what is up guys and welcome back to my Channel today I'm surprisingly not doing a tutorial on exam chic which can't be represented right here got lovely little top knots and dirty laughs is a size fuzzy trapeze I know you're disappointed but please forgive me because today I have a little grocery cool thing so I have hella vlogs coming at you the camera's lopsided so I hope that the so many blogs coming at you guys but yesterday yes way yes yes I was doing my hell grocery haul and then I went down to the closest shop which is like a small one and they basically had like half the stuff I needed so important do like an online order which I did literally another pisses sponsor that all I literally just did in the Cardo order because I find them super easy and they have like whole vegan section that you can choose from that you just type in beacon and everything is under there just like it's like it's like within a site so I did that yesterday and I got loads of stuff and then I got some stuff in the shops too so I thought I'd do it like overall kind of grocery haul what I would usually get if I'm generally concentrating on eating healthy but also if I'm at uni because I like snacks and revision snacks and general snacks and all the snacks and evening snacks and warming snacks and Dave snacks and sleep snacks and snacks here we are I have loads of stuff and I'll show you some of my essentials from the cupboards as well and I'll generally just take you through what I do and what I use it for just because I know that when I kind of like started out first of all I'm really interested in what other people have in their fridge yourself because like you get lots ideas from that and that second of all I kind of always like I'm very specific about what I get and how I eat it to kind of make sure that well I'm like dieting or trying to lose weight or anything which obviously I've just started it's really important obviously to buy the right types of things and know there shouldn't be any foods that you kind of like restrict or whatever other than obviously for me I'm vegan because ethical environmental reasons there are certain things which I find can make you a lot easier and you don't feel restricted and stuff so firstly I generally say that eating at home is going to cut so much of your calorie intake which is amazing because obviously to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit which means that you are eating a less than you are expending where you're expending more than you're eating first of all one thing that I always do when I'm kind of starting to cut or like I lose weight and stuff as I try and eat at home more so that's meaning not buying as many like Supermarket meals or meals out and stuff like that the reason for that is although there's so many like healthy Supermarket meals the portion sizes are usually super small because they've had to kind of cut out a lot of the stuff they usually use and they don't really know how to make lower calorie food so well at home you could make a huge plate of everything in it come to like 500 calories at the supermarket you'll have a sandwich and every 500 calories so it's not going to fill up as much space in your stomach you're not gonna be as satisfied you're not gonna be as full up for as long and so you're gonna feel more restricted so that is one thing that I'd really really point out I'll be doing loads of recipes and stuff in this series as well as what I eat and days and stuff which I will be almost entirely eating from home at uni I pretty much exclusively eat at home unless it's on the weekend because we've gotten really good you know buy so we get that long shout out and happy Friday only love you a lot first things first let's go with fruit so it fruit what are these well are they mostly bananas we love a good emergency but on the bananas are perfect the perfect pretty workout after workout blood sugar problems learning us but condom on but yeah I think bananas are fantastic I always have them just they're so good to like grab you know when you want something that you don't want something big and you want something natural and everything aim for lots of micronutrients and you'll be a lot healthier your skin will be better and you'll feel a lot better so that's just my two cents then I always always have berries while revising now berries are expensive so annoying buy them frozen they'll be cheaper but I just grabbed these yesterday that reduced and so this is a Punnett of straw this is some blueberries and I have way more in the fridge but I need to show you each of everyone in my market next on the fruits these are technically a fruit our fathers so got C's so avocados love them I don't know them that much just because they're actually really shifted the environment so if you're like a vegan for environmental reasons you shouldn't have that many avocados but I still love them and I'll usually have like half of one on total for breakfast my go-to breakfast is half an avocado and toast and then on another piece of toast I'll have like caramelized balsamic and onion mushrooms moving on to another fruit lemons love lemons lemons a good for everything like putting on avocado on toast but also lemons are incredible to have in like mortar and stuff they're very rich in antioxidants lemons are amazing always