Healthcare & Life Sciences Keynote: Better Connections, Bigger Outcomes

ladies and gentlemen we are excited to share the latest Salesforce innovations with you which means we may talk about future looking products and services because future looking statements are inherently subject to risk and uncertainty a reminder is that you should make any purchasing or investment decisions based on products that are currently commercially available ladies and gentlemen please welcome Vice President healthcare and life science Salesforce Mike Luci my wife's name is alia and alia was adopted from South Korea as an infant and what this meant for her is that she has no family health history nothing about her mother her father any siblings and when we were younger didn't really impact us until we became pregnant with our first child and during that pregnancy at about 28 weeks we ran into extreme complications complications enough that the doctor said that if she did not have this surgery that likely the baby and her would die and so you know good thing is there was a happy ending to this story that last week Thursday my son Sam turned 13 years old which brings on a whole whole other host of problems right have a teenager now but I want to make sure that I call out a thank you to each and every one of you in this room because for me to have my wife and son today is because of the pharma companies the Med device companies the providers and the payers in the room that you know you provided the medicine the devices the care and also the financial insurance to make sure that that event did not bankrupt us and I know how hard it is to do these things and what we call the fourth Industrial Revolution and I don't want to talk in detail about the devices and all the other innovations were seeing that you probably saw a lot of amazing things this week what I'd rather talk about is what patients want in the new world and we could see patients members consumers doctors every one of you has a different customer but I'm gonna tie this back to my wife's story remember I said she had no family health history and so she turned to DNA testing last year and the DNA testing provided a lot of great insights was actually amazing what it told her but at the same time she started asking me questions about how do I use this data so she said could this data be tied into my health record could I use this for personalizing my treatment long-term do you think this could help lower my cost of care into the future and by the way I'd like this anywhere anytime on any device and I don't think that's different than what each and every one of you would want in this room for yourselves or your family or any other loved one but we know it's really hard right now I could probably spend the next hour talking about all these changes that are impacting each and every one of you in the room from the silver tsunami with the aging and the chronic populations patient demands that I just talked about interoperability being expected in every single situation across every single organization and probably the topic that came up the most this week as I was talking with others is the challenges with the increased competition which is how do I continue to do what I'm doing today when my margins are being squeezed and where do I find new business that can help me continue the mission of whatever we're trying to do as an organization and the way we look at it is we simplify it and say consumers want personalized collaborative connected yet every one of you in this room says yep it's got to be scalable it's gotta be controlled and it's got to remain trusted so how do we do these things and if you if you haven't heard about customer success and we talk about all this week is we will always tell you start by putting the customer in the center whether your customer is the patient the member the doctor the consumer whoever that is start with them in the center and you don't have to have trade-offs you can have personalized and scalable collaborative and controlled and connected and trusted and if you look at this slide it's a bit of an eye chart right lots of things on it and I know when I talk to leaders around the world they say right the customer success platform but what are you doing for us in this industry so we call it the patient success platform the member success platform the healthcare and life sciences success platform and what many of you may or may have not known is a few years ago we started putting heavy emphasis on industries there are thousands of people at Salesforce that wake up every single day with you in mind and how do we solve your most complex challenges and also some of your I guess least complex challenges I kind of call those blocking and tackling versus the strategic future and what I want you to know and if you looked around the room there's there's a about a thousand of you in this room right now and we have thousands of customers around the world that have been on this journey with you and so you're not the first ones necessarily to start there's others have been on the journey in your ex you're gonna hear from some of them today but I'm gonna switch gears for just a second because all these amazing customers are using our platform and I get asked all the questions that get the question all the time tell us more about the platform where are you making your investments what else can we do and so I'm gonna bring up our vice president of product management who recently was named as a female IT leaders to follow to watch alongside some of the CEOs of other health care companies including the largest EMR in the world so my pleasure to introduce Rita Sharma hello everyone thank you I'm Rita Sharma I have the pleasure of leading the product management for healthcare life sciences here at Salesforce and I am so excited to tell you about all the innovations we've been working on for health cloud we introduced health cloud to the market two years ago to meet the needs of our healthcare providers and our life science companies to put the patient in the center now we've extended the product for our pair customers to be able to meet their needs as well so they can service their members we started with the patient tools so we can really engage those patients whether it's a digital engagement app or a portal and then we turned around and said