1. Soccer Mommy💏yeah….

  2. Wow this is Great.
    Is this an old or a new Song?
    Date of production?

  3. I spy some Devils!

  4. "Didn't meant to hurt you
    If I did I didn't know
    And if you you meant to hurt me
    I wouldn't let it go"

    Real shit…

  5. Thanks for sharing! Great job!

  6. I think this song is better than the whole fourth album

  7. This song destroyed me 🖤

  8. Oh boy, HEALTH trying to be PBR&B. Exactly what I wanted. :/

  9. Fuck, this song is amazing

  10. Judge me all you like but I want this song to sit on my face

  11. Mad ups on this one

  12. Love/Hate how hard I can relate to these words being sung. What a nasty thing to have a broken heart. Thankfully so much amazing music has come out this year. All these collab singles HEALTH has been dropping are fire

  13. underrated

  14. IN

  15. very nice

  16. Your love
    Scared to touch the flame
    Your love
    Always leaves me burning

  17. Dude WHAT, like Health AND Soccer Mommy? I can't handle it.

  18. Ugh……

  19. How did this happen with Soccer Mommy? that's all I'm wondering.

  20. OMG!!


  22. 9/10

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