Health Tips For the Busy Entrepreneur – Peter Voogd Interviews Fitness Legend Tony Horton

about to interview my man fitness legend Tony Horton you may have seen him on p90x p90x 2 3 I'm excited I checked with him before but I haven't met him in person so I'm excited to see his energy in and they're really getting to his element and we're just going to talk about health and he's big one of the things that really attracted me to him and why I want to interview him and bring it to you he's big on world class lifestyle not just money not just health not just the kids not just building business not just financial freedom but everything encompassing so that's why I'm going to really try to dig deep into what he feels like a world class life is what are his tips on how to build a world class 5 and of course how to build a team how to strategy structure p90x to go from obviously nothing to millions it's the number one sole fitness program of all time in the history of fitness appreciate you guys for believing in my ability to interview people and my number one goal is always to bring you massive massive value so let me know what you think talk to me we're crazy talks no no I got to keep it clean I got to keep it clean now we're hanging out my backyard our focus today is just to bring you guys value and just talk some shop Talk diet fitness health well your craziest memories I'm just kidding nah and have some fun what I found out a second ago that a lot of people don't know is people would think that you're super regimen and structured and have the same meals every day not at all not at all not at all I eat when I'm hungry you know I just have all these philosophies and was really hard to stick to them you know I mean when you get really rigid about your stuff now don't care what it is your fitness your your work your all of it it just becomes this thing that there's sort of this arbitrage that hangs over you where you have to keep up with it all the time and so you know I just like to be pliable and mobile and ever-changing and understanding the pendulum swings in both directions I mean I get up in the morning and I haven't I have a shake that is the one regimented thing I do pretty much the same thing goes in there every day but sometimes I'm on the road I don't have that shake I go and I have a breakfast now if I have breakfast I have vegetables and eggs and some chicken and if my wife's monster cooked me breakfast well that's an even better choice you know but I don't need pancakes or waffles or certain things I won't do you know I don't want to eat you know okay so it's not regimen but you eat healthy yeah foods vegetables whole grains lean proteins healthy fats you've heard me say before well that way one can be able to stay in the chair over here yeah no I can't say and so yeah I mean I'm just trying to eat green things and healthy things and things that my great-great great-great great-great great-great grandparents would recognize out of the garden you know lean clean why me why their society it seems like in my eyes so unhealthy because it's easy unhealthy is easy unhealthiest tasty unhealthy is addictive instant pleasures instant pleasure Wow fat sugar salt chemicals you know alcohol drugs that stuff's easy it takes you away from reality people don't like their reality my reality sucks so what am I going to do I'm going to use breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks in between to at least temporarily soften the blow right and then of course some people take it to the next level and really rule lives through drugs alcohol you know sex with strangers whatever they're doing it what do you tell and we'll dive in there's no structure here we want to be as authentic as possible but what do you tell the CEO that thinks they're too busy whether they're working 80 90 hours a week and their excuses I don't have time for help what's conversations you know there's a lot of people in their mid 30s and 40s and 50s it goes well into retirement right where it just becomes this grind you know they're chasing the almighty dollar they want the bigger house they want the stuff they want to impress their friends they want to put a giant ring on their wife's finger I don't know what it is man you know and it's not there's anything wrong with that I suppose if you're allowing yourself to have a sense of adventure and it's and you're traveling and there's tons of laughter and joy and happiness in your life if you've got you know if you can let that let that balance happen in your life well then you know who's who's to blame anybody that's chasing the chasing on life dollar not balance it's all the material the money the experiences but they don't think about how I know a lot of really wealthy people and you know most of them from what I can see are really unhappy and there is unhappy as people who are struggling who can barely get by there's a different kind of unhappiness you know I mean people chase all the stuff and inherently they're not they're not satisfied you know they can't relax they can't kick back they can't go on a vacation without bumming everybody else out you know what I mean so I think it really is a matter of how to figure out you know where's your wheelhouse right I'm going to go after that whatever it is maybe you're just somebody who wants a simple life or wants a natural easy life and you don't care about material things you know I mean you're seeing more of a different picture kind of your thing is more about altruism and selflessness and and you know walking in nature and other people are just money money money mud and you know hey man I was broke well into my 40s broken dead unhappy why I had bouts of happiness because I'm a I'm an optimistic upbeat guy a lot of my friends were really cool I was hanging out with artists actors and musicians and comedians so it's hard to be you know mom dad all the time I had good friends but I was just and going and where I couldn't do anything couldn't know anything nice and ever whenever I did I would break out a credit card you know with the 17% you know interest rate on it and and max that out and get another one and pay that one off of it you know it was just a horrible lifestyle and then I found you know eating right net and act and exercise and I began to care about getting my act together I began to care