okay what how do we help our employees that service these members and patients to be the most effective in doing their job so we introduced member services utilization management and patient services and we did all this on the foundation of a data model and built it on the platform so that it was truly extensible and that you could customize it to what you needed to do in your business trusts we talked about all the time and I want to talk to you about trust for a second Trust is our number-one value hold on for one second please okay Trust is our number-one value and it's at the center of everything we do in my product team every product team here at Salesforce trusts security number one values so whether it's HIPAA or GD P R we make sure that we address the needs of the market around regulation and security and we're so committed to interoperability that we actually just joined the pledge the interoperability pledge with five other tech companies and we said we will keep our standards open and we will make our data accessible super committed in this area we've been recognized by the market and I'm thrilled by that Forrester wave said we were the number one enterprise health cloud and actually they created a category called enterprise health cloud and started tracking us we did very well we also got recognized by class class said we were the number one health care CRM and they too started tracing or tracking Healthcare CRM as a category we've been humbled by all the recognition and I am so very excited to talk to you about the product we started with the platform that's where our foundation is we talk to our customers our customers said start with the foundation of the platform it's so powerful and on that we built our number one CRM which was service and sales cloud and then our customer said I need more and so we made health cloud health cloud has a number of specific health services whether it's a time line or as household map or a number of different data models that allow our customers to work with their data and pull it into Salesforce and pull it into health cloud and with that as we release the product three times a year three releases per year very committed to that we also introduced a new data model for pairs as well and utilization management and author is a pre-authorization so that's the journey we're gonna go through now first we're going to start with the care request created by the provider we're gonna then move into mikata health which is our health plan utilization management nurse member care management and finally but very important our member engagement so we're going to go through this journey together and as we go through this journey you're gonna also get to see all the features now let's start with the demo okay so our providers have lots of different ways to submit requests to a health plan they can call they can fax we've introduced a way for them to do it through self-service through a pair portal so here a provider can initiate their pre-authorization and this will now route over to our utilization management nurse let's join Barbara Barbara is a registered nurse she's a utilization management nurse that Makana health she gets in the morning gets her coffee of course and now she's got her utilization management console and here she can see all of the requests that she has coming in she's not going to multiple system she goes to one system and she can see all over her requests she's gonna go into her utilization management list in the utilization management list she can see what kind of requests it is and more importantly what's the priority of that so she's starting with a prioritized work list on how she's gonna handle her prior authorizations she's gonna go to the first request cuz it's rated high and now she's on the record on the left hand side you can see the member card the member card has data from all the different sources whether it's claims database or any other source she's got all her information in one place and now she's gonna go to her care request in the care request she wants to who the requesting practitioner is dr. Peterson in this case she wants to know what the diagnosis is she's gonna go up to the tab up top so she can look at the diagnosis and she also wants to know if there were any related typically there's attachment so she's gonna go and check out there are some attachments in this case she also can look at her null knowledge articles and see how does her organization Makana health handle cardiac cardiac imaging requests so she's got all her information she's reviewed her protocols she's reviewed all the data and now she's got enough information to say this is medically necessary and she's going to approve this request once she approve it approves it it will route through their system so that the appropriate workflow can happen around it if Barbara for some reason had or denied this was whatever added to the medical director with all over her notes a calm accompany with it so that that could be reviewed by the medical director but we know healthcare is a team sport so the other member of this team is a care manager the care manager is Melinda Greene Melinda has now been alerted that Charles Greene had a care request for cardiac imaging she's on her today page she can see all of her patients that have overdue tasks she goes into Charles Greene's record and again on the left hand side she's got the whole member view all the data she needs she's also gonna go to the timeline the timeline allows her to look at all the data in a longitudinal view and this is a very favored feature by all of our customers they love the timeline here you can also see there's been a notification that notification we were talking about earlier it is right there okay so this is a cardiac issue so she's gonna go to the care plan and she's got multiple care plans here because what our customers said is most of my patients and members have multiple comorbidities and I need to be able to manage multiple care plans and multiple care teams on one platform she's gonna focus on the heart failure care plan in this case she's got problems goals too half and she's got a number of tasks associated with this member so they can be assigned to her as the care coordinator or they can be assigned to other people on the team the primary care physician or the patient the member