Healthy And Fit Body Tips Series: Creating a Sustainable Diet and Exercise Plan

Well, hey if you clicked on this video because you are looking for some health and fit body tips and you want to learn how to create a lifestyle of Sustainable diet and exercise then. Guess what you are in the right place because today for transform your mind Thursday I am having my wonderful coach and husband and trainer all that good stuff on my channel to talk about these things So if this interests you go ahead and stick around it’s coming your way right now Well, hey, you know, welcome back to my channel if you’ve been here for a bit If you are new I am super pumped that you were here today. No pun intended My name is Lauren and my channel is all about making Beauty easy for the girl who thinks that she can’t both internally and externally My hope today is that you will consider subscribing and hit that notification bell so that you can get alerts every single time I upload new videos, which is every single Friday every third Thursday and every fourth Tuesday of the month I am pumped because I have my husband Lance here And if you’re a follower of my channel, you’ll know that he’s been on my channel a few times He’s done my makeup and then and that was a good one I’ll link these videos for you, by the way in the eye field if I can see them you’ve done a voiceover for me and Is that and I’ve done your makeup? Oh my gosh, almost forgot about that You have to go check out me doing his makeup when I got 2,000 subscribers. It was a big thing It was a blast. So we’ve got you know those and everyone was always like loriann. Please have him back on well, I could not think of a better topic to have lands on my channel that transform your body Thursday because Man Lance we’ve been in the fitness industry for a long time owning a personal training studio for 10 years You were in Fitness long before that. We it’s just knows a lot and even though I’m gonna sound bias here There’s not one other soul that I would trust on this planet with my fitness than you Because of the knowledge the compassion the care and if you we have a cat meowing in the background just ignore her. Um, If you saw my last video, which I’ll link for you as well my whole transformation story lenience is a huge reason that I’m in the shape that I am in and it’s not because He was hard on me or because he made me feel These horrible ways needed to get my life together or was this mean trainer? It was actually the complete opposite that he told me and taught me and showed me how this could be a sustainable lifestyle So because of that video y’all asked so many amazing questions that I thought, okay We really need to address the sustainability here when it comes to diet and exercise I feel like this is where a lot of people get lost in the weeds. And I think that you could really help some people and my viewers here just kind of nail down some things that might make their life a little simpler and that make this feel so Gosh difficult and impossible because that’s for me how I felt Lia’s has been in the fitness industry for a long time Like I mentioned he’s trained over a thousand people. Gosh, you’ve been working out for what eighteen plus years now Yeah, almost 20 and I’ve been in the fitness industry for 14. Okay and more than a thousand transformations at this point. Yeah it’s Incredibly amazing and one of the things that I think is so cool And again, call me vice if you want to in the comments But I don’t care the thing that we always hear are that I’ve always noticed even we were running our business is the people that worked with Lance just Could not get over his knowledge He is just a walking wealth of knowledge And of course his compassion and his understanding that came from you know, hey this is my story and here’s all my fears and you know hear all these things that I really need help to overcome because sometimes Diet and exercise aren’t the biggest component No I think that unfortunately in the fitness industry with trainers and coach is one of the I Mean the biggest things that lack is emotional intelligence and compassion and empathy from trainers And so what happens is you get this like very hard-nosed, you know, you’re either all in or all out you know committed to the to the gills or You’re not and I think that it just creates this all-or-nothing in bar that people are just like with crap. I’m not all anything I’m trying to dabble with us and you’re telling me that this isn’t appropriate So I think that people just back off and I think that that’s been one of the you know the biggest assets for you know for my business is specifically having that, you know that understanding and compassion that no No, we’re gonna work with your lifestyle Otherwise, you can’t sustain this that means nothing how rigid or whatever my diet or workout program is yeah I think one of the things that I love that you always talk about in our Our coaching group with your clients is it’s not pass or fail and so many people I think they really I know I did I felt like it was like why had to do this and I Had he got in a second that something of that didn’t work out. It was failure complete utter failure Yeah, I think that that’s the thing is unfortunately people whenever there is a an expectation Which is gonna