about not doing the order with health and feeling well I started with personal development first it started with just you know going to seminars and books and Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins and Andrew a while and and Richard Carlson and Wayne Dyer and Gary Zhukov and all you know I mean and the Tony Robbins tapes you know takes this is before your time babe you just had a birthday we won't tell you was age 59 there we go he doesn't look a day over 40 – you're a good man film the guns intuition not too bad so personal growth and then so broken your 40s and then you had personal growth coming to you you had health what changed at all as far as like was there many breakthroughs whether the combination of things was it one conversation was it a partnership remember kind of the thing that turned it around where you started seeing some real success you have to use the credit cards you know for me it was never one thing it was a multitude of things over the course of about three or four years just stopped I stopped doing I stopped drinking that helped me immensely I never had an alcohol problem I was never that guy you know but I just noticed that whenever I did I didn't have the energy and enthusiasm to kind of get after the next day I was sort of recovering from that you know and I was I would say early on I'd get drunk about two or three times a month you know drunk in my 20s and 30s and then in my late 30s I stopped getting drunk that I was still drinking but it still had an impact and I wasn't eating right I was going to the gym and chasing girls you know I mean just trying to you know impress them with whatever that was and then it wasn't as important anymore I mean these are things that you learn as you get into your forties and fifties right and so then at one point I just got serious about exercising all the time not sporadically this has to be a five six or seven day week equation okay because you know I mean a lot of my fans have heard the nope nephron dopamine serotonin brain-derived neurotropic factor line a thousand times but I understand the science of it the science of it is that if I work out all the time I'm sharp and I'm clear and I'm ready to gap and if I don't I'm a Moony freak alright so you know those are those are so we let you eat before this what's it you did let me eat because I would a nod your friggin ear off and on and you know so so when I combined the food and the fitness when I got the foundation of Who I am now down then I could go out kind of go after everything and then of course there's little things we learn along the way being a moment enjoy the journey don't be at the outcome people have heard me say these things before do your best to forget the rest i trademarked up the line you know and so you just have to practice what you preach you have to show up you have to hang around with the right kind of people and you know I mean you have to fall down and get up and fall down and get up and fall up guys 21 failed attempts at business 21 insoles for my shoe mouthguards with Under Armour 5 TV pilots home delivery food service food food in 7-eleven I thought I was going to be a billionaire for that one but 7-eleven didn't want to do the deal and it's good for people to hear that though because I see a lot of people one or two businesses fail and it's like it's a mood-killer they can't stand the thought of starting another business but you need to take the perspective of okay what did I learn from these things and invest that into your next business so you had that many feel business do you see them as failures now was it more like stepping-stone to learning that view it says at the same time it's a set it's a lesson it's a brilliant lesson and if the lesson is adhere to and you understand that I can't make that mistake you know too many more times then you're just shift gears slightly I really want to talk world-class life because I see too many people lopsided like you say without the balance where maybe they're successful and they have a million but they are struggling with all the relationships or there's only they know how many friends or they have a lot of friends but they're struggling business they have no money poor they're really big on something so I'm not big on personal growth so what do you tell what's that what's the the balance of the world class life what's the most important I guess facets of making sure you're living a great lifestyle you're proud of what are the things that have to happen you know I had such imbalance before I had dietary imbalance I'd Fitness imbalance I'd financial imbalance I had a relationship in balance I had happy I was certainly lacking in the joy and happiness and laughter that I wanted except for the occasional times where I was drinking and hanging out with friends at clubs and stuff and so what I began to do is gather Intel from all the personal development that I did over the years and and not all of it applied like when I was reading Don Miguel Ruiz his book The Four Agreements there was so much there that resonated with me when I read Gary's ooh coughs book the seat of the soul there was so much that resonated with me when I went to a Temenos program down by the airport always by the airport that's why if something goes wrong they can escape but then you know I would be there and I would sit there and I'd say you know I'm going to room for other full of strangers and I hear somebody talking and I think to myself what did I pay for this because this is this is crap and then I you know I almost wasn't going to come back the next day and I would come and it'd be it'd be it'd be one thing you know we're all getting a circle okay get in a circle count to five everybody like okay all the 5's get Diego summoned in a circle with a bunch of people who called up the number five and now we're talking about this one particular thing I went oh my god this is huge this is awesome there's so much value here I got to take that that's mine and so you know when it was time for me to write my personal development book the big picture I had gathered over the course of time you know nine ten eleven twelve things that I had to do a lot right here are the things I needed and one other that you and I talked about before we started all this was learning how to relax and learning how to celebrate