in this case who is very involved isn't in his own care she said she's going to do a dietitian referral because she thinks that's the best way to get charles greane the outcome that they want okay so we said it's a team sport the most important member of this team is that member so let's go join charles greane charles greane has this view on his mobile phone he can look at the timeline he can look at all his care plans but you can see on the timeline he can see that he has a follow-up now with the dietician for the diet plan so we've just been on journey we've had a chance to show you utilization management care management and member management all on one platform platforms health cloud and it was a pleasure to share that share this with you Mike back to you so we have a new clicker see if that solves some of the problems we had so Rita said before that you know it's a team sport and that's the same way that we feel about innovation and that's why we have such an extensive partner ecosystem so on the left side you'll see our consulting implementation services partners and then the healthcare applications on the right and also some of our integration partners I am constantly amazed inspired by what each one of our partners brings to the table and how it helps each one of you in the room continue to expand the use and the value that you get out of the platform and so I'm excited today to announce two new partnerships the first one is actually an expansion of our relationship with iqv f IQ via is a market leader in the life sciences space they help other life sciences companies do a number of different things on the screen I think you can see advanced analytics click clinical solutions suite better outcomes I'll I'll put in layman's terms they they help other life sciences companies bring their innovations to market quicker and they do it by bringing a better process to clinical trials to driving efficiencies in that process and then the third piece is focusing on driving better experiences for the patients and actually for the doctors themselves and we have still one day left where if later on today if you're in the life sciences space at four o'clock you can go and actually see one of their theater sessions to learn more there's actually a demo in the lodge over at the Intercontinental where you can also learn more so I do want to thank tal Rosenberg and his team for the constant in a that they're driving into this market space fantastic partnership and the second partner that I want to call out is Apple I think many of you this week probably on Monday saw the announcement about a new partnership with Apple and again you know call out a couple of different pieces here I want to put the lens on though what it means in healthcare and life sciences we have seen a very strong commitment from Apple in terms of how they think about transforming this healthcare and life sciences space they have a deep commitment to transform the experience for the consumer and for others that are taking care of patients and members and we share that commitment and so I'm very excited about the new relationship and we're actually going to share more with you in the months to come so time to switch to what's I think my favorite part of the session because it makes things far more tangible and so we call this you know the the customer success showcase in the session and we're gonna highlight United Healthcare and align so some of you and because we do have a very large audience of both international and domestic you may not all know who United Healthcare is many of you may United Healthcare is the largest insurance company in the United States they take care of individuals and provide you know coverage for their members from the time that they're born through their youth working years and all the way into retirement they truly have a lifetime relationship with their customers but rather have you hear the story directly from them so let's roll the film as healthcare is transformed to be a much more people centric business the technology changes and so a lot of the shifts that you've seen in retail or you've seen in financial services those technology shifts are now coming in to healthcare we have to be about simplicity we have to be about personalization we have to be an organization that consumers look to and say listen I don't care where I go but I hope you have the United Healthcare is your insurance company an industry that's as old as healthcare there's a lot of legacy technology there are often times when the call center agent needs to flip between many different systems to view the results and get the answer to their number they are busy traversing the organizational challenges to get to the solution the other person on the phone wants and so as a consumer that's really driving a level of frustration and so UnitedHealthcare needed a platform that allowed us to connect back into all of our legacy systems across the enterprise what Salesforce gave us was a configurable platform with a well-defined set of api's and integrations that allowed us to make those connections with the Salesforce platform if somebody's say called in and needed you know diabetic education we're able to look up local pharmacies for them that service and diabetic supplies and home health agencies to come over and we can set them up with programs to help hold their hand and guide them through those processes our ability to use technology to enable our service personnel to have a real life conversation to establish a relationship with a consumer it's a huge benefit to our service team and ultimately to our consumers it's really a one-stop shop it acts as like an octopus pulling all the information to where I had to pivot previously into one place the non interaction time that I have with members is pretty much eliminated it puts us in a place where we are on their side we're friends you know we're we're here together we're gonna we're gonna go through this together they invest a billion dollars in capabilities and in the product and the cloud technology really gives us the ability to scale it's efficient it allows us to really focus on what we do best which is helping members live healthier lives and to change somebody's life to change somebody's day is just huge it's so gratifying and it's why I love doing what I do technology allows and enables