~Healthcare Games Showdown~ Intro Part 1 — W/ Scott Gibbs and Ink Rose

hey there this is Scott Gibbs and this is incra and we are here at Comic Palooza 2019 representing the healthcare game showdown I gotta say it's amazing everything we've seen thus far cosplay walking all around costumes the smell of butter is quite potent in the air which that's can only mean a good thing so let's go check it out it's like we're at the world's biggest theater yeah this is your first con let me just walk you through a little bit about what you do you know you typically walk around and you stare at other people is that big boy that's big boy it's the big boy learn something new every day go to abide by all traffic laws here make sure you look both ways see right here we had a little bit of a yep keep moving Inc you'll poke your eye out Inc that's really heavy that looks really heavy okay maybe you tried the key sword of a keyblade excuse me Keyblade okay he's following us I think what I love and creating the mostest world are experiences I just like having a good time and I like trying to create that and share that with everybody else around so imagine you could like make your own video game you could design your own video game and it had to have something to do with healthcare what what would you do I don't know great answer great answer how many recovering after surgery they can't like get up and get going like think of me like VR like vo like that job simulator game keep going surgeon or like a dentist to mate cuz they don't yeah because then you can learn how to do things and get your own job before you get a job what interests you about your profession I can remember walking out of seeing Star Wars Episode one Phantom Menace and the young Anakin Skywalker and I mean I was just blown away I was doing the lightsaber dance I had the original score on cassette tape that I would listen to and so I went around school telling everybody that I was I was already acting in plays and I said that I'm gonna be Anakin Skywalker in Episode two you just wait and see it really made me want to be an actor just tell those kinds of stories unfortunately Hayden Christensen beat me still up in the air whether or not he did a better job than I could have but I think it's telling stories and kind of escaping into those worlds and certainly working in voiceover and anime it's so far out there from our every day lives it's just it's just a lot of fun to just take a break from the normality of it and then escape into a kind of fantasy world I hope we can find Grant Gustin I really want to get a selfie with him you see have you seen Grant Gustin didn't have you seen Grant Gustin the gut no could you call him good I really wish I good will you let him know we're looking for him I'm sorry me too I know I would attempt to touch him but that'd be weird no I don't think that's weird at all okay now that is weird he left done I'm going home we could settle for this okay let's start with the stuff with the why simply because I liked to make people laugh that that started at a very young age I can remember like the the tingly like dopamine reward of getting a good laugh like in when I was in elementary school and so I think that carried forward all the way throughout my education and I've been practicing improv with the Alley Theatre for five years now and and then I get to exercise that muscle every single day when I'm working in in the commercial and voiceover format because everything is kind of happening just on the fly so that would be the why now behind us we've got the next best thing so seems a little bit preoccupied right now you're just being in his presence I think is honestly it's pretty it's pretty amazing it really does I'm feeling the tingles in all the right areas Dustin right oh my gosh we have been trying to track you down all weekend long your publicist said you were busy but I can't believe you would just make yourself open to being here in the Grand Hall yeah yeah I know you were getting uh I see lots of requests here but I'm just wondering if we could maybe I don't know like get a selfie do you think sorry got a text from my mom I get it just hear that okay yeah I know yeah I've got to really clear those out okay here we go alright oh man it's touching my waist he touched my ways grant thank you so much hey man best of luck on the next season I think it's in the final season right okay yeah okay all right could you tell me about an obstacle you have to overcome in the workplace did you give an example well considering my workplace is sitting on my desk and eating Cheetos well my major obstacle would probably have to be the fact that I have to have a proper sleep schedule how many hours of sleep do you owe me Ron okay I get a full like eight hours but I go to sleep like three three so I have to overcompensate like getting up at like 1:00 o'clock it's very very so the biggest workplace obstacles having to get up at 10:00 if I have to go to some excellent point that's why my workplace obstacles another one would probably be my birds tweeting when I'm driving from the court videos then that is a really tough obstacle I mean how do you have you calm them down just take what the healthcare gameshow down so we're gonna be a online livestream competition where we're blending video games and healthcare you can imagine like building a video game have something to do with health care that's a that's a mash-up there I'm not sure you could do like a first person shooter where you're inside the body killing germs are you it do you run you're on the right track I like that the first-person shooter alright we might be calling you when the competition gets started okay oh yeah yard you got it okay we're not giving you a check what's the first thing on your to-do list I take that very seriously most of the time I think what I'm most proud of with my to-do list is then it's like a separate sign to do this which is my grocery list take my grocery list very seriously I'm all about efficiency and I actually do the list in the order in which I'm