in the hard work and what does that look like and what do you do and so how do you set up your bedroom like you get a badass mattress and you get great pillows and you change them out once every 15 years and you get some bamboo sheets you get the TV in the phone and uh and you're you know all your personal develop your personal device stuff out of the room and you make that your oasis you know what I mean and you get a hammock and you find you know you find that downtime to meditate or do some yoga pilates whatever it is and then you also schedule when you kick ass right and so and you figure out oh who should the people be in my life like oh wow look at all these naysayers and wannabes and hangers-on and accolades and sick of fans I don't want these people around so you go you know you don't respond to them anymore you don't go to their parties and you don't you don't show up to stuff that they're doing that you don't want to do anymore and you start looking for bad asses right who still understand what you want to do and from that came eleven laws in the book the big picture and so I practice that that's what I practice what I preach and so there's 11 things in that in that in that book and then when I got hooked up with Brendon Bouchard and he said let's pull out the best nuggets that we can put into a course and there were six separate sections that are in the course the big picture and so so this is kind of my thing this is kind of my world this is the way I function this is how I get from day to day to week to week two month a month a year year and if I keep if I continue to do those 11 things it doesn't mean I don't you know I don't continue to learn I mean I when I spoke at brendham bouchard's event in San Diego but in Santa Clara I went to his event as a student and I took out crapload of notes he's a smart guy so that's what happens to a lot of people like you look a lot of artists a lot of successful people is they get to this they have this goal and they achieve it and then in order to do next and so they start to think that wave is going to write they're going to ride that way forever but to have waved LRAD forever that wave goes is show and then you're there with nothing and then you have to start from scratch and you go all I don't want to do it again because I became a fat cat I ate too much I didn't exercise and I didn't I didn't stay humble and I didn't keep cool people around and you know the idea here is I mean I've been with Beachbody eighteen years going on 19 years and somehow as 59 I am still relevant and that's because of the people who are looking in and people understand you know why do you think it's still crushing it when there's thousands not hundreds of thousands of fitness programs that do this come and go come and go why did that but they come and disappear why did that stay the computer why because it works like a son of God it's just working like oh yeah it's hard then you have to eat good and you're everybody who does it's working on their weaknesses as much or more so than their strengths and so that's from that comes change plus the modifications are there plus the variety the thing is filled with more variety in it still there are programs that are still boxing and kicking and punching there are ones that are still Pilates in yoga that are ones that are still bodybuilding mine to this day is show me show me another program that has everything you know because there are trainers that only want to be proficient in in one or two categories now look I'm a jack of all trades and master of none but I know how to do push-ups and pull-ups and Pilates in boxing and core and functional and proprioceptive and all of it I saw your course down there he was trying to camera I was trying to do it I mean we had the pegboard the pegboard is uh he actually got up to a couple but still do that 59 that's amazing and another thing that stood out when I was when we were doing another interview was that they let you and you said you want to be yourself on camera you were funny you challenged people you're not thinking okay how do I be someone else to be perfect for the can't you were just yourself I think people like that well people always said it always felt like they were hanging out with friends not only myself or the cast members all the cast members were miked usually that wasn't the case and when I asked them a question they would speak they would say something silly you know German potato soup or okra or whatever they would say and like you know film Alton is in children chest shoulders and arms and I come up to feeling hey man how you doing he says get out of my face you know so there's interaction there and Beachbody allowed me to be you know America's Fitness clown which is I am most trainers take this stuff away too seriously man and they still do it's at it's really hard to add a bonafide personality persona whatever you want to call it into the mix where it still feels authentic and it doesn't feel pushed like I never have to push anything this is kind of Who I am on camera off camera shooting a video in front of a large crowd it's always pretty much the same guy the only difference between me maybe and and in those situations were either online can in front of people is I'm more of an nc-17 guy over the cameras off yet to be here to find out what he means so for the people that are trying to build a business that are trying to rise above the noise what do you tell them with your business experience of creating something that's that's legendary that people still love to this day from 15 years go anything you'll tell someone that's in a start-up or in a company that maybe has the right product but they're just not getting it out there or they're not getting the traction how do you rise above go to your seminars read your books find your mentors and make make it a journey man make it a long term my journey was a long time and had little moments of success and then failure than some success I was always falling down getting back up I still and to some degree but 21 failed businesses my t-shirt company did well yesterday but who knows what's going to do in a month I don't know you know it's like apps we're saturated the market we sold a 510 511 bummer you know what I mean so you got to come up with new t-shirts and new designs and hoodies