be built on preconceived notions that it’s all or nothing It’s pass or fail if you’re gonna do this thing Then you’ve got to get in shape just to get ready to get in shape and you’ve got a you know you’ve got to do this thing five or six days a week and make all your food and Tupperware and make sure that you’re bringing your lunch everywhere and Immediately god man, that lifestyle in and of itself is a turn-off to us and so we did it we did and the thing of it is it’s like so if that’s the preconceived notion that most of you guys have when you’re starting well No wonder you haven’t stuck with it or gotten started. You don’t lack motivation You have this preconceived notion that you’ve got to do something or that the bar is set higher than what you can imagine. Yeah It’s not gonna be an environment for people to get in and start or even one to I wouldn’t want to live that And that’s the thing. I see that so much and so when I put out this video last month and shared my transformation story that was really where the flood of comments and Came from on social media on YouTube was all about exercise nutrition and motivation So today what I wanted to do Lance was address this with you because I want them to hear from a coach a different perspective Than probably what they’ve heard like even some of the the comments that women had given me about that The trainer said said literally broke in my heart and I wanted them to hear a different perspective to see that whoa There’s something very different about how they approach fitness and make it a lifestyle. So let’s actually start with nutrition and guys I got my laptop. You’ll know this by now I want to give you a couple of comments that I received and then I got a question to kind of tie those comments together for you on nutrition So the first comment was I would really love to learn how to balance my diet To eat the things I love and to not feel guilty I totally relate to that the second one was, you know, Lauren I love everything about this video a lot of the things she talked about sound almost identical to me The only main difference is is that I have four kids I am also short and I’m currently close to the 130 mark which for me is so uncomfortable and also like you I can’t go Full into something and I feel so deprived not having something sweet I’m really interested in hearing more about what you do and how you live so flexibly a lot of the the ladies on my channel have kids and I know they feel super like overwhelmed cooking food for their kids and their family and Then the last one was I would really love to learn how to eat to live and not live to eat But still have balance and enjoy food so really the question kind of boils down to this and what would you say to someone who is Struggling and wants to be in better shape, but does not want to feel deprived Yes, so the thing is is there’s a couple different things that I’m hearing There is number one is that you know, these people these individuals and if you wrote that hey, hi, I completely relate So you’re wanting to be in shape? You know what the reality is is that you know chances are you probably dieted before? And you know that there’s a certain rigidness that happens and occurs with most nutrition and diets and yeah, well, they might work because you’re gonna create a deficit of calories which you know Will cause you burn body fat and lose weight unfortunately The lifestyle in and of itself feels like it’s not manageable or like it’s not sustainable long term And I know that that’s something that we’ve both dealt with ourselves. So the problem is more so the fact is You don’t need to learn some sort of diet or some sort of you know this Cure-all what it really comes down to is Understanding. That’s the very first thing that will cause you to lose weight is actually knowing the right amount of calories that you need for your body for your activity level so that you can burn enough body fat throughout the day and unfortunately People put emphasis on all of these things that really don’t really matter unless you get this first part What I call the fundamentals of nutrition and until you get this first part the rest of it is all irrelevant so what happens is people exhaust themselves trying to Determine you know what they need to do this So they stop eating before a certain time of night their intermittent fasting. They’re giving up carbs they’re trying to figure out if they need to give up all diet sodas and in Anything that sugar related and then they think that they need to give up Reds and all of these things and so what happens is is that it’s such a tall order that you end up feeling deprived or so unmotivated because everything that we do whenever we make a decision is going to be based on the Moving closer to pleasure or further away from pain and so pain or pleasure are the two driving forces That help us to make decisions. And when you see all of these things giving up these type of foods and Regulating and modifying all of your behavior what you think of as normal life? of course the very very first thing that’s going to come to you whether on a conscious or subconscious level is This is painful This is so outside of what I’m used to and now this means meal prepping where I wasn’t doing that before it means giving up things