gonna be traveling through the grocery store so we go produce you know kind of like your like box cereals in with milk and butter and everything and I'm out the door thank you yes thank you I'm speaking to someone who finally understands yes that's what's the first thing on your to-do list I want to know your answer that question one word much better much better much better response Touche like a little mystery minis the best ones are like that new one that came out like the classic Mickey and Minnie from Steamboat Willie it's adorable they even got like a set with like the whole boat it's so cute link one right here and there's this Hilda – link what are you doing here and not in Hyrule just checking out the scene yeah where's are you where's Princess Zelda I mean if you're not around gandalf has captured her by now let's say uh have you ever played the game before have I played the game I played the game before I got three Zelda references in one sentence one question what do you think let's just go down the list and I don't care if we this is too long an answer okay I'm Bramley let's talk about first game of like satisfaction I mean Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time I can't remember it was like around like the Thanksgiving holiday when I beat it finally I had never I'd never experienced that kind of satisfaction because I'm so hard it was so hard for me to beat it like it's a young little kid now I can also remember getting the first Pokemon Pokemon red now I'm looking for a Pokemon t-shirt oh that's pretty weird timing okay but it's got to be a specific Pokemon shirt I can't just be any Pokemon shirt oh those are pretty good you got one with like the Lapras and the Pikachu riding it I can't always get what you want we have cited we've said it I don't think he knows where pika Pikachu is currently riding on his head I don't think he knows that right let's see if we got a Pokemon shirt in here Pokemon shirt come on no Pokemon wait what up that spongebob my fiancee actually makes fun of me because I told her the story about when I got it i sat on the curb you know this is before cell phones or anything that so I went and sat on the curb and was waiting for people to walk by so they could see me playing Pokemon and I could share it to them and beating that it was Ichi satisfaction so I was kind of tough I mean it was kind of hard to get through the Elite Four I got to buy the black Pikachu the lady at home has been asking for a black Pikachu I think also another one would be Metal Gear Solid 2 that one I was I don't think I've ever gone through the scope of a cinematic story like that witnessing the end it just like I remember just being absolutely blown away probably my favorite game is crane trigger I think coming to the end of that that game that was the biggest game I've ever played in my life I mean it is so long there's so much in depth you gotta grind it out to win that game I don't know if I've ever got that that just that sense of reward from beating premature so I think that would be it wait no I would have change my answer it's the last of us the last of us I haven't yet I've never felt the things I felt playing the last of us I mean I cried I I was like living yours you're living a movie in that game you are in a movie and that last shot that last scene I don't want to give it away many spoilers but I mean I I finish it I immediately start playing again I could not put it down I couldn't say goodbye to it so lots of us too it needs to come out soon very soon well thank you so much please make a movie out of it yeah I probably would what are the references go start at the top okay dragon from Game of Thrones that's from Starship Enterprise yes that's one of the imperial star destroyers that's Boba Fett's ship or Jango fence whatever I can't really see the one on top I think that's Star Trek it's kind of dark and that's x-wing from Star Wars there's Dumbledore I think that's Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter that's the doctor I think that's an int from Lord of the Rings that's the 11th doctor and Amy that's Harley Quinn I can't really see that one that one's supernatural that one's walking good Robbo knows it up as the bonus round what interests you about your profession what interests me about writing character design voice acting YouTube producing all that kind of stuff like the thing that's magic to me about characters and making characters and their stories is that people sometimes get really invested in these characters so not only can you teach lessons especially for younger kids entertainment or having these characters that they can identify with go through really hard times really hard struggles but once they see these characters get through it sometimes it really is inspiring for people who are going through similar problems in their lives to go through some of the stuff with these characters these particular stories and movies that have really gotten to me because I can identify somewhat with the struggles of the characters so it might be just fiction but if you can use fiction to help people and my goal is to use what I can do to make stories and I'm trying my best to kind of get well-rounded and a whole bunch of things so that I can do the story that's good thank you those good ever dream of making a video game surrender for healthcare healthcare it's not a call for mercy there is no mercy in a fight for a job ready to fight for a job this July follow the deadlines filled journey deep of intrepid college students as they build a video game prototype to solve real-world healthcare problems under the direction of game industry professionals over the course of four weeks these students will need to level up to overcome development challenges watch the live stream show and get in on the action and help students with game QA feedback and rewards it all ends with a final boss review who will get the job offer posted by Scott gears and ink rows with Kevin wound sign up now for show alerts


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