have a lemon here are the mushrooms for said breakfast I literally have every morning caramelized mushrooms with onions cooked and a stomach I make all the time blocks you guys will know but Aaron makes if anyone like phenomenal I was at my desk today and he talked to me and then this is one onion though I have many many more in the fridge red onions just amazing they really spruce up your cooking I used to be such like a simple cook like I cooked my own meals all of them since I was like 13 and so I kind of started at a very minimal level and then kind of kept my easiness in terms of meals but a just sort of like loads of just set meals to go to and I'd never do it properly with like seasoning and like onions and garlic and things like that and it can just help so much to add more to a meal so I have onions and garlic and like almost every meal they're amazing not very good then I have happen peppers I have become like such a go to dinner for me so what we'll do so get a whole pack of those CIN 3 mix peppers slice them up put seasoning and like for you to seasoning like general seasoning all-purpose seasoning as fab you'll get lots from like Caribbean sections and supermarkets or your local news agents or whatever and then I'll put onions and garlic in as well and maybe some other veg but that like surprises as it is and then what I'll do as well but I'll usually put like a meat substitute in there so my fav to put in with that is tempeh and which you can get off the vegan nutrition store that's where I get mine it's amazing it's such a good source of protein and it tastes delicious and it tastes really quite meaty I don't like miss the taste of meat because I can't imagine now eating like rotting flesh I do miss like the meatiness of things that's why I love like really meaty mushrooms and like tempeh as well love temp then moving on from that I've got these little seasoning pots which you don't need to get these types of things as I said you can get all-purpose seasoning from so many places but I just I haven't actually tried this before these granular cheeto Mexican garlic and because I said this TV program was too loud yes so I got this and then I tried to order another one in different flavor and it turns out that I got about 50 things I often had leeks into that kind of a weird combination but I think leeks in there like steam State are the most delicious thing ever and you can have like that whole pattern that you like forty calories for two huge leeks so it's like wonderful huge like the best things to do when you're trying to lose weight and you like eating a lot it's just make really big volume foods so for cooking in particular I've got fry light spray I just always used for eye light I've got the garlic oil one this time yeah I'm just excited so fry light and then I also use coconut oil spray and then I also got we've got the bulk powders organic virgin coconut oil just really affordable and perfect for cooking basically another thing I've got some pesto pesto is just great for pasta obviously and you can also put on other things for sure careful again it's one of those things that you think you're having like one serving you actually having like 15 but then again absolute delicious I'll usually have that with like pasta or I have loads of like soybean and chickpea passes that's great because it means you can often make like a huge bowl of pasta for like half the calories which is bad and I know I'm putting a lot of emphasis on calories here and this is just in general in terms of like the way I usually do dieting as I try and change as little as possible I just try and substitute things in so that I don't feel super kind of restricted to what I meant then another thing I've got a butternut squash I'm super excited about these essentially all I'm gonna do I haven't had that for ages but I had it at the tiny tanks house the other day and Ernie's house she lets you just cut it in half and put it in the oven for like 40 minutes and you can do so much for that you can stuff it you can do it like having a whole bottle of squash like that's obviously quite a lot of volume and so then you can really like base a big meal of that then what's out oh I always have a nice bread I think choosing your bread based on your diet is stupid and I always love a good bread so I used to like go through the supermarket when I was like super restrictive and everything and I'd look at like how many calories per slice and stuff and you know what actually you're gonna have bread which everyone should have some nice bread so I get sourdough because it's super nice and actually I find like it doesn't really bloat me it's delicious like absolutely delicious and I'd much prefer it with my mushrooms and although not sourdough so I get that increase of short-term emergencies I just have one of these it's like many packed veg and all that'll be done in the microwave in like two minutes so those are super helpful say if I need to rush off somewhere or if I have no time whatever they're really really helpful for that and then max I have just these I threw in the authority order I tried them before they were actually really nice but they're kale chips so like so not something I would go for but they don't taste we're safe then also I have two different vegan yogurt I have album ago on do we