Healthcare: USA vs. Austria (CNN)

we've been for the past two weeks examining the healthcare systems of a number of developed countries tonight we're going to take a quick look at Austria Austria ranked number three in a European survey on health health care quality and life expectancy in Austria is 80 years a government-run system but it has private options kitty pilgrim takes a look Austria has a universal health care system all employers in Austria have to register their employees with a district health insurance fund within seven days of starting work how much an employee contributes to that public health insurance depends on his job and salary employers contribute an equal amount under the Austrian health care system any basic health care treatment in public hospitals basic dental care medication are covered although there are small co-pays depending on income three-quarters of austria's healthcare 76% is publicly funded through this kind of insurance and a general tax revenue and Austria ranks third in overall health care quality in Europe according to an annual survey by a European consultancy Austria spends some 10.1 percent of GDP on health care compared to 16 percent of GDP in the United States Austria's $3,700 per capita is half of the US spending of 7,000 290 the doctor population ratio is 1 to 263 compared to 1 to 416 for the United States and life expectancy is higher in Austria at 80 years versus 78 in the United States Austria boasts of cutting bureaucracy by the use of a high-tech ecard with electronic signature and personal data for proof of medical insurance eliminating paperwork almost the entire Austrian population is covered by social health insurance about a third of Austrians also take out private health coverage to pay for what is called a special class of hospital room or to pay for doctors not affiliated with the state affiliated hospitals or the state insurance fund private hospitals are not obliged to admit patients and can pick and choose depending on the patient's ability to pay and the quality of private health insurance so while Austria has universal health care the ability to pay more for special doctors and treatment and hospital basically sets up a two-tiered system in terms of the level of care available to people look you call it two-tier or you can say there are two classes of Austrians that's exactly right they use the term special class actually for the separate the private hospitals for something that would be an unfortunate choice of words thank you very much I appreciate it


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  2. Yeah, maybe you have great healthcare but you're still Hitler country.

  3. usa gif the monni on militäry not on his own pepols

  4. us is scum

  5. If healthcare quality is number 3 in Europe, "second class" can´t be that bad.

  6. Lou Dobbs aka CNN — FAKE NEWS

  7. (iam austrian) hey you americans… your president want money guns oil and war, freedom and so on…. come on.. you cant have all.. come..
    your country have since…kolumbus..the wrong priorities.. you are the problem of the world..

  8. I life in Austria

  9. Who is better montreal or austria?

  10. The problem is the inefficiency. We have multiple insurances for a country of 8 million. Our system is overloaded, everyone promises us to make the government more effiicient and smaller, noone succeeds.

  11. You get all the care you need from basic insurance…
    The only thing that these "special classes" cover in addition are more luxury during your stay in a hospital (like bigger rooms or better food). Doctors who don't affiliate with the state are not better… they simply have less patients, so you basically just pay for less waiting time. Differences concern mostly incidental services.

    In Austria if you're sick you go to the doctor without worrying about being able to afford it and it doesn't matter if the disease you suffer from requires an expensive treatment. The insurance won't drop you, no matter what.
    That's the way it's supposed to be in my oppinion.

  12. Dont trust this Soviet Austrian(Gov)lies. Socialism doesnt work, never, nowhere!

  13. I don't have private insurance in Austria and I never had to wait more than 11 days to get an MRI, I hear that's pretty good compared to other countries. It should also be mentioned that the private doctors have more realistic prices than in the US. I went to see a private ortopaedic specialist because I heard he was really good and paid 90 € per visit; later, my public health insurance refunded 70 € of the price. Giving birth in a private hospital will cost you about 3500 € and it includes a single room with an extra bed for the father for 5 days, classes regarding nursing and childcare and, if you want, a choice of meals, babysitting service and even aromatherapy. Of course that isn't affordable for everyone but still, I don't think you can call it a 2 class system.

  14. It's funny how they showed that the Austrian health care system basically is better in every aspect they looked at, and even cheaper, yet they managed to make it look bad in the end by twisting some words around.

  15. i live in vorarlberg/austria, and at least in this state i would say that there is no 2 calss system. You can have private insurance, but it does not bring you a hell of a lot of benefits, it is more something for wealthy people, or those who like "vip" feeling to bragg with.

    Like more channels on your tv in a private hospital room, or more selection on food, a fancy background music at a dentist or so, but i dont think that there is any lack in quality in the public "free" system compared to the private health insurance. Those things may be different in the east of the country, but at least in vorarlberg i would say that the doctors and the quality is quite equal in both systems.

  16. Wenn man nur die Substitution u Drogen Politik zwischen Aut u USA vergleicht, befindet sich die USA in der Steinzeit 🙂

  17. Austria over 9000 – USA 0

  18. i love when ignorant americans report about a system they dont understand
    way to go america
    way to go

  19. Sorry, but the conclusion is not correct.

    If you are sick, if you need aid, you get it. Now and fully. No questions asked, no bars held. What is necessary to keep you alive and get you back on your feet will be done. The "special class" mostly applies to convenience. E.g. in "normal" class you're in a room with 8 other people, while in "special" class you will share the room with at most one other person. You will also get your personal TV with a wide selection of channels and you have a wider selection of food available to you during your stay. Think of it akin to the difference between first class and tourist class on a plane. Both get to the destination at the same time, but some will be more comfortable during the ride.