that means saying by the social events It means giving up foods that actually taste good and it means saying hello to foods that are bland dry And while I get to do this and heat this crappy food I get to watch so-and-so eatin their food that I’m envious on and so you’re creating this hostile Environment in which it feels like you just can’t sustain forever. And the reality is is that it’s it’s nearly impossible and Where all this comes and drives people to be able to stick with these programs? in my opinion the ones who stick with very clean or depriving sort of Relationships with food they have such a huge emotional why that they’re able to stick with this long term So they’re doing things that appear disciplined because they’re why is so strong, but for the rest of us Are why is that we want to look better feel better etc. But we don’t want to have this crazy rigid lifestyle We don’t want to trade one bad thing for another bad thing and so the real advice here is number one is to Understand or to know a little bit about what your caloric expenditure Is and simply put that’s your basal metabolic rate or what you burn at. Rest also known as your resting metabolic rate Add it on with your daily activity and this number combined which is called your total energy expenditure When you eat that amount of calories that is your maintenance meaning that if you did nothing and you ate this many calories You will be able to maintain your body weight Anything less than this? I don’t care if it’s how those Twinkies and Ding Dongs Anything less than those calories will cause weight loss and unless there’s metabolic damage Which we’ll talk about in another time. And the reality is is that There is this why because honestly you I won’t go into the fad diet somewhere. We don’t agree with them But this is why diets like keto are popular because it’s a calorie deficit this is why like clean eating and paleo or popular because I think a lot of people think that there’s some magical thing to those those plans, and I don’t think That they realize it’s like well you were once eating 2,000 calories and now you’re eating 50 Ok, so that’s the whole issue is that again? If I eliminate carbs from a client of mine? And they were eating 2500 calories a day with carbs and I figured out that they needed 1,700 calories to maintain Or to let’s say to lose weight and then all of a sudden I take out carbs now, they’re left with eating You know fatty foods that have protein in it, but let me tell you something We’ve wiped out 1/3 of the normal calories that we take in and fats and proteins can make you feel fuller So what happens is is yes, it feels depriving at first etc But all of a sudden we get this euphoria because we’re losing weight because now we’re like a thousand calorie deficit each day And we’re still getting to eat foods like bacon and steak and so and so forth now the problem is is that it’s not sustainable long term because most people Eventually feel like at the end of this I get to have some carbs again or eventually I’ll do carbs The problem is is that you’re not only reintroducing carbs with there’s nothing magical about you’re reintroducing an extra 800 to a thousand calories Right off the bat. So people think oh, I started eating carbs again, and I ballooned up No you started eating or increasing your calories by a thousand a day and no longer is this a deficit so you started gaining you were at a surplus and no longer a deficit so Every few years. There’s one that just like goes nuts And so the thing of it is is as long as you’re eating the right amount of calories Which I’ve got some resources, she’ll tell you about which will kind of help you to determine those things But the very first thing is knowing how many calories you need a day To be at a healthy deficit a lot of calorie or a lot of diets will put you on like a 1200 calorie You know expenditure or intake which yes, you’re gonna lose weight, but it’s also going to cause metabolic adaptation And which again is something down the road? But the reality is is that this is what people do they go at either too deep of a deficit which feels to Depriving and damages your metabolism and then people binge and they fall off So I the the real key is of your calories You should be aiming for about eighty percent of those calories to be your cleaner foods your non processed things You know anywhere from 75 to 80 percent is good the other twenty to twenty-five percent should be foods that are More of your fun foods your things like french fries or a little bit of ice cream And it doesn’t mean you go crazy. It just means by keeping those things in there and allowing you to still hit your necessary Calories you’re gonna not only lose weight but you’re getting foods that normally wouldn’t be on a diet and it’s keeping you from feeling deprived or from daydreaming about food at the end of the week or you know falling off and binging and things like that because you’re getting to sample those things on a regular basis and When you add up how much for people who take cheat meals or cheat days? Where there’s no tracking if you add up how much you take in You know on a day or in a meal like that It usually is substantially more than what I give my clients by letting them have you know? some of these sweets or fun foods