even need to mention Alberto and if you idiot my summer shred the series last year this is Jesus it's amazing absolutely incredible and then it got Carrillo as well which isn't as like Mac very friendly but is absolutely delicious's basically just coconut your but it is expensively then as I said I just have things like quinoa I do have like normal packs but then I also have some ready-made packs I know these more expensive but sometimes it just needed like then I have some cash email because cashew milk is sent from the gods and it's honestly just the best it's like thick and this one the plenary one is incredible and then I also hazelnut milk now I used to always have soya milk but there's obviously a lot of like debate around whether having too much soy is that good for you and especially as almost all fake meats a soya as well I do try and avoid having extra Sawyer when I can so like I wouldn't go out of my way to have soya milk whereas I would very happily at have cashew or his honor or almond or coconut milk but I'm just trying hazelnut milk because so many people have recommended it so I decided to get in my home we ran out of coffee so I got these then espresso compatible about the crew cafe and these are just my favorite I think they make the better coffee we've got light roast coorg estate dark roast and decaf they're all in like different strengths and also just got some olive oil for cooking in I know there's like various people like I usually don't use this and stuff but you know what I love a bit of olive oil drizzled on the toast and the mushrooms so okay so also just in my cupboard I always have one hundred or two of these I just found these at supermarket one day and it is low-fat vegetable chili it's vegan and I believe yes so the whole can is like 250 280 calories and so I feel like that with rice or something makes a really substantial good meal but also now having these which I have from the vegan nutrition store which Upton's Naturals jackfruit now this is incredible so I used it yesterday for the time and I literally just put a whole pack of this it says it serves to be but you're wrong I put a whole pack of this in with some sweet potato rice it made like a really really nice tasty meal I have spiced coconut sauce 1 and then barbecue one so the barbecue want to be helped about my path like me on there in addition to those you know how everyone is raving about paleo top at the moment I've got two things to say to you why me yeah cool but I've got something better to it's vegan thrill you've heard me going about this before I love thrill thrill since they've launched I've got the chocolate ones and the green ones with me at the moment and I love the berry one as well and actually any flavor they do essentially it's like an ice cream but they call it a frozen smoothie this ingredients of this one are water green vegetables spinach celery avocado basil they apple juice pineapple mango dietary fibers with like psyllium husk in which sort of sea grape your digestive system and macadamia nut they're essentially just a big old frozen smoothie if this is the most delicious ice cream you'll ever taste vegan or not healthy or not and then in general I just say extra to that I have loads of fake meat in the freezer I have lows from fries f ry apostrophe s usually the fries stuff it's like chicken nuggets like things like that and I will have a lot of tonight them out but cuz and I've also have frozen pizzas in there as well from vegan nutrition store and it's literally just because I was a vegan like I don't think you need to miss out on anything and if I want to come home from a night out and how a whole pizza that I should be able to do that and I can you just got to be obviously more prepared but yes I have loads of those in the fridge ok so here are just a few extras these aren't really diet II things but they're Fab Four vegans just got some like source Macs and egg replacer in case I decide to cook low fat so this little star protein bars general he can starve I also have loads of vegan cheese upstairs but it's a lobster's fridge balsamic vinegar I don't like vampire so I'll make it anything other than those mushrooms they always talk about sweet corn general essential that's not butter and this peanut and strawberry brand-new ones of those two so yeah that's kind of an overview of all of it I'd say in general my priorities in terms of kind of dieting and trying to stick to being healthier and like a lower calorie my priority is like losing weight and like toning up getting fitter showing more definition but whilst not like building muscle I'm happy with the amount of muscle I have and I feel like I can't I feel like I should be ashamed about or like I'm not allowed to actually say that but anyway that's for a whole other story hope you really enjoyed this video and literally completely unresponsive it's just my groceries I hope you enjoyed it hope this helps leave any suggestions for other videos you want down in the link below please like and subscribe if you did enjoyed the video this is right it's beginning of the series so we will be following the whole like weight loss journey I've got loads of stuff coming and a fuckload of vlogs me logs enjoyed this video and I won't see you next time

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