'll be eating this week for the most part and that should last this two weeks except for some fresh fruits and vegetables and I'll have to go back and I expect to spend maybe $30 next week at the grocery store just stocking up on some staples so hopefully this will be beneficial for you guys to watch and kind of see how it unfolds in our family so if you're thinking about making the switch to a more Whole Foods diet or a plant-based diet but you your budget is important and your time is important you know hopefully watching how we're able to do it and manage it can maybe you know let you know how it might go in your family so thanks for watching and if you aren't subscribed already definitely subscribe if you want to see my updates and then some of the other things I do on my channel are you know just talking about finances and being a single parent and homeschooling I'm going to be building a tiny house hopefully sooner than later I'm still working on finishing up my current house – to sell back and what the equity in my house I'll be building a tiny house on about five acres completely debt-free I don't own the five acres it's my parents land but we are going to be home studying on it together we are both still learning about homesteading we've got a really good garden going but my parents have kind of been focusing on and then we just I just introduced chickens into the mix and yeah so it's going to be interesting lifestyle change but I'm really looking forward to it and thank you guys for watching and I'll talk to you later


  1. Can you add your recipes please. And be more detail about which stores you shop. And where to kinda start with eating plant based, and what it means to eat that way. Pro's cons, etc. Whenever you have time! Watch your videos! Definitely earned a new subscriber!!!

  2. To go wholefoods the milk not needed
    Juices have sugar
    Milk is not natural
    1 almond needs 1 gl of water
    Oils are very bad for us
    Olive oil, coconut oil only and minimal
    Its like a yoyo to eat healthy and then eat the sugar
    Potato salad is filling add a boiled egg mustard sea salt great taste

  3. Preserves are made with sugar and water not healthy sugar is the evil in our diets

  4. We only need 1 meal a day
    Drinking water with lemon and apple cider vinegar is healthy and filling

  5. The meat is what is raising your budget

  6. Watch 'What the Health' and 'What the Wheat' on netflix or here ,,, and about 20 things you bought are still harmful to the human body , Hint too much wheat and dairy ! to start

  7. I love your effort. A garden is a step in the right direction. Not only will your children be healthier than most, but they will learn how to budget, grow food, and be overall better human beings. I applaud thee. Keep up the great work!

  8. Check out Leilani's journey here on YouTube. She had some great plant based meals on a budget. Best of luck!

  9. go online and look up chocolate syrup. many different recipes using different sweeteners so easy to fit into any diet. watching you for the first time today and enjoying you so far. 🙂

  10. Even more healthier if buy the fruit whole and cut it up yourself.  Once pineapple is open,  it effects it somehow and is not as nutritious.  And it's a lot cheaper!

  11. Whenever I have a busy day, I like to do mashed potatoes with mixed veggies (carrots, spinach, peas- with lots of shalots!, broccoli, … The sky is the limit really – just don't mix the veggies and potatoes together to save time, as the mixing makes the potatoes 'elastic-y'. Ask me how I know) spooned through it, with some salmon that I always keep in the freezer or chicken breasts from the grill. Easy, and everybody loves it!

  12. We eat that way too!  I love my bread machine- I got it at the thrift shop for $8, set it for the dough setting – take it out, form it into what I want to make, let it rise and bake– so easy and yummy! Love your videos- I don't homeschool any longer but I love your financial and homesteading videos.  We eat a lot of salads with a side of rice or potatoes- we feed our family of three (our son is a teen) for $480 a month

  13. Congrats on your journey. We did this quite a few years ago and have felt much better ever since. Not that I'm perfect every week, but it does take some practice. I'll be curious how you end up staying in budget. We spend about double that each month, but someday I hope to have some land that can offset food costs and be even healthier for us.

  14. we are doing the same thing. we however do not eat meat and are trying to cut out dairy also. it is hard but so worth it. good luck

  15. You should look up It is a monthly meal planning subscription for $10 but it does all the thinking and planning. It gives videos on a how to prep for the week, tailored shopping list, and it's all planned out with a nutritionist. I find it very simple to use.

  16. Do you have a crockpot? I use a crockpot and it makes it easier to make healther meals with out taking up a lot of time. Thank you for sharing.

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