every single day of the week and so you can lose weight and still have Flexibility and still enjoy the foods that you’re eating. So no longer. Is it a no, I can’t have that on my diet It’s simply like I can have that but about this much or whatever So you’re learning through doing this that you can have things in moderation? But there’s never a no for you. Yes, and that’s why a lot of you ask Lauren How in the world are you able to eat a candy bar every day? That’s how so thank you so much for answering Nana for honestly giving them so much to think about with that Is such a huge thing? So question two kind of revolves around sustainable exercise. This is another one again lands I have a lot of moms that are on my channel. They’re busy so some of the questions that are the comments that I got was I would love to learn how to make the most of the small window of gym time I get every day while I balance work and my kids and Then the second one was I’m so tired and exhausted From working taking care of my kids and my family that I just don’t have any energy to work out for an hour So what would you say to someone who wants to start working out but feel so overwhelmed in their current lifestyle good questions So yeah, this is another really hardcore myth a misnomer that comes out of a lot of unfortunately fitness experts trainers Coaches etc. There is this Belief, or at least something that’s preaching I don’t know whether the motivation is to sell more Sessions or if it’s just simply the fact that because a lot of us trainers We work out five to six days a week that maybe some of the trainer’s believe that that’s the way to do this The reality is is that it couldn’t be further from the truth, right? As you know, you’ve seen a lot of the transformations that I’ve worked with And of course, I mean you work out for 30 minutes a day, I think Yeah, so The reality is here is that it does not take that what it takes again is, you know when your nutrition is spot-on I mean, I don’t mean perfect what I mean is that you’re taking and consuming the right amount of calories So you’re not taking in a massive deficit and you’re also not going over your calories what’s needed? That alone is going to cause your metabolism to begin speeding up and it’s gonna create less of that overflow overflow creates spillage and spillover which you know causes increase in body fat and then when you factor in the fact that when you’re doing Resistance training and you’re doing cardio blended in with that You create something not only do you burn a lot of calories, but you created something called the after burn effect Which means that you’re gonna burn an additional amount of calories So your metabolism speeds up or elevates even at rest for the next 24 to 30 hours We don’t know exactly how long laughs but we do know that it’s somewhere between the time and it simply means that we can compound Your metabolism or the amount of calories, so you’re not just burning what you brung in the workout So what I want to do is give a couple of different tips so that you guys know specifically Not necessarily how to design your own workouts. There’s everything that teaches how to do that. That’s not the problem Otherwise everybody would already be doing their own workouts The key here is to to know a couple different things. I’m a huge advocate as you know of doing interval style training It’s where you’re blending Doing aerobic with anaerobic exercise meaning that you’re doing resistance and cardio exercises blended in one Doing intervals. I’m not going to go into everything on why it burns so much by doing interval style training But it allows your heart rate to come up really high and then go back down to moderate It allows you to push at a higher caloric expenditure Also takes less time and I think it’s so important to say that Because that’s why I wanted to give up lifting and then doing cardio for 30 minutes behind that I got so tired of that Yeah, so what a lot of people do is they will spend 45 minutes to 60 minutes on Using machines or using resistance training and then because again, yes, you can burn calories, but it’s not a ton And it takes a long time and you still need to do something that’s gonna activate your cardio So people then spend about 25 to 30 minutes on cardio When you factor all this in it turns into about 90 minutes and when you’re trying to do this five or six days a week Now you’ve got a lot of time in the gym So the reality is is that when you’re doing interval style training if your intensity is up high enough and you’re doing this the right way you can literally burn nearly twice the amount of fat in half the time and So a couple of keys to keep in mind is number one Full-body workouts are going to be the most effective for burning the most calories Number two hitting legs as often as possible, which is where you do want to hit your your full body Number three is going to be focusing on using compound movements and compound exercises. So Isolating exercises are where you’re going to be focusing on using one single. So like a tricep pushdown A compound is going to be where you’re doing, like a push-up something that affects multiple joints and multiple muscle groups So that’s the first thing and then a compound exercise is where you’re gonna have two