Healthy Breeds Website – Great Source for Breed Specific Dog Supplements, Shampoos, Etc

welcome to another edition of Eric's product reviews brought to you by Hollywood Frodo com i am eric of course and today i'm reviewing a dog products but not really a product more of a service or a website actually where you can get all different kinds of dog products and this is a site called healthy breeds calm place you can go to get lots of different products for your furry friend now what's cool about this site and the reason the name healthy breeds applies is because the first thing you do when you go to the website is you pick the breed of your dog or if you have a mixed dog you're going to pick one of the one of the two or the one that its most closely to most closely related to and once you do that it'll take you to a page of products specifically geared towards your dog which is it really really really cool of course i am a pitbull so i have pitbull products and once you get to the site they have all kinds of things shampoos which is what this is supplements things for vitamins A ear and nose a applications lots of different things for different breeds now of course I can't review all of the products on there some products like vitamins I mean how do you really know that we're doing anything I'm not a doctor so I couldn't review those even if I wanted to but I have used the shampoo and I can tell you this is one of the best smelling dog shampoos I've ever used and it's oatmeal and a low which is great because you know our dog is a pit bull and a lot of pit bulls & cleaning ours have have allergy issues and so the oatmeal and aloe shampoo that's the kind of shampoo we always use and this is a really awesome sort of a pina colada smell to it really really great smelling shampoo also made in the USA which is very important we generally only by dog products that are made in the USA just to be safe and then we also got these these are Thunder choose which were developed by someone I believe in a Florida his dog was having issues with anxiety and because of thunder and so she developed these and because none of the stuff that she found at the pet store was were none of those were working for her so she developed these and they're kind of cool if you look at them they're actually each one is in the shape of a little little lightning bolt hopefully you can see that they're very kind of kind of cool but there to help with anxiety I got them I unfortunately found these a little late I was hoping to have them for the fourth of July to use them with my dog but I didn't get around to ordering them until it was too late for that so next time next holiday coming up we'll get to use them I live in LA so thunders not an issue but fireworks are and our dog kind of freaks out when the fireworks are going so I wanted to be able to use these for that but these are the kinds of things they have they have all you know joint supplements and even have antlers which are great for dogs to chew on and it's good for their teeth also keeps my mind occupied and are just all kinds of great products and supplements mostly um they don't have things like collars and leashes and balls they're not that kind of a store they have things like this shampoo the Thunder choose the joint supplements things like krill oil vitamins things like that so it's called healthy breeds it's just a great website and I love the fact that everything is kind of put into a group with your specific dog so you go to the site there's a drop-down box you pick your breed they have you know pretty much every breed imaginable and that takes you to this to the section where you can check out all the products they have specifically for your dog really good quality products from everything that I've seen so something i would highly recommend and they have free shipping i think if you order over 50 bucks 50 bucks or more you get free shipping so really cool side really great products highly recommend you check it out again healthy breeds calm and of course i'll have a link in the description below anyway that's it for this review like this for you click that like button you know anyone who has a dog and they might be interested in this website and then please show this video with them even do that on facebook google+ twitter pinterest all those fun ways are all down there just click the right button check out my channel for all kinds of product reviews i have a playlist dedicated specifically to product pet product reviews or dog product reviews if you have a dog check out that playlist you'll find out all kinds of cool products for your dog and then i have all kinds of other product reviews and another playlist electronics kitchen appliances and things like that you can check that out as well anyway that is it until next time so have a great day

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