Healthcare Worker Hand Hygiene Educational Training Video

warning do not confuse any lightheartedness in the following video with a glib attitude toward the problem at hand the makers of this video are very serious about the prevention of hospital infections another busy day traffic as usual now look at that he goes right past the hand gel doctor how's the later day come and dark still no better well alright let's take look here not even in gloves oh come on that doesn't really happen does it if you could see what I see mersa VRE Pseudomonas etc etc you're attending isn't wearing gloves so you're not either right wait the hand gel hmm what okay yes are those gram negatives or gram positives Oh how can I help you those microbes spread everywhere okay I'll draw that blood right now merci VRE whatever good grief nurse nurse you didn't clean your hands either oh man he just had an operation and you've put a big IV in his neck it goes almost all the way to his heart please don't finally that's the part I wanted to see clean your hands before and after every time you contact the patient or the patient's environment if your hands are not visibly soiled and the patient doesn't have c-diff use alcohol-based hand gel to kill those germs see doesn't slow you down really you should also clean your equipment just as often your patients thank you you


  1. great to prevent infection.

  2. good,good!!! very useful.

  3. great

  4. This is an excellent video showing how easily and quickly germs are spread in a hospital environment. Although the narrator is a bit corny, the graphic demonstration showing the spread of germs was a real eye-opener.

    This video is also a great way to drive home the importance of hand washing to avoid the spread of COLD germs and the flu – at home and at work. It should be shared with family, friends and coworkers so they can see how easy it is to spread germs by not washing their hands.

    On a related note, here's a great video showing the proper way to sneeze or cough to reduce the spread of germs:

  5. very educative video

  6. May I have to clip your video clip into my video? education

  7. Very helpful for my ESL CNA students! Visuals are great.

  8. Sanitizer Dispensers are cheaper than you think:

  9. Awww-hard to watch all those germs-good video!

  10. i'm VietNamese, so i can't translate all this video, can you help me translate this video. I like it very much, please.

  11. i wanna eat the grreen stuff

  12. well done!.

  13. Why not include the actual proper hand hygiene technique instead of fast motioning it?

  14. psychologically effective too

  15. Those germs spread everywhere! Ewww!

  16. its really educating

  17. nice video

  18. LOL. It is so much easier to learn (and teach) a subject that is presented in a fun and enjoyable way! Thanks.

  19. ICP doesn't mean Insane Clown Posse! 🙂 Please watch my hand hygiene video, too!

  20. exactly.

  21. Great video!

  22. That was an excellent video!

  23. As an ICP and a visual learner, this is exceptional! Is there permission to use this with my own staff?

  24. 🙂

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