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hello this is coach Michelle coming to you live from Atlanta today is a tip today's video is a tip based on a question I received yesterday from a young lady named Susan so hey Susan Susan wants to know guys should you fake it or should she fake it until she make it and what she means by that is that she's a new business and she wants to be competitive is what she says she wants to appear to be larger than she is just so people when they're looking at multiple agencies they can say okay this is a new business this is an experienced business let me go with the more experienced business and a lot of you may be thinking that that's why I wanted to bring this to your attention today today this is not a fake it till you make it type of business so what I want to do today is give you some tips that you can take advantage of that will help you through this process one it's not bad to be new by any means so new is good it's just a matter of getting off to the right start and doing all the things that you can do to be successful and get that positive stream of reviews coming in to your business and also guys just so you know this is not the type of business where you can get a whole lot of reviews right so we're dealing most of us are dealing with seniors most of us are dealing with individuals that do not have laptops iPads iPhones and things like that so don't think you're gonna get a whole lot of reviews if you get reviews wonderful can you get reviews yes you can so some of the things you want to do when you're starting out is one think about all the people that you've helped and did not get paid for so it doesn't have a review doesn't have to be a paid review so think about all the people at your church that you help think about your neighbor think about extended family right so individuals that you take to the grocery store every week every month individuals that you pick up and take to church individuals that you go over and cook for individuals that you may help clean their homes so there's so many guys that you can get positive reviews without faking it so you make it type of thing the other thing is likes right getting a like on Facebook is an ego thing it's not a business thing a lot of times people want a whole bunch of likes because they want people to think that they're really likable they want people to think like oh I have this big business it's not all about that guy's so you want to make sure that the people that are like in your page are really people that like you like your service interested in what you're doing because if you buy likes and even on YouTube right some people buy likes on YouTube so they have you know a whole bunch of likes on their videos and then people say oh this one is better than this one that is not the case guys because you can look at someone you can listen to someone you can be a part of a group and different organizations and things like that and really get to know those people and say yes this is someone I want to be a part of or something I want to be a part of or yes this is a page that I want to like or something like that but let me tell you what happens guys when you buy likes when you buy things that are not true to your brand that can have an adverse effect on your business versus a positive effect because what happens is that every time you send something out on Facebook – every you post up the name goes to all the people or you do a boost or a sponsored ad and it goes to all the people that liked your page then you could get someone responding on your page saying I didn't request this information I don't like this I don't do this or do you make something say something crazy that can affect or turn off your true actual client or potential client so you want to make sure it doesn't matter guys if you have one review ten reviews as far as likes on your page it's all about the content it's all about the service you provide it's all about what you're putting out into the community into the atmosphere the universe and things like that so you read what yourself so you don't want to get people following you people liking your stuff reviews from people that are not authentic guys so things that you could do to get reviews to recap simply until you get your first client utilize your circle of influence and make sure if you really did something for them ask them to write a review about the services you provided that's not make the faking it until you make it and as far as your likes on your Facebook page don't worry about it just keep putting out good content it's and that's what it's about not every person is going to like your Facebook not every person is going to follow you on Instagram it's not about that as long as you know from your heart that you are doing the best that you can do and that you are compassionate about what it is and your goal is to help people that's the key guys your goal is to help seniors individuals with disabilities pediatric whatever your niche is to help those people and second you want to be able to help caregivers gain employment so you want to help stimulate the economy that's what it's all about and at the end of the day you make a profit so that's what it's about so this is coach Michelle coming to you live from Atlanta and signing off take care god bless and also just a little note don't forget to follow me on Facebook I've been doing live videos a lot of great information so follow me at I am coach Michelle calm to get more information to continue your education and things like that so take care and God bless


  1. Thank you for this "gold" information. I do quite a bit of telemedicine medical clearances for surrounding meds spas. I have found myself overwhelmed with calls needed help to keep up. I took a close PA friend under my wing and asked for help. I am seeing my mini-telemedicine work continues to grown and now need to consider expanding MY OWN business. I am considering starting a consulting froup and need help in doing so. I have no idea where to start and would appreciate all the help I can get.

  2. I need more lol. You have helped me to renew my strength when it comes to starting my Non Medical Homecare Business. I pray you and coach Rob are doing well and hope to see you soon on You Tube.

  3. I'm currently working as a private duty C N A with just one client. I like to turn it into something more. How can I create my name for the business and own it legally. I just subscribed to your channel

  4. Hey Michelle! Thanks for this video. I am planning on starting a private duty home care, please can you tell me the first step I need to take… I will really appreciate it

  5. Thank you so much. Made me smile & tap my husband over & over.

  6. thanks for the advice coach!

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