  20. pretty bad research done by CNN..

  21. i live in austria and i get free medicaments from doctor

  22. this is badly translated and quite frankly bullshit

  23. Seen Austria dating a Austrian Austria is fucking awesome with a lower debt to gdp ratio than that of the us

  24. Ha! Australias life expectancy beats the Austrian one by 1.2%


  25. Fuck cnn… the end was just total bullshit!

  26. WAIT wait wait wait!
    did they realy say, that the austrian healthcare system is better thatn the one of the usa, just to come to the result that our health care system has two "classes"?!?! In austria everybody gets help if needed and nobody cares about ur income or if ure unemployed or something, we do have a social system and that should be a bad thing. Is this what i understood or did they say something comletely different and i was just too dumb to understand it?!
    wtf… wtf… wtf

  27. we love Austria

  28. Of course they had to talk shit in the end

  29. Austrias healtcare systhem is inspired by US-Presd.Franklin D. Roosevelts new deal, so like in Germany too. After the ww2, Roosevelt's consultants realized his plans with us and work until today. While in the US blocked these plans and have been shelved. God thanks it`s Austria!

  30. the healthcare is one of the few things why i wouldt go to US,

    its sad because is a nice country

  31. Man, the last part of the video is complete BS. Yes, there are private hospitals, but the only difference is that you have a little more "comfort" like you're alone in the room instead of with two other patients and things like that. The medical treatment is the SAME! Same goes for dentists and so on, when you to go private practices (eg you wait 1 week instead of 2), but unlike some other countries we dont throw sick people out of the hospital, because everyone has a social insurance

  32. two classes of Austrians?! lmao!
    of course there are many different classes, concerning income and educational background, but everyone gets the same treatment when sick. maybe you have to pay less for some things, but then again you have to pay for the private insurance.

  33. What idiots… the last 20 seconds of the video are unbelievable. The only difference between private health care and public health care in Austria is something like 1- instead of 3-men hospital-rooms….

    Dumb Americans….

  34. The "special class" is not for a better doctor ore something like that. 
    U will get better food and room alone thats it.

  35. This is is just one reason why Im moving there

  36. Well, there's a two class system in medcare in Austria. Never the less, in same cases it's better to not be in the first class. It seems that people with additional insurance tend to trust their doctors even more, therefore being a lot more likely to suffer unnecessary treatment and unnecessary risky operations, as the doctors figure that they have a chance to get experience and a good tip due to the feeling of being specially cared for.

  37. high tech ecard? okay i see you never had to use one xD

  38. i love my "hightech E-Card" 😀

  39. if you pay extra in austria you get things like silicon boobs, teeth bleaching or a doctor 10 feet accross the road but all essential and important healthcare is aviable for everyone.

  40. USA Hospitals are dangerous places to use and you are lucky you don't come out in a body bag after going in for the flue or a chipped finger nail. We need stronger Laws and rules to get rid of incompetent and criminal doctors and more safety measures.

  41. special care?? never heard of that before, and i'm austrian. if you pay "extra", you get "extra". that doesn't mean. that "normal" health care is bad.

  42. Stupid CNN!
    Austrian Healthcare is awesome!
    but of course if you rich you can pay for extra insurance to get a single room, a better TV, a nicer few from your hospital room etc. 
    But no one has to die because he can't pay for treatment! 
    Stupid Americans!

  43. I am from Austria and I can assure you: Everybode get's healthcare! From unemployeed people from homeless people to illegal immigrants!

    Our healthcare system makes NO DIFFERENCE between rich and poor people!

    In case you want some bleaching of your teeth: Yes, you have to pay it by yourself.

  44. In general I support the idea that the healthy pay for the sick, and the wealthy pay a little more.

    the e-card system is convenient, anywhere you only need the card. In the city you can also shop around for a specialist you were referred to by your GP so you can get an appointment fast ( I usually get one within the day or few days ) Protip: Always show up in person at any reception, never call, thats how you are easily rejected. Once you are there it's a different story.

    I don't like that you are limited to one GP per quarter though. So if your doc happens to be a moron, you need to wait, or pay for a second opinion out of pocket.

    also; in the quest for "efficiency" the conservatives are on about, doctors are poorly paid per patient. So the GP has very little time for you. I think they pay 7-14euro per Patient visit. So unless im close to dying I get shoved out within 5 minutes. NEXT PLEASE.

    That is bad for quality. The system also tends to be against smaller medical centers (where you could have most tests done within the building) thats also a cost thing, because of course the docs there would work together and order tests.

    So if you have to go to GP, then specialist (wait for appointment sometimes) and then come back to GP again, some time can pass, which is annoying and could further be bad for whatever your health issue is, serious or not.

    So the natural consequence is an ER visit, where everything can be done. But everyone has that idea and so it can be VERY crowded, and then everyone complains…

  45. Public treatment is better than private treatment in Austria…
    Stupid americans…

  46. this similar system exists in Korea as well, and there are a myraid of problems associated with this type of system…

  47. YEAH Austria is AWESOME!!!!!!

  48. The "2-tier system" comment is absolute misleading. The benefits are not about the treatment itself but about small benefits regarding accommodation in hospitals (like having a private room, or a LCD TV)

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