hello everyone welcome back to my youtube channel if you are new here then I'm so happy to meet you so I have been promising this video for a very very long time I have just got home from our weekly food shop at Aldi I've got everything you could possibly need to start a healthy diet I would say this is definitely on a budget because every single week we never spend more than 65 pounds and that's for two of us who both eat very healthy so I think that's pretty good if you are new here you won't know but I am gonna start uploading sort of like a bit of a series like a healthy eating series and so I've got a lot of videos planned for the next month or so so this is gonna be episode 1 I'm yet to think of a name I feel like I'm just gonna call it something really generic and boring like get healthy with me or something like that I mean you guys have given me some great names like miles meals and stuff like that but I just feel like get healthy with me it's very direct and it covers everything so that way I can do gym I can do diet I can do I can kind of like mix it up quite a bit so today is gonna be classed as episode one I love saying that I've got episodes I literally feel like I'm on Netflix or something so my aim for today's video is just to kind of show you what I get each week and why I get the stuff that I do I feel like you can make so many different meals out of all of the things I've bought today I feel like there are some really good sort of like easy affordable quick healthy snack ideas as well instead of just being like oh this is all the fresh fruit I got and all the fresh veg I've tried to mix it up and cater for as many people as I can I'll also give you like some alternative options of meals that you could make or snacks that you could make before I get into this I would just like to throw a little disclaimer out there I'm not a nutritionist I am just very good at eating healthy if that makes sense I'm a very very healthy person I always have been and I feel like I've got a lot of experience in eating healthy does that make sense and I thought as it's January what a perfect time I know after Christmas I'm like right I'm going on a health kick because I did eat everything and anything over Christmas so before we get into this video make sure you are comfortable get your favorite drink get the candles lit get the blankets and you might also want a pen and paper as well if you're gonna jot down things that I got to make a shopping list so let go am i feeding the 5000 you may ask nope just two of us so I've laid everything out in the worktop so I'm gonna start over this side this is almost like the fresh side so I luckily love fruit and veg so I always stock up on like my main staples of fruit and veg so I usually get lots of bananas because Charlie Willie a lot of those I usually get a packet of mixed peppers because I like to make the heat is with these I also like to make stuffed peppers where I'll stuff them with couscous and some low-fat cheese you could also stuff these with maybe some low-fat mints you like a Bolognese and put them in the peppers that would be really really yummy I always have mint and lemon water so I just pull off a few of these leaves and I like crush them up and I put them in a fresh glass of water with some lemon I find it is amazing for your skin also put these on like any new potatoes I do or anything like that then I've got some fassl I use Buzzle with everything sometimes I'll make like a tomato salad whilst I remember as I said tomato salad I am gonna be doing a lot of meal type videos so I'm going to be showing you what I would make with everything but I thought it would be a better idea to do a separate food shop video so we can kind of like do that you can get the ingredients and then I'll show you what I made a separate video which is almost linked to this one it's showing you what meals I make out this food shop because I understand it's all well and good me showing you what I've bought but until you can actually vision them into like recipes feel like that would be a lot better so I'm definitely going to be doing a what I eat in a day of what I eat in a week I'm going to tell you a little bit about intermittent fasting because I do that two days a week I'll also be doing like ten meals under 10 pounds healthy snacks all of that kind of stuff will be covered so if you aren't already subscribed and you would like to see that type of stuff then be sure to hit the subscribe button and pop the notification bells on so you don't miss any uploads but it's gonna kind of go through everything now as I was but I just want you to know that there are more videos coming this is not just like what I bought in my food shop whole there's going to be follow ups of what I use each ingredient for I find it so fresh and the tiniest little bit gives something so much flavor I also got some red onions under there I use these in pretty much everything if I'm doing a chicken dish from making Bolognese if I'm making an omelet anything like that I always like to have some red onions in the fridge and then also got to avocados you can get these impacts from Aldi as well but I like to get the individual ones just because I find they ripen a lot quicker I have these with eggs I have been with chicken I make my own guacamole which I'll include in a video as well which is super easy and really healthy and I find avocados are really really filling as well if you are not keen on your kind of like green vegetables I would HIGHLY highly highly recommend getting some of these these are delicious these almost remind me of like a Christmas dinner I like to have these with either maybe a chicken breast or I have them with salmon quite a lot as well so what I'll do is if the cellophane off I'll then like pop maybe like some salmon fill it's on top and just chuck them in the oven for 45 minutes they are delicious you could also have them with some gravy as well I also always pick up the Mediterranean