Healthy BBQ Chicken with Roasted Veggies Recipe

hi everyone so today I'm going to show you how I cook this meal this is a roasted vegetable mix these are like Mediterranean vegetables with some feta cheese on top and barbeque chicken that's what I'm having tonight so I'll show you how to make that's really really simple and yep just keep on watching okay so the first thing I do is I'm going to chop up the vegetables so I've got three bell peppers and 2 zucchinis um you know just wanted to go up the inside now while I'm chopping this I just wanted to address a couple comments that I had in my last videos just talking about food and stuff a lot of people were saying that oh you know like a thought that I was like on way too much oil into the salad sauce or that you know like my portions were too large I just want to explain that so put the flan that I'm kind of well it's not really a plan but the way I'm eating is low carb so in low carb um you don't really count calories so I mean you you are kind of eating a different way than how people think of diets it's not it's not a diet it's not like you know I have to eat tiny portions and you know I can hardly eat anything so I just wanted to address that quickly um the other thing that I want to mention is that I've been exercising a lot like I've been working out pretty much every day for at least an hour pretty much every day I work out so I've actually at the end of the day like I'm very hungry because I've burned a bunch of calories so that's why I eat bigger portions of proteins because that's exactly what your body needs when it's working out up feedings proteins and to like restore it helps to grow your muscles and it just helps to restore you know nutrients that you've lost so if you're not exercising as much then obviously you're not going to be as hungry and you're not going to eat as much food as some other people also sometimes what I wanted to I want to mention is that sometimes we have leftovers so sometimes I just cook like a larger amount and then the next day sometimes there'll be something left over like there will be some you know some meat leftover in a salad and that's perfect for lunch so I don't have to prepare something for lunch so sometimes you know if you're thinking wow that's like a lot of food well I don't need everything in one sitting if you're not following low-carb and you're really watching calories instead and this is probably not the right way to cook because I don't watch my calories that being said I don't like I don't need sweets and I don't eat you know sugary things I do use the odd condiment now and then which I do know in some cases like mustard and stuff that does contain a little bit of sugar but it's not the same as if I'm eating like a big cake or you know a bunch of muffins or whatever because people were you know asking about that oh like you should really not use too much oil but in low-carb you can actually use olive oil and you can use all that stuff and that's why I'm following that way of eating just because it's more comfortable for me I'm not a person would count calories okay so what I'm doing is I'm just chopping up all the bell peppers first into chunks so there you can see that and this he won't take off the ends and just cut those into chunks as well and then I'm also going to chop up one onions just for flavor it just tastes really nuts okay and the onions I just like to sliver these this okay so now I'm going to add some herbs and stuff to my veggies and these are rosemary and these are from my herb garden okay so um actually these are yeah this is fresh rosemary but I'm going to chop it up a bit and this is fresh thyme so if you like cooking I would totally recommend that you plant some herbs because they just really enhance the flavor of your food otherwise taste really boring I think ok so I've just chopped up the rosemary a little bit and put the thyme in there now I'm just going to add some salt and some fresh ground black pepper so I'm just adding now some olive oil so again I'm just kind of tossed those so that you know it really mixes with the spices and stuff and dump all the vegetables on there now the vegetables do shrink um once um once they're in the oven these vegetables kind of fall together so it looks like a lot but it isn't you'll see when it comes out that it's actually much reduced because it's not look beautiful I love all these colors okay so I put the veggies now into the oven and this is a preheated to 200 degrees Celsius so I don't know what that isn't Herod I'd love to figure that out yourself and you can roast these and turn them once in a while maybe for about 20 to 25 minutes or so and just toss them once a while so that none of the parts get like black okay and this is what I'm barbecuing tonight now in the summer I pretty much barbecue all my meat means less pans to wash and I just like the flavor so you'll see a lot of sort of barbecue stuff over the summer if you don't have a barbecue you can do it of course in a pan or you could do it on our grill like in the oven or something these are two chicken breasts and I marinated these overnight there is soy sauce on here there's garlic in here what else do I put in I put some Tabasco sauce just to get a little bit of a heat those lemongrass in here as well which is a Asian flavored stuff so yeah this is going to go on the grill so now the vegetables are done so you can see how much vegetables are you know once they're roasted they do fall together and now I'm going to put on some feta cheese this is about 50 grams of feta and I'm just going to crumble that on top then I think the chicken is ready too and then I'm ready to eat okay so that's the finished dinner of the Mediterranean roasted vegetables and the barbecue chicken breast and yeah that's it I hope you enjoyed thanks so much for watching guys bye you


