Healthcare in the States

the goal is to discourage drug manufacturers from raising prices on prescription jobs that people desperately need we are going to file a bill next week then we'll create a water prescription drug affordability bore this will lower prices across the entire state it'll certainly have the largest impact in the places that have the largest premiums and we stand together United for Medicaid expansion because we know there are nearly a million Floridians who lack access to cover because they fall in the coverage got I'm fighting for affordable access to health care in North Carolina for working families and for almost Carolinians in the Senate one of the seminal moments in the in the legislative debate of until him when a representative the insurance industry said that we passed this bill you'll have you'll have less tax revenue from the state of Washington because you won't be collecting as much in premium tax because the premiums will have to go down by 25 by a significant amount and will also prevent insurers from instituting coverage caps and hiking rates on people who get sick because the point of insurance is to protect people to protect you when you get sick this is unacceptable we believe that all Minnesotans deserve access to high-quality and affordable health care who could be against covering with Medicaid health care drawing in 1.6 billion federal dollars the Georgia Legislature decided to pass HB 41 which is named the heartbeat bill or as I call it the forsberg field this is a concerted attack on women throughout the nation

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