style vegetables these are also one of my favorites again what I tend to what I tend to usually do is I will usually have vegetables and meat I won't always have potatoes if I do have potatoes I will have sweet potatoes and I'll like make wedges out of them or I'll make sweet potato mash or I'll do something like that but nine times out of ten I will usually just have meat and veggies are quite like stodgy vegetables it almost feels like you're having potatoes I love these I think these are about 1 pound 29 each but they're a super quick meal that you can have and then I got some asparagus tips as well I love to have these with meat again there's also an Aldi packets like this but it's tender stem broccoli they didn't have any today which kind of broke my heart a little bit not gonna lie and they're also really really nice and then through I just got a mixture of fruit I've pink lady apples they're my favorite I like to have these as a snack cut up with some peanut butter on the top some people think I'm really weird for having that but I think it's a pretty normal thing to have and then with strawberries another really healthy snack idea that you could have is you can cut up your strawberries and you can get some dark chocolate and melt it on the strawberries just a tiny little bit and it's so delicious and it cuts it cravings so nice red grapes are always one of my favorite things to snack on I find they really curb any sugary cravings I have because they are really sweet I then got some blueberries which I will usually pop on top of my yogurt or I'll have them with porridge and then I'll do the same with raspberries so I do get a lot of fresh fruit and vege you can also get a lot of frozen veg from allergy I prefer to get fresh just because it's easier and to be honest when it's in the freezer I tend to kind of forget about it then I've got some chewing gum because if you don't pick up chewing gum when you're an Audi I don't know you're just not doing it right I got eggs eggs are really big staple in my diet I eat omelets at least two times a week so I'll have a big omelet with ham and low-fat cheese and tomatoes and onions you could even put broccoli in there again I'll be showing you how I make that on my what I eat in a week or one of those type of videos so stay tuned for one of those I also got some superceded loaf now I don't really ever eat bread I eat bread maybe once every few weeks but Charlie loves this bread so here live like well toast with that I guess I if I really do fancy a bit of bread I will have one slice and I like to have it with avocado and scrambled egg that's one of my favorites I think this bread is okay for you I mean I try and steer clear of bread because I'm not great with gluten I don't think I'm allergic to it but my body just doesn't like it so far if you do like a seeded loaf I would recommend this because it is really yummy I then just got some milk I get Green Mill I went a while having soya milk but the only time I ever really have milk is if it's in my scrambled eggs or if it's in tea I can't drink team of soya milk I don't know why I just can't say if you have any on cows milk recommendations of milk that tastes nice and tea then that would be great if you could let me know because I really can't stand soy and tea and I know cow's milk isn't the best for you moving over here we've got like more of like cupboard staff and dairy so this ham is gorgeous it's the Roma ham the Italian style it's so so nice I'm not gonna lie sometimes I just have a pack of ham as a snack and I know it's incredibly weird but I'll have like a few slices maybe with like some carrot sticks or something like that it gets your protein up it's really good for you I mean it's got quite a lot of salt in it but not like a dramatic amount even though that is like a red wheel of death down there but it's fine I don't need like loads of it so I'll also have this with scrambled eggs as a breakfast you could also have a ham salad at lunch you could have ham and boiled eggs in a salad or I love to have this in omnes this cut up into really small strips with some low-fat cheese which I've got over here in an omelet is just delicious so I usually get about four packets of this last as the week but then got some halloumi because Lumi is life halloumi in moderation actually isn't that bad for you I will only have this maybe like once a week and I'll have it with a chicken breast I usually do like a nun dose chicken breast which I'll show you how I cook with some broccoli and then some halloumi it's kind of like a bit of a treat for me I guess that's why I only have it once a week because as you can see the saturates are quite high and so is the salt but that being said the carbs in it are relatively low and the protein is pretty high as well so like I said it's good in moderation next I love these and they're the kids cheese triangles now I like to have one of these on either a rice cake or I have one of those on one of these crispbreads as a little snack and they're so so nice I also pop these in omelets it makes it so much like creamier they are just delicious I would highly recommend I then got some like baby bells I'll have these it's just a little snack if I'm fancying something savory these are really good for you as well I mean cheese a lot of people say cheese is bad for you but it's low in carb I mean it's high in fat that everyone needs to have fat in their diet and I actually eat quite a lot of cheese and I mean it doesn't do me any harm I mean everything in moderation is fine I would not recommend eating like this whole block but if you're just gonna have maybe like a baby bell or a bit of halloumi once a week like that's absolutely fine let me turn this round for this part we're gonna get deep I feel like when you're being healthy if you want to be successful you shouldn't diet as such you should kind of see it as a healthy lifestyle and that's why I've bought cheese and stuff like that