Healthiest Foods At Subway And The Worst (HEALTHY FOOD SWAPS AT SUBWAY)

when most people think of healthy fast food alternatives they think a subway well is it healthy you're gonna find out when we come back hey guys thanks for tuning in you're watching live lean TV I'm your host Brad guy throw in on this episode of food wars we're analyzing another fast-food restaurant that many of you may think is the healthy alternative but is it really that's what we're gonna get into and if you haven't seen last week's food Wars click right here and you can see my McDonald's nutrition video where I talk about the healthiest McDonald's to eat versus the unhealthy McDonald's D so check that one out as well I bought a couple things at Subway which I'm going to get to very shortly but here's the thing with Subway I did my homework I looked at all the nutritional information but that's just one part of it you also have to look at the ingredients that go into the food I have to admit I was pretty shocked when I found out some of the ingredients going into this food if you think you're eating just a chicken breast think again when you order the steaks out you think you're just eating steak think again there are a lot of different ingredients in there Subway's tagline is eat fresh well when I looked at the ingredients I only found five fresh this is my definition of fresh ingredients that is sea bolt what does sea bolt mean it's just an acronym for cucumbers or fresh the bell peppers are fresh the onions are fresh the lettuce is fresh and the tomato is fresh so here is the best of the best what I ordered is the turkey breast solid that has 100 calories in it 1.5 grams of fat 550 milligrams of sodium 12 grams of carbs and 11 grams of protein and on that hundred calorie turkey breast salad the breakdown is 13% fat 47% calories from carbohydrates and 40% from protein 100 calories really is that gonna fill you up and I know it won't fill me up so the second alternative to that is a sandwich so a 6-inch sub all this information is about 6 inches if you're getting a footlong you gotta multiply this by 2 and that is getting a little bit crazy when we talk about these numbers for a footlong so the best alternative for sandwich is the turkey breast 6-inch sandwich on nine grain bread and to be honest I'm going to talk about the bread very shortly six-inch turkey breast has 280 calories 3 grams of fat 790 milligrams of sodium 46 grams of carbs and 16 grams of protein and to give you what the macronutrient breakdown of those calories that's about 10 percent of the calories from fat 67 from carbohydrates I know and then 23 percent from protein so it's really not that balanced of a meal because the protein is somewhat low compared to the carbohydrates so on this turkey breast 6-inch so it's 9 grain bread the fresh cobalt vegetables so cucumbers bell peppers onions lettuce and tomatoes you may be thinking aren't all the vegetables healthy that's interesting because the banana peppers contains sulfites and sulfites is a preservative a lot of people have allergic reactions to preservatives and it's not natural now jalapeno peppers have preservatives and the pickles have preservatives and the olives have preserved it as well so you're better off not putting those on to yourself I went with turkey breast because it's probably your healthiest option for protein a lot of people probably think and I thought this before that shot this video the oven roasted chicken breast to be best and I thought it was probably just chicken with a lot of salt in it to preserve it no let me quickly talk about what is in one of those chicken breasts first ingredient chicken breast meat with red meat water seasoning which is corn syrup solids brown sugar modified tapioca starch salt dextrose maltodextrin modified corn starch garlic powder hydrolyzed corn protein onion powder tetrasodium pyrophosphate vinegar solid yeast extract vegetable oil shortening with your switches refined soybean oil vitamin hydrochloride lactic acid disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate soy protein and sodium phosphate all of that in that little chicken breast that sound very natural to you know and here are some other things to keep in mind msg you don't want a machine your diet well that's in the chicken that's in the roast beef that's in the seafood that's in the steak nitrates that's in the bacon that's in the coal cuts that's in the hand that's in the Italian BMT that's in the spicy Italian that's in the club that's in the melt once again if you look at the macronutrients yes these subs are lower calorie but what about the ingredients that make up the food that goes into there it's not just about calories it's also about the ingredients that make up the food always keep that in mind so go with the turkey breast salad hopefully that's gonna fill you up but if that doesn't fill you up go with the six inch on wheat bread with C bulk vegetables and mustard don't go with the honey mustard first ingredient in the honey mustard high fructose corn syrup and you don't want to touch the mayonnaise that's just crazy go with regular mustard so quickly just talk to you about the worst ones the worst ones would be the chicken and bacon ranch melt with cheese the spicy Italian the meatball marinara and the things that set these apart from the other ones they're higher in sodium higher calories and I mentioned I would tell you about the bread every single type of bread is made with refined soybean oil and as you know when Lillian T V we don't do refined oils we only do healthy oils just another reason to try to eat the salad and stay away from the bread this one was an eye-opener subway eat fresh that's kind of iffy to me it's not the healthy alternative that most people think it is just be careful always try to eat real food that you can make at home and bring on the go that's not always an option so try to go with the options that I talked about in this video one last thing that I do not understand with this so I ordered a six inch turkey breast sub so that has the vegetables the turkey breast in the bread that came to 475 then I order a turkey breast salad that is the turkey breast and all the vegetables that you had on the sub – the bread and that cost an extra dollar fifty so I'm getting less food and I'm paying more money once again we're paying more money for healthy food as opposed to unhealthy food doesn't make sense so please show your support for this video by clicking that like button right down there if you haven't subscribed to this channel yet click Subscribe up here share the videos down here and of course leave a comment if there's any other restaurants that you want me to analyze to tell you what's the best foods to eat and which foods to stay away from we're gonna be back again tomorrow with my first Q&A session I have lots of questions from you guys so thanks for sending those in and oh yeah the winner of today's video for my awakening as within program it's this person right here if that's your username on youtubes email me at info at Bragg Arthur fitness calm and I'll send you a copy of that book that's it for me we'll see you guys tomorrow


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  3. Most honey mustard do contain high fructose corn syrup! But the one i buy has like 5 simple ingredients and its a good honey mustard option 🙂

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  5. Ever heard of IIFYM, just gotta count macros and you can eat whatever you want

  6. I did my research too and I get the 6" turkey sub with all those veg (minus the cucumber) but I get a little BBQ sauce 🙁
    Ireland doesn't have azodicarbonmide that you find in American subs…
    But my #1 go to emergency meal is getting packet tuna & fruit from the store..

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  16. Awesome Video. You didn't mention the cheeses. But I guess that's because it has a bunch of crap in it too. I have studied Subway as well and when you look at the sodium content alone, it should make you cringe. I only eat subway when I'm traveling and I ran out of my own food. Then it's a veggie sub toasted using the wheat bread.

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