Healthcare Claims Onboarding

welcome to Oman insurance companies healthcare program you must carry a newly downloaded reimbursement form with you whenever you go outside the network download the form from our website wwm Yoon AE by clicking on download required forms in the Quick Links section on the search results page click on the downward arrow next to the form name to open it on your screen get the medical detail section filled signed and stamped from the doctor who has treated you include your mobile number and email address to receive updates on the progress of your claim an Iban number for direct credit of reimbursement to you or your company's account as chosen by your employer at policy inception we will pay your complete eligible claims within three weeks please remember that we will reimburse you as per the customary prices in our network this means that if your doctor charges you a general consultation fee of 400 dirhams when the average consultation fee is 250 Durham's in your applicable network we will reimburse you on the basis of 250 Durham's coinsurance and deductibles are applicable over and above the customary prices as specified in the table of benefits if you have any questions about your plan don't hesitate to contact us thanks for watching this video you can count on us to help you live a healthier life

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