Healthcare – The Internet of Things and Big Data

do you think an orchid will ever be able to tell its story do you think a flower will one day tell us where it was grown how it was treated or how it got here do you think it's possible to teach traffic to speak do you think a car can call an ambulance faster than a phone do you think it's possible for devices to automatically deliver important often life-saving data to those in charge can you imagine an ambulance that gathers critical information before arriving at the hospital and that a patient could be examined before he even enters the emergency room saving precious time for the patient and his family none of this is science fiction it's all part of a concept that our team has been working on for several years the Internet of Things the main challenge for making this dream come true is finding a way to connect many different applications and technologies in one coherent Network the thing is they are not connected one for instance there are six different systems at work in our medical example we call them silo applications before the devices can talk to each other we need to provide them with a common language in other words a set of design rules protocols and interoperable technologies so how do you build the future you identify predict analyze and assess the forces of social change we begin with information we talk about big data vast amounts of data flowing from every imaginable source however perhaps the most important piece of information can be found within us with measuring devices sensors and genomics we now have a deeper understanding about who we are a high percentage of Finn's say they like monitoring their own health looking after themselves and having a say in their treatment but there is a significant gap between this understanding and our health care systems if we could combine our personal data with our healthcare services we would have a new system at pan a system based on real human needs it's time to move from nursing to health promotion do you ever stop and wonder about all the weird amazing signals and functions we are made of with advanced electronic services alongside traditional health care we can give people more and more options when they're in need of treatment imagine getting treatment via webcam from the comfort of your own home self-care aims to make our lives easier by giving us more opportunities to look after our own health

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