us to be our best version of ourselves at every level of the organization so I think in that regard we are trailblazers it allows us to give significantly greater individualized care with the right information for our members when they need it so one of the things I get excited about when I think about what you just built is I feel like we've just laid the foundation you're just scratching the surface of what we can accomplish and what we can accomplish together with United Healthcare and with Salesforce I think that's a fantastic video and hopefully what it gives you is some real tangible experiences as you hear from different peoples in an organization on some of their challenges and how they're thinking about the future and truly that compassion and commitment for their members and they're leveraging the the member success platform to do all these amazing things I'm gonna welcome Samantha Schultz up on stage she's our lead solution engineer and she's actually gonna walk us through a little more deep depth detail on the demo Mike [Applause] before we get into the experience from the member perspective let's take a look at some of the tools that UnitedHealthcare is leveraging to provide that individualized experience to their members they're leveraging community cloud where their members can do self-service to eliminate any unnecessary calls and get information as quickly as possible health cloud where anybody on the united healthcare team has the access to the right information at the right time and thanks to an integration built through mule soft that information includes data from EHR systems as well and lastly marketing cloud where they build journeys that allow them to communicate with each of their members in an individualized way but at scale so they cannot reach to their millions of members but it still feels personal so let's take a look from monica's perspective Monica is the UnitedHealthcare member who's managing her diabetes and she recently moved to a new city she's in need of an insulin refill and she doesn't know where to go sand she's new to the city so she goes to the United Health Care app health for me to get some help within the app she has access to a lot of great resources including messages community groups and articles so she takes a looks at one of the articles and she doesn't quite find what she's looking for so she leverages the click to dial functionality right from the app with this functionality she's connected with been a UnitedHealthcare member representative when he accepts her call he is instantly prompted with her record so he has information at his fingertips about Monica without having to log into multiple systems or bounce between screens before he gets into the issue of why she's calling he verifies that Monica is who she is says she is by capturing some key detail details and this way we're providing the privacy and the confidentiality that Monica deserves and once we confirm it is Monica she explains that she is in need of a insulin refill and doesn't know where to go and through an integration that UnitedHealthcare has built right into the console Ben can help her with that with the click of a button he clicks on the RX refill button and he sees some of the local pharmacies in Monica's area he can submit that order to want the pharmacy of her choice her choice and from there on out anyone who accesses Monica's record with the proper user permissions has access to that interaction they can see the submission date the medication that was requested and the pharmacy that it went to so that could be where this call ends but again we want to provide individualized care and allow UnitedHealthcare to be proactive so Ben notices that M'Lynn that Monica is eligible for a home wellness check she hasn't had one in a while and with the chaos of her move she loves the idea of having someone come out to her house and review our health with her and make sure she's staying on track so she loves that idea she accepts and Ben helps get that scheduled a couple days later Melinda one of our nurses shows up at Monica's house and instead of showing up with a binder full of paper that is not only a hassle and a waste of paper but it raises the risk of pH eye being misplaced she opens up her laptop and she logs in to health cloud and she has a 360 degree view of Monica including the ink Corie in the interaction that Monica had with Ben a couple days ago as well as clinical information through that mule soft any point platform an integration was built pulling in clinical data from Monica's provider's EHR so she can see labs prescriptions encounters all again within one screen so Arthur who's Monica's son has joined the visit as well he takes a huge role in helping his mother adhere to managing her diabetes and maintaining her health so he's there to get as much information as possible and stay engaged so Melinda reviews her care plan with Monica and Arthur they go through all the goals and the tasks that need to be completed to make sure that Monica is managing her diabetes and staying as healthy as possible and this includes some tasks for lifestyle changes making sure she exercises regularly checks her blood sugar on a daily basis and it starts a smoking cessation plan starting with selecting that quit date and while Melinda has both Monica and Arthur in the room she she wants to make sure that Arthur is part of the care team as well so on the care team she makes sure that Arthur's there so that he can engage with the care team as well and stay as proactive and engaged as possible while both are there she goes into the app with Monica and Arthur and shows how Monica can manage those tasks from the app as well so she can take that proactive approach she can maintain her tasks in her care from within the app making sure she stays on track and also giving her care team insight to make sure that she doesn't need any additional support or outreach to adhere to that care plan so as part of the program Arthur receives a text message a couple days later with some tips on supporting a family member who's managing diabetes and Monica receives some emails with data about how to cook healthy recipes while managing diabetes and exercise tips and that's all thanks to journeys that are built in journey builder where again with the drag-and-drop user interface UnitedHealthcare can