hi guys so I just got out of class and I went to Ulta really quick I got a few things there I went with my broom II and I'm gonna show you guys that in a second but we're gonna go to the gym right now we literally like don't know like what else to do we're so bored because it's the first week of classes at my school so we really like don't have that much homework or anything in the classes are super short it's just basically like the teacher going over your syllabus but we're getting ready to go to the gym and I just wanted to get a little snack before I work out because it's so important just to like eat before your workout I know for me at least like I can't work out unless I eat something before so I am just gonna be having one of my favorite rx bars you guys don't know what they are I'm gonna show you and tell you a little bit about them and this is the box that they come in and they are gluten free soy free dairy free there's no added sugar and no BS I absolutely love these protein bars because I feel like when you eat protein bars other brands they have so many different additives and sugars and stuff like that and I really just don't like that at all so basically all the ingredients are what is on the front so this one is chocolate and sea salt and it literally has three egg whites six almonds four cashews two dates and no BS obviously because that's all that there is inside and they literally taste the way that they sound like this one literally tastes like chocolate and see something they're so easy you can just put one in your bag and then bring it with you and they actually keep you full for really long and look how many different flavors they come in like they have and that mixed berry I love this one right here this one is peanut butter that one's my favorite I also love the chocolate peanut butter one and then this one is chocolate and sea salt they also have coconut chocolate and then blueberry so this one is my absolute favorite the blueberry in the peanut butter right here but I'm so excited to try all these other ones and thank you to our X bar for sponsoring this video for 25% off of your first order if you guys want to try the RX bars you can visit our X bar comm slash Maggie and use the code Maggie they have so many different flavors you guys are gonna be absolutely absolutely obsessed if you're looking for like a healthy snack or whatever if you're in school you can bring these to college to bring them to class with you and just pop them in your bag they're super easy and all the flavors are so so so good my favorite is the peanut butter and also the blueberry one right here so I think today I'm gonna have the blueberry one and I'm gonna get ready to go to the gym right now and then I will check back in with you guys when I get back and I also just got back from Ulta I gotten a few things I just want to show you guys so I absolutely love the naked 2 palette and I'm going to show you like what my palette looks like right now because I was having the biggest struggle when I was at Ulta if you guys saw my snapchat like you would have known when I was talking about so basically I just tried out every single like bronzy brown eyeshadow that I thought was gonna match the suspects one because this is my palette right here as you can see you can tell which one's my favorite and suspect is my absolute favorite and I used all of it and they don't individually sell suspect at Ulta so I have to buy one that was like identical to it and it is called what's it called chase so I got that in order to replace this one because I literally use that with half baked and then I use snakebite and that's what I do when I go out but I didn't find the suspect one so I have to get this one instead oh and then I also got one of the NYX intense butter glosses and this one is in t shade cherry custard I want to try this up to see what it looks like but I really really love the NYX butter glosses you guys know that but I'm obsessed with the next fortune cookie lip gloss and it's so amazing it's like the perfect nude pink color and honestly they're only $5 so that's why they're so good and I feel like I've tried so many high-end lip glosses like I used to wear the Mac one I've tried like tar I've tried so many and all of them just make my lips feel like sticky if that makes any sense like I don't know why I just they just don't go on nicely they're not like creamy I really really really like the next one so I wanted to get this one because I like wearing different colors when I go out so I just thought that getting like a bright red pinky color would be fun also because I feel like I have a lot of red lip glosses but they're also matte and I hate that on myself so I'm really excited to try this one out now I need to change and go to the gym this is literally one of them wearing all day you guys don't let sweatpants on my absolute favorite they are my brandy melville sweatpants and then I'm just wearing my little Stan Smith's with Emma's brandy melville crop sweatshirt she's gonna see this in be like oh my god Maggie like he took my sweater but it was in my bag from California and then I have my LA hat on because this house is my favorite you guys know I used to always wear my blue LA hat but then I just felt like I don't know I love red Red's my absolute favorite color so I had to be the red one when I was in LA and it was perfect because I was in LA and that's like where I got it so it's kind of like meaningful now no people can stop asking me like oh my god you like the LA Dodgers because no i don'ti truly like the Hat and I love LA so oh and I also got my roommate one from LA – and it's so cute if she wears it I will show you guys what it looks like because it's so cute it was so hard so when I saw it I was like yes I need to get this far because her and I always wear the blue ones so I just thought that it was appropriate to get to that since I was in LA as you guys know so now I need to get ready to go to the gym another thing that I noticed is that my closet has so much stuff in it and I brought so much with me to California you guys know that my bag was like over 50 pounds and it's so bad because I don't wear half the clothes that I own so I'm going to be posting a ton on Poshmark coming up because I have way too much stuff so I need to get ready for the gym now I really have been wanting to wear these leggings like I didn't bring them with me to California and I like missed them a lot so I think when I wear these and I'll probably wear these and then I need a sports bra maybe aware every 21 I'm ready to have a good workout and I have to vlog so that's my roommate right there but this is what I'm wearing to the gym I changed my whole entire or the one I picked out so I'm just wearing these blue aligns with my forever 21 favorite sports bra this alo jacket my wireless beats that I've missed oh so very much when I was in California I didn't have them and then my nmds so I need to grab my chapstick my phone where's my wallet I just got back from the gym and I went with Kaylee there she is right back there I need to like introduce her in a video we need to redo the