exercises combined together To actually burn twice as many calories So instead of a squat now, we’re doing a squat with a row or just squat with a curl Or a lunge with the curl or a V sit with a curl something like that. Now we’re burning way more records We’re incorporating more number one more caloric expenditure. Number two more larger muscle groups And then again, you know, the final thing is is to make sure you’re staying active throughout the whole time But when you’re doing this and you’re doing this in an order the right sequence You’re gonna burn twice as many calories And so you really don’t need to be any more than thirty minutes a day And the final thing is is that most of my clients exercise three to four times a week So they’re really only putting in 90 to 120 minutes Out of the week where most people is putting in an hour a day So or more and I got you know one of my most successful clients lost more than 115 pounds and was only doing that three times a week for 30 minutes a day because the nutrition and everything What is a balanced lifestyle and that y’all is sustainable like that you go Okay, I can do this, you know and hey, here’s the thing I mentioned this in more in the comments on the on the last video But if you can’t start out with four times a week That’s okay start out with three If you can’t do three start with two and build upon that it’s okay Starting is better than not starting at all or writing it off completely so thank you for explaining that so that was like for me those changes that we made a Few years ago when we started doing interval training it made all the difference in the world, and honestly, I feel better I feel like I look better. I like the fact that I need Jim and all of that makes a huge difference Okay, so the final question Lance has to do with motivation I got a lot of comments on the fact that people just were like how did you finally make the shift and you know? I struggled there and so I wanted you to give them a little bit of your Psychology piece on why it’s so important to really make the connection. So here’s some of the things that I got How did you get motivated to actually make the change so that was like, how did you finally do this? I told him that I yo-yo for years right – I Failed it before and now I don’t have the motivation to even try again because they’re saying they feel like a failure and this one Just burned me alive and I want to say that I sure hope that this does not come from any other trainers or anyone elses experiences but Missy ana told me that her last trainer said She said my last trainer told me if I couldn’t commit to six days a week. I was wasting his time I was heartbroken and offended. I don’t have that kind of time. Currently. I’m a wife mom and a full-time student so my question for you Lance is what would you say to someone who wants to work out but can’t find the motivation or the Discipline that it takes to do. So yeah Wow the Unfortunately, there’s you know, just because somebody, you know has a badge or a label of trainer Doesn’t mean that they always have your best interests number one and number two It also doesn’t mean that they’re gonna be the most educated people They might understand exercise physiology or nutrition, but it doesn’t mean that they understand the psychology of success or building habits Right or understanding empathy or lifestyle and that’s where unfortunately most people I don’t think that I’ve ever worked with somebody who didn’t have a trainer at some point that didn’t have at least one negative experience and Unfortunately, that’s the way that it goes and I know at the same token I’ve worked with a lot of clients who have had great experience and those on you know, those trainers, you know I wish that we could you know kind of call each of those out But so the real key here, is that there is this big? Misnomer number one is that it takes this massive all-or-nothing commitment Number two that it takes discipline and I just did a video recently Specifically on discipline because this is something that is growing so popular within you know You know various social media accounts different gurus etc talking about you know your daily grind and you know hustling grind and discipline and it takes all these rigid things and all that does to me is discourage me and If I’m in a place that I’m struggling to Adapt or adopt this new habit or lifestyle and somebody tells me that I just got to get with it and find discipline That’s so discouraging because then the very first notion is that I need something I don’t possess where I must learn something to adopt to even get on the right path That’s going to lead to the thing that I desire the most and if I’m in a place where I’m depressed or if I’m feeling low about myself or my self-confidence is waning and Somebody now tells me like I’m trying to talk myself into these new habits Which I’m scared about and somebody tells me that I just got to commit and I’ve got to get disciplined What they just did was you know They just told me that I don’t have what it takes or then I need to find something or accrue something Before I can even begin to get on that path and so discouraging basically, that’s it And so what that does is this creates this perfectionist acai Ideal in which case I must be better