  1. never think of diet, eat when hungry, very good recepie

  2. that's not a lot…i'd smash double the amount lol people need to chill the hell up

  3. That looks super good!! mm 🙂
    Making a version of this one of these days 

  4. That is considered a lot of food? People need to calm there asses if they think others need to starve themselves in order to lose weight. 

  5. if you don't eat as much save some for the next day, and if you prefer not to add any oil vegies can be saute'd or steamed plus if your not a fan of olive oil because sometime food tastes better with out the oil you can use coconut oil a healthier alternative.

  6. YUMMY!!  🙂  Must make this!

  7. your portions are too big and you use too much oil you should eat the shit everyone else eats. how are you so calm about your comments? id be so annoyed. good job btw lookd delicious xx

  8. I'm about to serve this tonight

  9. love it if i only had the measuring that would be nice since im not good at cooking.

  10. i have been building for 5 years, this video is awesome. You are pretty hardcore 🙂 good job. Screw what people are saying, they don't understand food because "you are not suppose to eat if you want to be healthy" their thoughts on dieting. This is a hardcore recipe. 🙂 yummy!!

  11. sometimes people are so mean!! anywa wanna to tell you julia i just love your way of eating..very healthy..keep it up..and more videos plz..

  12. I'm always on the look out for new chicken recipes – thanks for sharing this one with us!

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  14. yummy!!! Thanks for sharing this!

  15. Your comment isn't necessary.

  16. That's the point of tutorials and informing people who care about her life.

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  18. be careful about how much sodium you eat!

  19. Nice vid simple and very easy… cut it all to your desirable size, mix all with herbs and season it. You can actually add anything you like and then put it in a oven, that's it!

    Many people are just cooking food without knowing what's in it (vitamins & minerals that your body needed) unlike this vidz she knows what shes doing. For other people out there you should read the "Important Information About Healthy Diet Menu" Google it and read it before you proceed in cooking

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  21. Your nails are always so cute!

  22. Have you every try putting Garlic in side?

  23. Omg … You talk a lot

  24. Love all your videos!!Don`t worry about the comments….We love you

  25. I enjoy cooking this way. Simple and healthy meals. Love your videos!

  26. I eat just like you. I understand where you coming from I get asked my portion size on my low carb diet all the time….counting calories is not what i do if my diet is only meat, veggies, fruits.

  27. This looks so good. I finally live in a house where I can have a bbq! Now, to get a bbq! (I've always lived in apartments until now)

  28. There's such a difference between red, orange and yellow bell peppers and the green ones. The colorful ones are so much more flavorful and maybe a little sweeter than the green ones. Love that dish, fix it all the time.

  29. mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! yumy!

  30. The feta cheese with the vegetables looks great!

  31. I was reluctant to watch this video because I'm not particularly fond of bell peppers, regardless of the color. But this just looks so absolutely tasty that I'm totally going to make it and give bell peppers a second chance!! 🙂 Love your recipe ideas btw.

  32. love it thank you for sharing !!!

  33. You're so multi-talented 😀

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  35. The thumbnail looked better. Blah.

  36. i love that you have a garden 🙂 .. I've always wanted one… You should show it some time in your videos! 🙂

  37. I have nevered cooked with lemon grass.

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