roommate tag because we did that so long ago then it was like yeah and I got to lead it by accident one night I was at her work with her and I was like on my computer like tried to do something with my videos and like change like this thing and it accidentally deleted my roommate tag so if you guys want to see roommate tech video give this video a thumbs up but I just want to show you guys what I got at the store because you guys are usually like interested in what I get when I go grocery shopping so I just got two bags chicka pop because this is like my favorite little snack treat thing to have I just get the regular sea salt plain one it's like my favorite ever and then I also got some light 100 calorie multigrain English muffins and I love eating those with a banana and peanut butter on them and then they just buy what are those those are from a dishwasher then there are some baby carrots in Europe because I love to have those first snack and then I also got some bananas to put on top of the English muffins then I just got a few of the plain Chobani Greek yogurts and I get the plain ones because honestly all of the ones that are like different flavors like blueberry and strawberry they all have like added sugars in them and like I was saying before I don't like anything with added sugars that's why I eat my little rx bars over there because there's no added sugar and I'd rather just put plain like cut up fruit into it that didn't make any sense I'd rather put like fresh cut up fruit in them then I got some broccoli because I'm gonna eat grilled chicken with broccoli tonight for dinner then I also got a bunch of apples because I love having apple star snack they are really satisfying and I feel like if I have one Apple they keep me full for a while and then the last thing I got was just some all-natural chicken because I'm gonna make chicken for dinner tonight so yeah that is what I got at the grocery store so I thought that I would give you guys like a little after I shower routine or what like what I do figured out the shower because everyone's like what do you do to your hair like what products you put in it so this is what I use in my hair after I shower every single time and it is the Pantene pro-v serious repair mist detangler and it just looks like this and it just comes in this bottle you can get it at the drugstore and I golike spray it all over my head make sure to get it in the ends and then I just take this wet brush right here and brush it out and this is literally all I do to my hair every time and I have to use it to tangle or because my hair is so like fine and straight that it like gets tangled really really easy so I think you need a detangler or else I won't be able to brush my hair and honestly like it helps the brush go through it a lot better so I'm just gonna brush out my hair and then you think I'm gonna do a face mask so I'll show you guys which one and then after that go into like my skincare and stuff that I do at nighttime so now I'm just gonna put my hair in a bun so I can do a little face mask so it like keeps it out of my face and stuff so I don't know which one I'm gonna use I have these ones right here from Whole Foods that I really love and this is just what they look like they come in these little packages right here there's a brightening face mask a luminous face mask I have those and they also have my origins clear improvement charcoal mask which I absolutely love I think I'm in the mood to use one of these well I'm gonna use this one it's the instant luminous face mask and it's just a one-time use and you keep it on for 10 to 20 minutes and it's supposed to nourish and energize to illuminate tone and help smooth texture for an uplifted appearance that's like what I need right now ever since I got back from California my face is like getting dry again so I'm gonna put on some chapstick I feel like I'm like in such a Chau tired mood right now like I'm still jet-lagged I swear oh okay I'm gonna take my brush and apply it with a brush just because I want to be able to get all the product I want ladies I'm gonna use the viewfinder to look at it oh my god it smells like a creamsicle literally smells so good so I'm just gonna apply it all over and since it is a one-time use because it comes in like this little package right here I'm gonna try to like use as much as I can it's smells so good it smells like one of those like creamsicle popsicles like from when you were a little too orange ones with the cream in the middle they used to get it like lunchtime at school if you guys know what I'm talking about a comment down below okay I need like even this out it's like getting close okay so I'm gonna leave this on my face for 10 to 20 minutes and then once I'm done with that I'm gonna wash it all off and show you guys like my nighttime little skincare routine a type thing so I just finished the mask and I wanted to show you guys like I need to take it off but it like dried clear and it's really weird cuz like parts of it obviously I haven't dried yet but they're like still on my face but I can feel it like I can with my face cuz it's all like hardened but it's dried clear I thought that was really cool so I'm gonna go wash this off but I will be right back my face like really does feel like luminize with a face mask okay so now I'm gonna take my toner which is the fresh rose toner and then spray a little bit of it on a cotton pad and then just wipe that all over my face just in case any of the excess like dirt and stuff that was on my taste during the day just so that ball comes off and also some of the face mask that it was just using so when I go ahead and wipe my face and then after I'm going to be going in with my favorite serum ever and it is the Kensington apothecary Aegis Beauty sea and I'm sure to put pump of that and rub that on as well and to finish it all off I'm just taking some of these Cetaphil moisturizing lotion just looks like that I'm gonna be applying not all of my face and down my neck because it's so important to moisturize your neck as well because you don't want to get wrinkles there when you're older and so then after that I just apply some chapstick and I'm gonna be applying the Burt's Bees strawberry chopstick on my lips after just two like hydrate them and moisturize them okay so now I am done and right now its 6:22 so I have something work to do and stuff and I'm literally just gonna like hang out with my roommate Kaylee and go to bed so I just want to end off the vlog here I hope that you guys enjoyed it and if you like vlogs just give like comment down below and stuff let me know what you guys think because now that I am back in school like I'm not really doing that meaning excited exciting things so maybe I can start doing like weekly vlogs or daily vlogs if you guys want to see more of my life when I'm at school so just let me know in the comments I'm so open to like whatever you guys want to see I want to be creating content that you guys want to see so let me know and thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you in my next one bye guys


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