build these journeys making sure that their member are staying engaged and maintaining their health a couple of days later Monica receives a text message asking for some feedback on that visit with Melinda and she's happy to provide that feedback she rates at a ten out of ten she's so happy knowing that Monica and UnitedHealthcare are there with her every step of the way to manage her diabetes and maintain her health and United Healthcare is confident knowing that they're able to provide that individualized care to all of their millions of members so I'm going to turn it back to Mike to keep talking about United Healthcare and their individualized care so you got to see a great video you got to see a demo that showed you a lot of the different pieces and how they're doing it today I think it's also helpful the hear a little bit from the minds of the individuals that are working that organization and leading leading this charge and so it's my pleasure though welcome onto stage phil mccoy chief information officer for the united healthcare thank you right fantastic and I always think it's a little bit helpful to provide all the some background so Phil can you explain your role as a chief information officer and then also how UnitedHealthcare fits into the broader United Health Group family yeah sure so first I want to say thank you thanks to Salesforce for giving us opportunity to come here and tell our story Salesforce is also a United Healthcare customer and we feel privileged to serve Salesforce and its employees as well so I'm the chief information officer for United Healthcare I've been there just over just over two years and my background is primarily a retail background one of the things that I was most excited about is I joined United Healthcare two summers ago is this notion this idea of a shift in our health strategy and our strategies to be much more consumer and customer centric one of the things you should know about us we serve more than 50 million people worldwide it's not just here in the US we have a significant presence in Latin America in Brazil and earlier this year we were excited to add with our band medica acquisition members in Chile Peru and Colombia United Healthcare is the insurance side that you you're probably very well familiar with of United Health Group and United Health Group along with our partner Optim serves more than 140 million people worldwide probably the thing that I'm most excited about when I think about what I do at United Healthcare and what our entire team does is to be a part of this transformation that's occurring in healthcare and to be a part of this transformation to think about not not not this massive enterprise but think about how we serve you know individuals people one at a time so in the video one thing that stuck out you said you felt that you've only scratched the surface and as you think about the future and the opportunities and challenges law had um how are you thinking about that future and then also how are you looking to transform the relationship with providers yeah absolutely you know one of the reasons I talked about scratching the surface we're just getting started in fact we have a big release this weekend so if I look a little nervous it's those those of us that are on the technology side of our businesses I think you can certainly appreciate that we're just getting started because we are part of a larger ecosystem right you think about us as a pair all of us as consumers of health care and the partnership that we have with providers and our fundamental belief is that we will only be successful by changing the nature of those partnerships and so today if you think about our industry to pay our industry historically we've had somewhat of an adversarial relationship with our provider partners and we believe that the only way the only way we will be successful is to change the nature of that relationship and to build a relationship that's based on trust that's based on partnership and there are big ways in little ways that we can do that you know when I think about some of the things that we're trying to do with our our provider partners is think about how we share information differently and that information can be administrative information it could also be clinical information and I'll give you two little examples one example I would give you is we are fundamentally redefining how we share financial claim type information with our provider partners and we've built a tool called my insights that's enrolling out right now and that my insight tool gives a fundamentally different level of transparency than we've ever shared before and the providers that have started to use that will look at us and say I can't believe you're sharing this much information with us but our belief is if if we partner we serve individuals and people better the second example I would give you is we've rolled out a tool call pre checked my script and I thought it was interesting in the demo that you showed where our member representatives can click on RX refills and what this tool does is it's inserted into the EMR if you can think of a widget in the EMR in the provider workflow because the last thing that we're going to do is create another screen for providers to go look at when they're trying to serve serve patients and serve members and what this widget does is it allows providers to check on prescriptions and check on coverage and check on cost for their patients before they make before they eprescribe and what that does is it creates a much better level of satisfaction for that member for that person when they go to fill the prescription they know that it's covered they know that they're not going to have any unexpected surprises financial or otherwise when they're standing at the counter getting their prescription and it's generated a materially different level of satisfaction for that individual and the only way we're able to achieve that is by changing the notion of how we partner with providers yes for the big administrative stuff as well but honestly that's not what's important what's important is how are we partnering with providers to change the impact on individuals at the point of care I think that's amazing and it falls in line you know along those lines where it's personal you know personalized connected collaborative and it goes back