Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Changes

I went to a low carb diet exercise yeah which is five days a week we fish once a week and we eat a lot of vegetables I found a gluten-free shop or Priscilla nice to meet you eating better snacking better drinking more water getting more sleep in our random poll everyone had some changes to talk about I shot fresh every day I mean it's kind of time consuming yeah but we don't waste food and we eat the highest quality food we have sushi in here yeah and brown eggs nice new oranges are fantastic they're called sumo and they're just will you eat by the season then I do I think it's the best thing I can impart on my children is healthy eating we heard a lot about food choices yes deficiency Dover Dover sole Oversoul right night I mean we have the same thing all the time fish chicken vegetable salad and we like to eat at our house so we've we've had to adjust you don't have a big one cream cheese you have a bull Grape Nuts with a banana for me the gluten-free was huge yeah boys love this and this this goes very bad okay you can't skip on fun so we have our chunky chocolate bow accomplished a major turn around I just lost 19 pounds yeah and I also lowered my cholesterol and got out of mild diabetes and him now in the just above in the pre diabetes stage have you done it I did it through diet and exercise we heard a lot about exercise changes I have free dog and I walk several times a day I do Jazzercise I walk once a week with my friend I swim twice a week so Lisa just had a baby no way yes about six months ago when I'm not doing some of the baby I try to just keep moving walking sleep can be a big lifestyle change I'm an eight-hour grind now and I can't tell you how much more refreshed I feel all day long and that happened after a change in snacks I'm stacking on a healthy chocolate now i think i'm naturally eating less calories because literally I haven't had ice cream or the Oreos I'm reaching for a handful of almonds which is the funniest thing it great the right snacks can save your day before I out the door I have the almonds the trail mix the fresh fruit healthy snacks available even Kyla who could probably eat anything told us about making a few changes tasty ice cream almost every night and a chocolate like no tomorrow and so I definitely stop being all that I tried to switch to grains and vegetables a lot more do you feel any differences already yeah it's definitely awake amor Kyla can take inspiration from all the other women we talked to sustainable changes you bet I like my choices do you think gluten-free is a sustainable choice for your family rush it was hard at first but I think all of us have found a benefit from this over what period of time have you made the changes and seen the results in three months I don't know maybe seven years now I'm going on over a year now and that's sustainable yeah I think so how do you know you can make it last because it's a lifestyle change its not a temporary diet you are so good reach around patches so rather than that the things that we do have to be manageable for a lifetime Oh

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