Healthy Eating in the Dining Halls at Mount Holyoke

eating healthy in the dining halls can seem challenging at times with the pressure of school work classes and other activities incorporating healthy eating into a busy schedule can be difficult for a Mount Holyoke student however there are ways to make it doable and delicious by following some of the simple tips using the choose MyPlate guide it's easy to build a balanced meal including fruit vegetables proteins grains and dairy here's how you break it down first of all about half your plate should be fruits and vegetables choose vegetables like broccoli beef cauliflower cabbage spinach and zucchini don't forget to visit the salad bar to the more colors the better remember you can also incorporate fruit to create a balanced plate grab bananas apples or even canned fruit from the salad bar the next quarter of your plate should be grains or starch whole grains are best these can include multigrain bread brown rice whole wheat pasta quinoa potatoes peas or corn the last quarter of your plate should be filled with protein sources of protein can include chicken fish beef tofu pork tempeh or beans cheese and seeds can also complement this section as well as peanut butter try to include two to three servings of calcium rich foods during your day these foods and beverages include milk yogurt or soy milk hopefully these tips can help you craft balanced plates try to include as many of them as you can to ensure a nutritious meal trust yourself to make healthy choices to feed your body right and don't forget to listen to your body's cues about hunger and fullness it will tell you exactly what it needs

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