Healthcare Brokerage Event 2017 – MEDICA 2017

the international healthcare brokerage events organized by the enterprise room network in reality presented with more than 30 countries is here for 200 meetings and vote for net participants over the last 16 20 years we have been growing rowing now we have about by the factor 20 so it's a real success story and I think it will be in the next years again growing we have project website or event website with the profiles of the people interested to participate to use it for networking the special thing here is if you're an exhibitor you can sometimes meet an exhibitor here if you're a visitor you go maybe to a boost but visitors to meet visitors is always difficult we gives a place that exhibitors can meet visitors and others and it's not a blind speed-dating it is protecting which you have prepared Wow the company Emmett plus with CEO mr. burgum knispel he has over the last years made a lot of agreements cooperation agreements and distribution agreements I think this is a good example what can happen here if you are open-minded and active so for small and middle-sized companies it's very important to enlarge them the personal network every participant is registered in a database and you can search this database for some keywords so we are looking for diabetic products and we found that Kilda has an innovative diabetic shock with a special ingredients called silient and we were interested in promoting this diabetic socks in Germany Kilda was very professional I think the same as we are we could define exactly what we are looking for and what we can offer and this really makes things started from this this really because here we broke I would say make the connection find out check out is something for us to go work further with and it was this kind of event of the Lexus healthcare Brookman is only possible when you have a good network of colleagues worldwide this year now had on the the meeting calendar on our telephone an app it's very easy to find which table it's working smoothly really to meet people face to face you have had a half an hour to find out exactly what are you what kind of business are you doing what your expectations you save a lot of time well I would like to participate every year because it's interesting to see what is new which idea has been born in the last year and to see that the development of new innovative things never ends it's absolutely fantastic that they need offer such a chance to have international meetings with a low cost

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