HealthCare Happenings March 2019

♪ We're healthier here ♪ – Hello, I'm Hartford
HealthCare's Rebecca Stewart, connecting you to healthier and a music video with a message. ♪ When you're gone and your life is over ♪ ♪ What will they say ♪ ♪ What will they say ♪ ♪ Let me speak on addiction ♪ ♪ from the voice of an addict ♪ – K.C Conklin's video
just debuted in January and his message resonated. The 31-year-old shared his personal story at a news conference at
MidState Medical Center, where health and town officials announced a 2-million dollar federal grant to help fight opioid addiction. This grant will help
expand programs in the area with education and help
for those in crisis. And a reminder that help is available. Recovery is possible. You can always learn more
at In Newington at Cedar Mountain Commons, an important thank you. (clapping) More than 7 decades after
he served in World War II, John Faenza of Newington
received the highest possible military honor an American
can receive from France. With his wife, children, friends and former colleagues by his side, the 93-year-old Cedar
Mountain Commons resident received an honorary French
Knight of the Legion of Honour, awarded by the French Counsul. And in Hartford, it is time to meet Axel. It just got safer to be a police canine, thanks to this incredible gift from the Hartford Hospital Auxiliary. Like their human counterparts, canine law enforcement
officers risk injury, even their lives, to protect the public. And that's why Axel is here. He is a state-of-the-art, hands-on canine training simulator. He growls, he whimpers, he even bleeds. And human handlers can better learn how to save their partners
should the worst happen. As always, to learn more
about anything you saw here, head to

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