Hi guys, welcome to my channel 💖 Please give me a like, comment, and subscribe if you are new to my channel 😘 As of now, I guess you know that I love asparagus. I have included it a lot in my recent videos Asparagus is in season, so it’s cheap, fresh, and sweet Price is less than $ 2 per lb (0.5kg) French breakfast radish French breakfast radishes are a bit milder, not as pungent as the regular radishes Sweet mini peppers It tastes kinda similar to bell peppers but a lot sweeter It has three different colors: yellow, red and orange with smooth and glossy skin Zucchini King oyster mushrooms Bamboo shoots Pickled leeks


  1. Firsttt

  2. Am from iraq 🇮🇶 and i love your video 🌈❣️💞💕💜❤️🥰😘tracy

  3. It is so good to see you eating healthy food Sis.

  4. Who else is starving but is torturing themselves by watching this video ? 😋🤤😅

  5. 0:07 first bite
    Stay safe everyone 🤗

  6. OMG so Beautiful color 🤩👍 looks so delicious 🤤🤩😍

  7. Cô ơi cô ăn mộng dừa đi ạ ngon lắm ko biết chỗ cô có ko

  8. Thank you very much~have a nice day

  9. Ngon quá, rau củ quả nhìn khá hấp dẫn

  10. Tell me. Do you live in a farm?

  11. Thèm quá Tr ơi!

  12. bạn ăn giỏi thật, ăn nhiều rau rất tốt cho sức khỏe, thích nhất là măng tây

  13. Wow it's looking so delicious ❣️ I want to eat this

  14. Hi

  15. Nice video♥

  16. Fantastic sound 💕

  17. Củ cải có màu hồng trong đẹp quá Chắc ăn nước ngọt chị ha

  18. Asparagus lover over here too!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ healthy + cheap + CRUNCHY = Win/win! I love how you have leeks in there as well! Definitely never had it grilled. 😊
    ~~happy eating, sis! 🔥

  19. I am living for your roasted veggies asmrs !!! 🍅 🍆 🥑 🥦 🥒 🥬 🌶 🌽 🥕 🥔

  20. It doesn’t matter what food you eat, just the sound qualities adds it up and it can make it anything as you imagine and that looks so good!

  21. Healthy food so fresh

  22. Ngon thiệt ngon, sạch mâm luôn. Bạn tui giỏi quá

  23. My favorite would be the asparagus or zucchinis!

  24. HORRAY new video… OMG this food is amazing…😋 just one question… how do make all this food DELISOSO..😄 YOUR VÍDEOS ARE AMAZING TRACYN❤

  25. Who is vegan here? 🐶

  26. Always healthy my queen 😍 so beautiful colours and fresh 🤤😋

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