before I can even get on the path to be better And so the very first thing that I want to say to you guys is that it does not require Discipline to get in shape or to be successful of any kind now before you you know, sin You know comments or you know at one of us, you know specifically because of this I want to explain It doesn’t mean that you won’t have habits or actions that appear to outsiders as discipline I’ve been working out for twenty years and the things that I do I usually will work out five to six days a week and that can appear to an outsider is very very discipline but understand that I am NOT a disciplined person what allows me to stick with this for this long is the fact that my Motivation my underlying motivation as it’s called or my big why? Deeply connected to my emotions and I know the cost of inactivity or inaction versus the payout or the payoff of What my actions bring me and this comes down to that pain a pleasure again that we talked about at the beginning of the video And so this here is where Tony Robbins even says that it’s not that people are lazy or lack Discipline or motivation it’s that we just simply have impotent goals or goals that simply don’t motivate or inspire us to take action and to keep action and So the real tool here the real key is to determine number one what it is that you want get Very very clear on what it is. If you don’t know what it is your desired outcome. You’re not going to reach it Okay The second thing is is that you must get in touch with why? your goal is what you want your Y is why you want it or why it becomes a must for instead of justice should If this is something that you like the idea of doing and feel like you should do it But it’s not attached to the pain of staying where you’re at versus the pleasure or payoff of Getting where you want to go you’re never going to have the motivation or the the tenacity to take that action and The reality is simply that you don’t lack discipline It’s simply that you need to get more clear or dive in deeper And sometimes this is painful but to get connected to what your underlying motivation is all of us have alive I started off by why and I know you heard Lauren’s wine I start off by why because I felt like I was very skinny felt frail fragile. Whatever We in insignificant as I was growing up and being more of an academic who was an athletic and sport like That was something that weighed on me and after a point of time I hit my point in which I Decided that this would be an area that I wanted to make a change and I was willing to do whatever it took to get There so within a short amount of time of me making changes Which was only working out three times a week and very slightly modifying my nutrition. I started noticing decreasing body fat and increasing confidence and muscle and That showed me the difference and the transformation wasn’t just physical and so it didn’t take discipline to get me there I was highly motivated because I was desperate to leave The sensation that I had and I was so desperate for the payoff that I attributed or associated with when I had a physical transformation So good I hope if you need to rewind that and rewatch that because that if you can grasp that y’all you can do anything So lands. Oh my goodness. This has been so great today I would love to know from you guys in the comments. If you love this. Let me know. Please please, please Thank you so much for coming on and chatting about these things Leanne’s is gonna come back for part two of this series next month and we’ll be talking about setting realistic goals one of the things that you need to know though is Lance actually has put together a quiz and This quiz is gonna help you find out the number one strategy For weight loss for you Based upon your current lifestyle and body type and I have linked that down for you in the description box below So go check that out. And of course, I’ll I’ll run his social media on here so you could follow him He constantly puts out videos and he’s always doing things to give value away Outside of his coaching program because he seriously just wants you to succeed. Hopefully you pick that up today from the video. So leanza Oh my gosh, thank you again so much. I appreciate it. I truly yeah, I mean this coming from a trainer I just feel like it’s so important for people to hear a different perspective than constantly what’s pushed out there. So, okay So if you haven’t had a chance to subscribe to my channel I’m gonna ask that you do that now so that you don’t miss out on any future videos And of course connect with me on social media is one of my favorite Platforms to get to know you better on I have a private Facebook called Facebook group called reformed tomboy beauty and this is a group of girls that get together and we share bad eyebrow memes we Talk makeup we talk fitness. Now. We talk beauty everything in between and once a month I have a show called contouring converse where I create a makeup look in a real Time with you and if that’s something that sounds like you want to be a part of join it I’ll link that down in the description box for you too. And until then I think we’ll go ahead and close out this video So hashtag reforms humbly family. I’ll see y’all soon

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