Healthy eating and diabetes (Part 1)

I get this a lot a lot of people come in and they say Brady I heard that I can't eat bananas anymore but I've got diabetes Brady I've heard that I can't eat bread watermelon watermelon Brady watch out what's your for what what is it about all this stuff we worried about now it is a little bit of a myth that you can't have this when you have diabetes you can still eat it but there is a key there is a very important thing that we need to remember because there's something that's in these foods this does something to our sugar levels what is it sugar what's another name for sugar glucose what's another name for glucose yeah that's another sugar but what's another name for that no yeah what's another name carbohydrates who said that put your hand up he said yeah a couple of people in the room carbohydrates now look there's something about this carbohydrates and I'm gonna let you know about it and very shortly but look there's no such thing as a diabetic diet I have so many people saying Brady just give me the piece of paper I want to know what I can and what I can't eat look it's not about that it's all individualized each person is only allowed certain types of foods and other people allowed other types of foods it really depends what situation you're in so what we need to be able to do is have a healthy food intake not a diet because how long the diets last for a month two months and you're back see me next year because you want another one it's not about that let's get our healthy food eaten happening and after you do that tell you what you're gonna be a lot happier you're not gonna be worried about being on a diet all the time because that's what it's not about it's about being happy and healthy let's have a look Australian Dietary Guidelines we have to eat all these according to the government because they're healthy for us but how much fruit to pieces but Brady I heard when you have diabetes you can't have fruit of course you can have fruit but you have to have the right amount of fruit if you're having 10 pieces a day do you think it's doing much yeah according to that you're only supposed to have two vegetables five to six a day we need to eat vegetables what's the server vegetables a cup of salad or half a cup of cooked vegetables very good for us we need to make sure we maximize our intake of those during the day to get enough vitamins minerals antioxidants all the stuff that keeps us healthy on the inside yeah next thing lean meat poultry fish eggs tofu seafoods all those types of things two three serves today's what we're looking for milk yogurt cheese and a more milk alternatives do two for a day grain cereal foods yes some grains and cereals you still need to eat despite their carbohydrate content we'll talk about that oils and fats are extras notice how it says zero up there zero to three it doesn't say one two three it doesn't say two to three you can survive without biscuits you don't need to have one a morning tea and afternoon tea it's an extras food I haven't heard of anybody on the coroner's report saying very so but sorry but Bobby has passed away from this good deprivation it doesn't happen these are foods that your body doesn't need and you know unfortunately a lot of these foods are the ones we are eating in Australia and we eaten way too regularly and for people with diabetes eating these foods you know what happens sugar levels go Wooper and all of a sudden we're wondering why our sugar levels aren't controlled as good as they possibly should be it's this stuff that we're eating that we don't need to be eatin because it doesn't give us any health benefit whatsoever fruit gives us vitamins minerals salad vegetables give us vitamin minerals meat gives us protein and iron these things give us diddly-squat most of the time alcohol you know zero to two a day two alcohol-free days a week water 1.5 to 2 liters a day yeah here's those extras things I was talking about only sometimes and in small amounts the smaller the amount of these things the better it's gonna be not only on your diabetes control but in your general overall health if you're suffering weight concerns get rid of this stuff have smaller portions of it do whatever you can to make a dent in this because it will be assisting you what else we got up here look they're energy dense and look they're not essential to meeting nutritional requirements they give us no benefit but why do we still eat them because they taste good why do they taste good because they've got more sugar and they've got more fat and they got more salt and foods with more fat more sugar more salt what does that mean they're less healthy why doesn't a carrot taste like a mars bar because there's less fat there's less sugar and there's less salt that is why everybody says our but Brady I can't do without this I can't do without that well drop down on the portion have half the amount because then you're having half the amount of the fat you're consuming half the amount of the carbohydrates half the amount of the sodium there's there's simple ways to work towards us it doesn't have to be a complete nothing cold turkey experience because if it is you feel like you're on a diet remember it's about healthy eating and we need to work to this to whatever your personal capacity is I see people who can just do it and they're fine they go go cold turkey and I high-five and I say great go and be awesome and they are there's other people that I'm with for a year two years in practice and they're still struggling you're the only one who can choose which of those people you want to be

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