to where we talked about that it is a team sport you know I think many of us in this room where we became frustrated with with health care as a whole is that it seems so disconnected and it felt like we had no way to start working together but we do and so I think it's very inspiring what you and your team are doing the last question I had to have for you is you know as you think about how you help United Healthcare compete into the future what are the things that you're continuing to do to drive that absolutely you know United Healthcare is it competes into the future we'll be successful when we focus on one and you'll hear our CEO Dave lick them and talk about it all the time ok we're big all right we know that but that's not what matters what matters is how we operate at an individual level that the only thing that matters nobody cares how big we are when you're calling us up trying to navigate a complex care issue for someone in your family and we think that we have an opportunity with our scale because we can set the tone for what it means to provide personalized individualized care for the people that we serve you know when I think about the partnership that we have you know our member representative that you saw in the video probably says it best if you think about what that job is you know prior to us rolling out the Salesforce tool they were flipping between screens you know someone wanted our X information they wanted bank information and they were bouncing all around and what we've built and this is just one frankly one sort of small example of all that we're trying to do is we've made it so much easier for us to serve we've made it so much easier for us to answer questions answer very complex questions for people and the folks that we serve and one of the things that I'm excited about and like I've told you this before about our partnership with sales forces you know our mission is to help people live healthier lives right and that is a very individual purpose right that is a a dogged purpose that we have as a company to help people live healthier lives that's you know one half of the mission of United Healthcare the other half is also to make the health system work better and when I think about the partnerships that we're beginning to establish with providers we're changing that relationship as well so I'm excited of what we've excited what we've built knock on wood we got a release this weekend right you know job number one but I'm excited at the partnership we've built and looking at the continuing that that's why we put this up here all right thank you so let's give Phil another round of applause so like like I mentioned earlier is I think many of us have felt frustrated at times in the past on where things aren't changing but they are and they're changing a lot faster you know I think for those of us have been in this industry for a long time probably say for the last 15 years nothing changed and then it did and the fact that each and every one of you are here today continues to inspire us because I think you're you're here to learn and figure out how you can change with these times we also know that a lot of you in the room also focus on life sciences and so we want to make sure that we give you a really great compelling customer success story from the life sciences space so please welcome Josh Newman our chief medical officer up to walk us through the align story thanks Mike so you've heard about the imperative to treat patients and members like consumers and this makes sense especially for those segments that have direct responsibility and control over the course of a patient's care payers and providers but what does this mean for the life sciences well as many of you know Salesforce has been selling into the life sciences space since the beginning of our existence initially we were used by organizations to sell CRM software Salesforce right and then people started using us for their operations for orders for sample management for inventory and even for parts of the clinical trial process and now we're really excited to see that even life sciences has adopted the ethos of connecting to their end users the customers their patients in some cases and it's amazing to see now it makes sense that they're doing this and the reasons are pretty clear physicians who are more connected to a partner like a life sciences company who understand the course of care and are educated and the best treatments do better they're better partners and they're better outcomes even more importantly patients who understand their diseases the course of their treatment and have emotional support they do better they feel better and they have outcomes and so everyone succeeds in addition to these dynamics the same kinds of pressure is that most industries are feeling to connect to their end-users sales healthcare has some extra challenges whether it's the combination of payers and providers or payers and retailers or payers and pharmaceutical companies we're seeing all kinds of changes affect the healthcare market right now we're seeing fuzzy lines between these organizations the segments of healthcare and we're also seeing changes in business models we're seeing consolidations we're seeing giant companies grow to compete in this new world so what's the answer how our company is supposed to succeed how are they supposed to make strategic decisions about technology amid a changing environment business models changing and all kinds of pressures well we have an answer of course a unified platform really allows companies not only to solve problems today but to be ready for the problems tomorrow and for those of you that love products all of our products are on this page and a-line uses many of them but really there are two important messages on this page the first is that companies like a-line and many of you all connect to all of your constituents using the same platform the patients providers even employees and the second piece of information that's important is that they're not just competing on product and they're not just competing on service they're establishing a platform to enable an entire journey for all of these constituents now it's especially interesting that a-line is doing this they've really earned the moniker of being trailblazers as many of you know they're a multi-billion dollar company