because like I said I'm not gonna eat that whole block of cheese I mean I would love to but I'm not going to but I feel like if you are gonna start living a more healthier lifestyle don't cut everything out because you're just gonna be miserable and at the end of the day life is for living and eating is a big part but I feel like food is such a huge part of life and if you feel like you have to cut out every single thing you love you're not gonna have a very fun life so I would just say make sure 90 percent of the time you're being healthier you know you're eating your fruit you're eating your veggie getting your protein but the other half of the time you know eat things that you enjoy if you want to have cheese just have a little bit if you wanna have chocolate just have a little bit just make sure the rest of your week has kind of been healthy that's the biggest bit of advice I would give just don't take things too seriously I mean other people will be like no you need to cut out everything blah blah but I've done that and I know what happens when I cut out everything I love I end up binging on it I end up having a fab week I've not eaten any rubbish and then it gets to a Sunday night and a lot of my chocolate I want cheese I want Evernote I just ate more than I ever would if I just had a little bit through the week so yeah they're all my cheese's I also opted for like the lower fat cheese's I just feel like I don't think it makes a massive difference but I feel better about myself when I eat something that says light on it anyone else so another one of my favorite go-to staple things that I get from Aldi are these fat-free yogurt I love these again in moderation they're fine I mean the sugars are quite high on these but everything else is fine now I usually treat these as a bit of a treat so sometimes I'll have one of these and I'll tip it into a bowl I'll then just like have some blueberries and some raspberries and stuff on top of it again if you're not eating like six of these a day you are going to be fine you can also get some really plain fat-free Greek yogurt from Audi as well which I used to have but I'm not gonna lie I hated my life when I was eating it because it just tasted like nothing so like I said this food shop is a very much like healthy lifestyle food shop this is not a diet food shop this is more of like you want to kind of be more healthy type thing like I'm not telling you if you have this you're going to lose weight if you have this you're going to lose weight I lose weight when I eat like this like if I stick to things I've bought here I will lose weight so I mean it's gonna differ for each person but this is just what I this is my staple go to food shop so next thing I love are these these are delicious these are perfect as a breakfast you can have them with some avocado you can have them with eggs you could have them as a dinner I mean you could have some of these with the winter roast vegetables and some gravy you could have these and some sweet potato mash like these are so much better for you than pork sausages as you can see you like the fat so much lower the calories are lower and they are delicious you could even make like a chicken casserole I feel like you could cook these and cut them up and have them with pasta or rice I feel like you can do a lot with these a lot with your chicken sausages that sounds weird I will always pick up two packets of these I only got one today because Aldi only had one I will always have salmon twice a week this sounds strange but salmon makes my skin unreal that sounds weird doesn't it let me turn you around again say I might turn the camera round I don't know why but if I eat salmon like I ate some on the night before last and whenever I eat salmon my skin is glowing I think it's the oils in the salmon so I would say if you like fish and you are looking to be more healthier and you would like to improve your skin I think some and plays a huge part in my skin and I know I sound mental saying that but honestly I always have to fill it's at time which some people think is too much and sometimes I do feel a little bit like this is quite rich I have it just try and kind of like boost my skin I'm not gonna lie I eat it to be like right what a nice skin tomorrow I'm going to eat me some salmon so I usually put like a lot of lemon on it as well lemon juice is incredible for the skin I don't care what anyone says lemon juice is unreal for the skin so someone fill it with a load of lemon and maybe like you winter roast vegetables or some asparagus or some sweet potato or something like that that's one of my favorite meals I might actually have that tonight so nice you literally just tip it into a bowl with some boiling water and I think these are like 30 P as well so Charlie usually stalks up on these quite a lot obviously because he has a lot more carbs than me I try and have a really low carb diet as you can tell like everything I've shown you so far is very low carb high protein I try and keep my fats quite low as well so that's my that's what I found works well for my body like I don't deal well with carbs I don't know why my body just does not really like the carbs which makes me sad but Charlie can somehow eat as many cards as he wants so Charlie will have these with either chicken or tuna or something like that also if you're doing like the food shot for you and your other half and they can eat a lot of carbs these are definitely a healthy option my cat has just brought me her spring basically if you are new to my channel this is Tilly today say hello tools and she plays fetch so she brings me this spring all the time and then pretty she'll get here and she'll bring it back and this game will go on for hours does anyone elses cat play fetch or do I have some kind of dog cat anyway I got slightly distracted then so this coffee is the best coffee to get from Aldi if you don't know is it going to focus thank you it's the americano one and it's