HealthWorks! Youth Fitness 301 – Core Exercises | Cincinnati Children's

hi I'm Kelsey and we're here to do some core exercises to help strengthen our bellies so we're going to start on our back so let's roll down do some slow all right so put your head down bring your feet up to tabletop this is called tabletop and then your arms are going to be right by your side so we're going to lower our head down and this is called mark Keane so we're going to march one foot down and switch and left foot down and quit so you want to keep going keep that belly nice and tight and you want to just March to the right bring it back up and then March to the left if this is too hard to do you won't go all the way to your Mac you just bring it two inches down two inches up so I keep going last one and we're going to move on to the next exercise bring those knees into your chest double leg stretch we're going to pull out and bring it right back in go ahead pull out and bring it right back in but this is too hard just bring your feet higher up and your arms just come here this would be modified to be more advanced good last three keep those bellies really tight black two and last one awesome job guys but keep laying down he put heels together we're going to move on to that frog exercise okay so heels are going to be together we're going to push away like a frog and then bring it back in are you ready set and push away and bring it in good push away and bring it in last three push keep those heels together the whole time and push last one and put connect your feet together we're going to do roll like the ball so we're going to get some momentum roll up to the top of your mat and in roll back down roll roll back down good roll up last one roll back down and roll up and we're going to straighten those legs out in front good squeeze your belly sit up nice and tall on your mat bring those arms out straight we're going to twist to time one way and then twist try to keep your legs together guys and your toes straight good modification keep going twist twist look back at that hand that twist twist twist last one and twist twist good job we're going to roll all the way back down start that by supposed to bring that right foot in go ahead left legs gonna come off your mat if that's too hard just place it on your mat we're going to pull it in 1 2 slits one two flip and flip and twist and flips and flips laughs light switch and switch good job bring your feet back down we're going to roll all the way back up awesome place your feet out wide arms out we're going to do this all you're going to twist to the front and you're going to pull all the way down to the smallest part you're a little baby go back up quick try to keep your knees straight for this go ahead touch out your hamstrings and twist try to keep your sit bones on your mat when you twist one and with good come back down bring your feet together we're going to roll down to bridging ready so exhales down bring your knees to a bent position flatten your hand we're going to lift our hips up as high as we can up to the side and back down so I lift you up you want to keep your belly nice and tight and you want to keep your head straight and tough so try to squeeze your glutes really tight and what's up and down last one lifting huffing the dredge code and down now we're going to switch on our bellies roll over so I bring those arms out in front now connect your feet really tight and bring your eyes down to your mat we're going to lift up and then back down so we're doing Superman exercise we use our belly up and bring it back up you want your head to be down up and then good last two come up good job guys last one bring it up we're going to fold it we're going to swim it out the right left right left now head down for eight seven six five four three two and one bring it down good job there's your hands on your side we're going to push up for me and then we're going to press down into that child so stretch back those hips I'm just okay to push yourself down put some heels down we're going to sit all the way up we're going to stretch our core out there come two feet and exercise drops and speak together good job bring your arm all the way up we'll stretch our ribs out stretch our muscles out and back down and other side arms up stretch over and back down step two hopefully your bellies feel a little bit tighter good job on your core work today


  1. This really helped me I do ballet and I really struggle with strengthening my core

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