Health Tips – The difference between HIV and AIDS

hi I'm Josh medical correspondent and today we'll be discussing the fence between HIV and AIDS HIV is a virus that you get which ultimately will cause AIDS you can carry the HIV virus which is known as being HIV positive but yet not exhibit any of the symptoms of AIDS however in both of these situations for the having AIDS and being HIV positive you can still pass the HIV virus on to others through unprotected sex and through shared needles or syringes it's important to note though that HIV virus is a blood-borne virus meaning that you cannot give to someone else from saliva this will contact breathing so aids and HIV are related but how HIV is a virus that once you become infected sits inside your white blood cells which are cells the immune system and then when these immune cells get activated they multiply and as they do this they release viral particles into the bloodstream these viral particles will then infect other white blood cells and then ultimately what happens is at the end of this cascade you have so many of your white blood cells infected with virus that they can't work to give used to give you an immune response against an illness or disease and at this point you have AIDS so in addition to not being able to mount a proper immune response you will also have symptoms such as fevers chills sweats and weight loss so in short HIV and AIDS are related but a little bit different a HIV the virus and AIDS is the compromised immune system that results from the HIV so in order to protect yourself from AIDS make sure that all your sexual encounters are protected and then whenever using a needle or syringe ensure that it's clean fresh and sterile


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