actually really really nice I drink a lot of coffee so I would kind of class myself as a coffee connoisseur but this is really really nice then I've got some peanut butter this is so nice I think it's about 1 pound 20 I love crunchy peanut butter I'll have this maybe on an apple on a banana I already didn't have any rice cakes today just a plain lightly salted rice cake a spoonful of this and then like get some raspberries and squash them on top with a fork and it tastes like peanut butter jelly like peanut butter and jam it's so so nice and super healthy so one of my favourite little snacks or lunches is a can of tuna on top of three of these crispbreads you could also have avocado with loads of pepper on top it's delicious you can also have these with the cheese triangles that I said about these are really really nice and they they're kind of like my bread alternative like instead of having bread I will have one of these sometimes as well I will boil an egg so it's like a soft-boiled egg and I'll pop avocado in slices on here like that and then I like squash the soft-boiled egg on top and it's just delicious that's another little light snack or lunch or even breakfast that you could have you asked me what i season my chicken with and it's usually just these two with a little bit salt and a little bit of pepper she's now moved closer Tilly we're not playing and then I picked up some of this because this looked really nice we have healthy for heat is a lot where I make my own like a moly and stuff like that which again I will include on a meal idea of video I picked up some of this because I thought this would be nice to put on top you can find some really good stuff like this in Aldi these are what Charlie likes to eat is like a healthy little snack and I always stock up on chopped tomorrows because I make so much with chopped tomatoes if I ever do home made for heaters I will always use these if I'm going to make like an Italian sauce to go with chicken I will also always use these one of my favorites and I'm like absolute fail ease so these are frozen baked potatoes I kid you not these taste so much better than like a fresh jacket done in the oven they are delicious they take about 5 minutes in the microwave if I'm fancy in if I'm really hungry one day or just fancy some carbs I will do like a chicken and then I'll have some veg and I'll have one of these you could also have this with tuna you could have it with bolognaise you can have them with everything and they're so so easy because actual jacket potatoes just take so long and I can't begin with that so then over here oh my gosh if you watched my Christmas vlogs you will know I was absolutely obsessed with this stuff now I don't think this is healthy this is not healthy but I couldn't resist it was in the Christmas section and it's the chili jam and oh my gosh if you know about chili jam at Nando's you will know about this like this is basically Nando's chili jam I like to have this with halloumi so if I'm feeling like a bit of a treat dinner I'll treat myself because we all got to treat ourselves life is for living I'm just trying to justify the fact of what chili jam allows many be doing a healthy food shot so I have halloumi and chili jam together and it's just oh it's just divine it's amazing I would highly recommend but we're not many of you buying that so let's forget about it so these bars I will always buy these are also a little bit of a treat for me I wouldn't have these everyday maybe like a few times a week but these are delicious these are the raw fruit and nut pecan pie bars are completely raw so they are good for you but the sugars are quite high in them but it's better than eating like a chocolate bar or a cake so I got the pecan pie one I also picked the macadamia and coconut one up and then I picked up the cashew at Crush I will eat these maybe before the gym or after the gym or in the evenings if I'm getting a little bit of like a late-night craving I'll have one of these and maybe like a little bowl of fruit or something like that I also get all of my cleaning products from Aldi you guys know I didn't need anything today but I did spot this giant cranberry and orange loaf Laura what a bargain it was only one pound for this massive one I mean I know Christmas is over but I'm just trying to relive it for as long as possible I also picked up some kitchen foil and my ride-or-die which is the Apple Aldi floor wipes if you've been watching my videos for a while you will know I use these on everything also get all of my polish all of my disinfectant light stuff like that from Audi as well they've got a really good clean range then last but not least I didn't buy these today but I thought they were worth showing you I just pulled these out of the freezer to show you like kind of like what I keep in my freezer so I always keep some of these in my freezer just in case one night I haven't planned dinner and we still want to be healthy and I also make a healthy fish and chips as well and I will cook one of these and then I'll do like some nice sweet potato fries so that's another one of the meals that I'm going to show you but they are really worth getting they're really nice this is one of my favorite discoveries of Aldi I think and it is frozen tuna steaks oh my gosh this is like my favorite lunch so I'll usually have two of these and I almost make a salad like this I'll have like run of beans and spinach and tomatoes and basil and boiled eggs and red onions and I'll have two of these steaks you literally just pop them in a pan for about five minutes and oh they're just so nice you can probably tell these are found in the frozen aisle but I think these are about three pounds and you get four in there a tuna steaks don't actually taste like fish and I know that's really weird they taste more like a steak so if you're not really a fishy a fishy kind of person hmm don't really know if that was the right phrase to use the fishy kind of person you