Healthcare Administration Career Video

music administrators need to be able to operate and direct a very wide range of services that allow different groups and organizations to act and function differently and also a part of a team specific duties came right by the sides responsibilities and type of the department some admins must be able to function and do other tasks that fit other descriptions such as contract management facility management and assisting other admins facility administrators need to plan design and manage buildings grounds supplies and equipment contract administrators take care of their preparation analysis negotiating process and reviewing the contracts that have to do with the purchase and or sale of the equipment materials supplies products or services they also work with and negotiate with the employees on their contracts as well administrative assistants help with the needs of the manager or administrator and usually deals with the employees and expresses issues of concerns with workers and checks on the equipment and other supplies of the hospital administrators need to be professionals who can hold a group of people or staff together and get everybody to work as a unit they must also be able to provide support whenever necessary to provide proper management to each individual work group so they can facilitate the needs and work in unison to maintain the goal of the hospital they are also responsible for making sure the facility does not go bankrupt they are to work with the board of directors and other stakeholders to secure hospital finances they should create policies that help employees and our departments work together to facilitate the goal of the hospital while maintaining the protection and the safety of the staff and patients alike a four-year degree is required and it may require a graduate degree in health care management serious applicants must possess an advanced degree in order to be competitive and also a good undergraduate education projected employment in 2018 for the healthcare administrative field is 320 8800 at 16 percent improvement over the 2008 employment in the field which was 280 3500 the employment of medical managers is also expected to increase faster than average to make smooth business operations another reason that employment is projected to increase is because the demand of healthcare is higher than in the past but even though the employment is going to rise it is expected to decrease in hospitals because more and more clinics are being built in the near future big-time hospital management jobs would be hard to come by because hospitals will be getting bigger and more complex the pay will be very high which means the job opportunities will be much more competitive the averages for the different administrative positions are typically the fewer the positions the less admins and managers will make


  1. Can u explain "a good manner"?

  2. I'm very interested in the jobs available for healthcare administration. However, my college doesn't have the programs available for healthcare administration. It does offer healthcare management as a minor. My current major is Health Information Management (which is different from healthcare administration). I was wondering if I could still get into this field with a Health Information Management major and possibly a healthcare management minor?

  3. I have 16 year experience in the healthcare field and 10 years in manage and I am currently going to school to get my Bachelors in Healthcare Management, Will all this experience and degree help me to get a good job in this field or do I nned to get my Master's as well

  4. financial oversight = need to be mathematic aptitude !

  5. Those wages for Healthcare Admins seem very conservative. I guess location does play a role. Here in CA, median salaries are much higher.

  6. Can I get into this field with a Business Management Bachelors degree?

  7. Helpful article for  Associate's in Healthcare Administration–Top 10 degree programs:


  9. Definately a good and tough career which truly makes you feel you are contributing something to the overall healthcare system. It's my dream career!

  10. This is awesome, thank you.. I'm in the Healthcare Administration program. This information was useful, in which I now understand what I'm going to school for. I'm super excited, 1.5 years left, and hopefully I'll be running my own facility. 😀 yay

  11. I am study health care management but was so confused !

  12. Lol.thank u so much it helped me a lot to understand about the profession better

  13. Can u explain "a good undergraduate"?

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