they revolutionize the world of orthodontics they started with a product and innovation a device they built services around it Diagnostics around it and now many years later they're a giant company they're enjoying profound success and they're doing it on this platform that allows them to grow and change with agility so to see a little bit more about what this looks like it's my pleasure to introduce Jason Marshall our product marketing manager please get more on welcome now your doctor Josh no there's a few things about this story they're especially powerful the first is align solving a problem that's deeply personal I could pull this room right now and I'm not gonna do it and ask who's had orthodontics I know I have and I bet more than half you would raise your hand it's a very vulnerable experience and the fact that lines personalizing the process for these people I think means a lot the second thing that that's exciting is that they are living out the Salesforce value proposition every day they are connecting to their customers in a whole new way with powerful tools like Heroku service cloud health cloud analytics so we're going to pull up a demo and take a look at how they're using all of these to connect with me their consumer in a whole new way so I think what's kind of exciting about this story is that Invisalign is one of the very few products in all in medicine that the consumer asks for by name I mean think about that for a second how did they get to this point well they've invest in their brand and they met the consumer where they are I have an Invisalign store in my own neighborhood here in San Francisco it's like ten blocks away from my apartment the Marina District I went there two weeks ago had a nice conversation gave them my information I got this nice personalized email for my concierge in a line Brook and this email takes me to their mobile site and they got a pretty cool functionality here I can take a selfie on their mobile site and I can visualize my future smile so we're gonna have a little bit of fun here in my expense we're gonna put me through smile view see how I look on the other end right this felt a lot different on my phone practicing this week I can't wait for this 20-foot version of me to come town immediately but they built this on Heroku because they wanted something that was fast and they wanted something that was highly engaging for me the end consumer so think about where I am right now like I'm engaged but a lines goal is they want to get me in to see a doctor how are they doing that well they're using a cool functionality called live message powered by Service Cloud any parents out there in the room are gonna know if you want to connect to someone like me you probably shouldn't call me you probably shouldn't email me you gotta text me so with live mail powered by service cloud my concierge Brooke can text me with a few quick messages on booked I got my first appointment with a provider so on the back end of this Brooke is connecting all this information into health cloud which the line can use to connect with me as well rita watches through the time line earlier which is a chronological view of all my health events one to call out is that i missed an appointment today because i'm hanging out with all of you here at Dreamforce but if this were a real patient they'd be a risk of attrition they'd be at risk of not completing their treatment so a line could see this take action make sure they get on track second thing that's cool to call out is they got this collaboration view there's a lot of people involved in my care journey there's a doctor obviously in most households the moms the financial decision-maker I'm probably a little bit old for my mom to be paying for my Invisalign but I kind of promised I put her in this demo so we can just play along for the time being there's a hygienist there's an office manager who knew it took this many people to get my teeth straight but it does and a line can make sure they're all working together with health club so we just talked about what this means for me the consumer but how are they connecting to their doctors in a whole new way well one thing they're doing that's pretty exciting is they're given best-in-class technology this is the eye tarot scanner my friend Kevin from a line delivered this this morning he reminded me it's thirty two thousand dollars on a little bit of a klutz so I got to be careful but this took a scan of my mouth this morning so we all get to share in a 3d version of my mouth together this is a connected device all this is feeding into Salesforce analytics a line can see that oh look scans have gone up exponentially this year utilization has been much higher than expected if a rep is going into a doctor's office the conversation isn't hey how's your scanner doing the conversation is data driven it's einstein's telling me that you might need a new device in six months let's start talking about how to pay for this thing the final thing that a line is doing to really enable the next generation of doctors is they're making Trailblazers out of them just like we're trying to do here at Salesforce and they're doing this through the fun fast free learning platform called trailhead if they're gonna be the next wave of digital orthodontists then they need to know how to use their products and if they can have access to a platform that shows them learning modules can help them further connect with the Invisalign brand then they're gonna be better representatives for a line out there so in summary this is how a line is being a trailblazer they're transforming digital orthodontics by connecting the consumer and a doctor on one single platform dr. Josh back to you that was fantastic how inspiring is it to see a life sciences company a healthcare company achieving the pinnacle of customer interaction and engagement like you would see in a retail company or a consumer goods company I'm so proud of a lion I'm so proud of our company to be delivering this it's really wonderful now to hear it even a level deeper with even more detail we had Sri Lakshmi Kohli was supposed to speak today but she had an urgent issue that come up and she had to leave town and so it's really my pleasure to welcome my new buddy Christine Rose the VP of digital for align technologies please give her a warm welcome Thank You