Healthcare Transformation Assembly | A Word from Pieces Technologies

– on the receipt though he's the founder and CEO of Technology he's gonna come up here we're gonna see a little video and then he's gonna take it away so involvement [Applause] long term long to build a tower patience we didn't have a way to turn the technology allowed us the opportunity to connect to the partners and providers that worried were so stupid he says it's part of a chronic health partners so it's really available at every interaction with every clinical team Network and given medication so it's making a great discussion during followers to look at you know who are our patients who are families what interventions this population for us into our staff it was just easy information solutions thanks so much my name is Ruben I'm ur Singham I'm the founder and CEO of pieces technologies it's a real honor I think the conference organizers for letting me say a few words so we're we're a mission oriented company based out of Dallas Texas that actually spun out of a safety net Hospital Parkland Hospital where a lot of the factors of social determinants was was something that was impacting the patients so housing homelessness food insecurity domestic violence all of those issues extremely challenging and is becoming recognized as a as a bigger and bigger problem it's for those that are working on it health systems are working on it we know how intractable issue it is and so we came up with a specific way that involves the community and uses things like artificial intelligence to try to tackle this problem and it's it required a sort of very mission oriented approach but the first is that they're in in across the United States and thousands of communities there's these amazing nonprofit organizations that are working on these very challenging issues and you saw two of them there one was unlocking doors which helps bring incarcerated individuals or people who have been prison and bring them back into society the other was lift which was a literacy program for kids their school systems housing organizations homeless shelters they're all working on factors that actually end up impacting hospital readmissions length of stay and other elements like that so the first thing we decided to do was to try to build a 20-19 type of platform a cloud-based platform that any organization could basically use to measure clients that's a non-profit Commission but build a healthcare data model in the background that could then connect to any and we're now launched and we're operating in in nine states and that the second part to that we think is that if you're in the health system it's more than just being able to connect to these organizations and bring you through but by using modern AI approaches and machine learning we can read everything in the in electronic record it's getting easier easier to do this more and more companies are capable of doing it through cloud-based and other technologies but reading the doctor's notes case managers notes and other providers notes in real-time there's a ton of social determinants information in there already that's not used I think a big theme of this conference is what is the sort of waste of data and information that's written once and never reviewed again so we should have technologies that do the heavy lifting so that the providers the nurses doctors and case managers can go about their work so by using natural language processing machine learning it's possible to get a lot of these social determinants out and then be able to connect the loop with organizations of community that are doing great work I think we're on an era of being able to really build true integrated cross-sector networks that can build observational data that helps us connect what's the linkage between diabetes and housing and very profound ways all the way down to more specific elements like limb Salvage and food and security so I think it's a it's an amazing time to be doing this work all I know a lot of the folks in this room are working on this there's many companies working on this and it's a real honor to be able to address you thanks so much for giving us opportunity [Applause]

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