know I mean if you know fish the tuna steaks are definitely the way forward because they taste more like red meat which is really wet and last but not least I always pick up some frozen fruit I love this in smoothies so I always grab the frozen mango chunks and the whole strawberries usually I pop these into a nutribullet with a little bit of milk and some protein powder it makes a really gorgeous protein smoothie I usually have that as a breakfast or again before the gym or after the gym or just as a late-night snack so you will notice as well we don't have any chicken or much meat in our food shop we only really eat chicken and fish it's very rare that we eat red meat if we do what we like bolognaise but we very rarely have that so we get our chicken on top of this that's not included in our weekly food shop because we get it from the butchers so the chicken that would get it is 30 pounds but you a huge pack of like 30 really big breasts now when you eat butcher's chicken you never go back to supermarket chicken few reasons supermarket chicken is so pumped with water I'm not trying to be that person that like lectures you on what meat you should eat like you eat whatever the hell you want to eat but when I used to buy like chicken from Aldi or whatever I would put it into the oven and it would go from this to about this and so much war to come out and when you taste that butcher's chicken it tastes so much different it's soft and it's just delicious so we get our chicken from ABC meats in Peterborough I would highly recommend it's delicious you can get smaller packs you don't have to spend thirty pounds you can get smaller packs that 10 pounds but if you just google them you can find out where they're like warehouse is and if you live like in the Peterborough area I would highly recommend going there just because you get a lot of meat for what you pay for it tastes so much different it's better for you and it's not pumped with water like it's not huge and then when you cook it it goes teeny it's really really really really nice so yeah that's one is not any that's why there's not much meat in this whole I just thought it up bet in there just in case you're thinking like okay there's a lot of stuff here but where's the meat out there meets one of the butchers I feel like I was literally talking at about million miles per hour in that video so I'm sorry if that was kind of like a bit too quick but I was aware that there was a lot to get through and I didn't want to bore you so I hope you've enjoyed this video I hope it's given you like maybe some ideas of healthy food you can eat like I said this is the food shot but I get every single week without fail I'm literally in and out of out in about five minutes because I know exactly what I want to buy and I would say these are definitely like my staple items so I feel like next week's video then should be an almost like what would you guys like to see comment below the kind of video you'd like to see next would you like to see a few meals that I'd make out of these ingredients or would you like to see what I eat it I'm gonna be doing all of these videos anyway but I just I'm not sure what would be the best video to do straight after this one I think maybe a healthy meal ideas IDEO out of the meals that I bought so I could do like my salmon with my roasted veg I could do my tomato salad I could do my homemade guacamole I could do my Nando's my like homemade Nando's so this is officially episode one of my little get healthy with me series I'm gonna think of a better name that I think I need to think of a better name but stay tuned I'm not sure what day of the week they're going to be but they'll definitely be uploaded once a week I was thinking I could take you guys to the gym with me I've just got PT as well so when I'm more familiar of with how she works I could also kind of film one of my PT sessions I could do some home workouts I'm going to be doing like some tests in different foods as well maybe like testing Tesco value food for a week or stuff like that so let me know all of your thoughts in the comments box really really hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope it's giving you some kind of inspiration all I would say is don't be too hard on yourself I know in January there's so much pressure to eat better and go to the gym more and this that and the other and I understand in January motivation lacks like I know that my motivation has been literally down there but life is a journey like life is to be happy and that's why I say I wouldn't recommend going on a diet where you cut everything out and you're miserable just try and adapt to a healthy lifestyle where you can still eat the things you love just maybe not as much as them maybe like use the things that you love as a tree and then I feel like you'll actually enjoy them I heard a lot more the reason I eat healthy is because it makes me feel good inside like honestly when I've eaten like crap like I have over Christmas I was waking up every morning that I feel sluggish I feel tired my skin's horrible like whereas when I eat healthy I just feel good I feel full of energy I'm ready to get up early in the morning my skin's good I generally just feel so much better so that is why I healthy but it's time for you to stop rumbling let me know what video you guys would like to see next my next upload is on Tuesday some uploads are Tuesday Sundays and Thursdays that was in a weird order Sundays Tuesdays and Thursdays so my next upload will be this Tuesday and I have a big big big big feeling that you are gonna enjoy Tuesday's video so thank you so much for watching as always I hope you're all well and I'll see you on Tuesday bye oh we're living in the present but all mine is in the past bad


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  44. Oh ure from Peterborough, I live in pboro. Good to know

  45. jesus, whats with your lips?

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