Christine thank you very much so you've spoken your company we've spoken about better together the concept that aligned plus the physicians enable a better result better success for you and the patients can you give us a sense about how you're creating those relationships sure so I won't also pull the room because you told me I wasn't allowed to but that takes all the fun out of it for me so pull the room pull the room so how many of you actually talked to your customers oh pretty good better we used to not write especially in health care and life sciences we don't typically talk to our customers we give them what we think they want and a line we actually listened to our doctors and how do we do that we do it through a variety of different ways we do webinars surveys trade shows and trust me those doctors tell us exactly what they want to hear and what they want what do we do with that once we hear from them we invest how much do we invest last year alone we invested a hundred and thirty million dollars in R&D that's a lot based on their feedback without them what do we know what to build so once we actually invest then what happens we experiment boy does align love to experiment we experiment we learn fast we fail fast we fail a lot but then we also learn and iterate on our products and services to help us advance digital dentistry so that leads us to another good question you talked about your innovation clearly a line started in one area you've grown you've increased your service offerings you've even grown to expand different constituencies can you tell us a little bit about how the Salesforce platform may have contributed to your ability to innovate to do something new to measure its results and maybe do something new as a result of what you've learned sure so Salesforce really enables us to give the experience so we used to look at doctors as doctors right that's how a lot of us look at them white coats they're from afar now we're looking at them as consumers and so the Salesforce platform really helps us with the experience and provide them that consumer experience I bet you all can pull out your phones I see a lot of phones looking at me right now we all have them doctors have them too do you think they want to go back to a desktop and actually do their work no they want to pull out their phone take a picture of you and say hey here's your perfect smile or in our case we can actually have a app what we call our photo uploader and it actually will give us clinical outcome as well in the doctor office so we're using that platform to provide the best dental experience that we can and finally I bet many of the organizations represented here in the room are admirer have respect for what a line is done and maybe even want to follow in your footsteps maybe they want to increase their service offerings maybe they want to connect to different constituencies give any advice for them and how they might help transform their organizations to do some of the things that a line has accomplished that's a great question one of the biggest transformations that we have made it aligned is really digital what does that mean it's really thinking about the dentist as a consumer and what kind of experience are we really going to provide to them is it about writing lines of code we all write lines of code right I think phil has a big line of code going out soon but that's not what it's about it's about really envisioning the experience of the doctors gonna have with the solutions that we provide so if you start thinking digital first consumer first because these doctors shop on Amazon they get dinner delivery they probably came here in uber they are very mobile app oriented and so we need to make sure that any experience that we provide gives them that same consumer feel that they now expect out of life sciences it's wonderful ladies and gentlemen Christine found out last night at 11:30 she was going to be here thank you very much and thank you all please Mike Lucy all right let's bring this home when we approach any type of session like this we think about each and every one of you in this room what have you told us in the past what were you looking for and we hear constantly tell us more stories so we have a way to look at our own business and compare and figure out a path forward second thing we hear is give us more insights into what you're doing with your technology I want you to know that the starting point customer success always begins with putting the patient the member the customer in the center that you can have it personalized collaborative and connected and you saw many stories today that showed you that it's possible and I invite each and every one of you to continue that journey with us for the rest of today so you have day day and a half left if you haven't been to the lodge the lodge is down at the Intercontinental we have demo stations you can go see IQ via there you can see a number of our other partners there highlighting really compelling experiences and make it more tangible second thing that you can do is enjoy some refreshments we got an oxygen bar so if you're feeling a little bit down right now go in and kind of amp yourself up and and there's some also some giveaways there so I invite you to come over to that and then post reinforce the next question we get asked is how do I learn more and we make it very easy make it very easy by using trailhead so if you see on the right there d/f 18 health cloud we invite you to continue through your journey post reinforce invite your team to see it and learn more about health cloud and the last piece is just like I started healthcare and life sciences is very personal to me and I was serious when I told the story about my family is I look each and every day at my family and I know it's because of folks like you in the room and I'm very grateful for that the other part that I want you to know is that there are thousands of people at Salesforce that wake up every single day with you in mind just like we help you figure out how to be more successful with your customer you're our customer you're our patient you're our member you're the people that we care most about and we are so grateful that you decided to spend your day with us so thank you again and enjoy the last part of Dreamforce [Applause]

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