and freaking hats and you don't I mean it's so how hard we want to do that because I only have so many hours in a day there's only so many balls I can keep up in the air and I am a very very lazy man I like sitting in my chair staring up at space and just breathing you know what I mean because I'm 59 and and you know I kicked ass between let's say 37 and now and I kind of feel like I just want to go to Jackson Hole and stare at the mountain and wait for the snow to come down so I can go up and down up and down the mountain and then go sit in my jacuzzi and go to bed and do that for two yeah I'll be there in September but you know the point is healthy people fit people have a greater success rate than people that are fighting fighting their health all the time and if you're chasing the almighty dollar you know I mean you're not taking care of yourself and you've made a few bucks so you think you've arrived well then go try to go do something because for me life is doing things you know I mean I jumped out of a Chinook it at 15,000 feet I got on an f15 C and threw up seven times then I got in a Thunderbird throw up three times I mean you know I like to go and I like to jump off the cliffs on my skis and I like to compete with guys half my age when I'm you know doing my workouts and stuff so I want to be able to physically look at a set of stairs when the escalators are out with too heavy bags of luggage and go oh here comes an awesome workout as opposed to going into a panic you know like oh my god I love it that's clears around the elevators are out and I got to go up these stairs and how am I going to do it you don't want it you don't want to be scared to go be able to physically do stuff that's just that's a small tiny horrific life in my opinion you want to live large so then on my course live large incoming nope just a plane so you know that's it you just want to you want to be comfortable in your own skin you want have tons of energy going to be able to go do stuff and you want to hang out with bad asses and you want to do that to your final day that's not about longevity is it is about productivity as you live longer here's the thing about success on every level it's relentless it's relentless it's daily it's not a couple times a week it's not every once in a while you know making money or being strong or eating well it's this is a lifestyle this is a thriving lifestyle everybody else survives that's most people they live small they can't do stuff they can't go places they can't have things because it's harder it's harder thriving is harder and so if you don't eat right no exercise at some point one of those multiple categories of your life is going to take a massive hit take it down harder but it's so worth it it's how you hide where you're living what you do what you're creating the ability to do what you want on your terms we're I was just – no it's worth it I was a c- student with a speech impediment who had no enthusiasm do anything or go anywhere or try anything because I was afraid of failure that's who I was for decades can you fill 25 times yeah 21 21 22 then it worked and now you have an amazing business and shirt company and pink hair and you have a course that's amazing well I appreciate you as there not only a fitness guy not only a CEO and a founder but just an overall human being you're world-class dude man and I don't want to continue spreading the word of what you're about I think more people need to understand health and you to understand wellness if you don't make time for health now you're going to have to make time for illness later and I just I want to spread the message that's true changer so so much respect man I appreciate you thanks for everything thank you Peter right on we take one last question could it be a healthy galactus question if you could go back to the day in which we have to store something voting so yourself now if I wanted to be an entrepreneur we're still alive we're still going that was a fake goodbye but we don't let that throw you I'm still here yeah yeah I mean you want the hard truth eat a bunch of vegetables all the time stop drinking stop getting high I sound like your grandfather don't I seriously like just go clean on the intake so when you think about the hands and the gob all right these three things one two three they control your general productivity that's sort of your baseline that's one thing to control a hundred thousand percent you can't control the weather you can't control the people you can't rule traffic you can't control you can't but what you put in your mouth that is that will create the brain chemistry for you to be able to come up with answers it's this isn't really so much always about education because I know the smartest people in the world a lot of PhDs who live in a studio apartment with a view of the train station you know why because they eat like crap they smoke cigarettes they wallow in their sadness their terrible solution finders but if the brain chemistry is such through food and fitness now if you want to take it to the next level if you want to go into overdrive you want to turbo that sucker then you workout five to six days a week that is it people hate that answer they just want to have great information and they think their work ethic and their connections are going to make it happen action yeah but with some action but that you want to but you want to be in a consistent mood you want to be in this mood where you feel like yeah I'm ready I'm good it's maybe my biorhythms our offer it's pouring rain outside everybody around me as a drag right now but I've done what I needed to do and that eat right and exercise if you look at any if you look at the foundation of any successful company the Harvard Business Review did a study on the most successful people and the most successful companies small and large and when food and fitness was the baseline the foundation of their philosophy and who they were then the pyramid for general success went up if it wasn't if it was like hey do what you want I mean look at look at the companies all across this country right now they're coming up with these fitness programs they're giving people free workouts they're you know giving them coupons and vouchers to to gyms to join their I sent out p90x and whatever else to people and because I understand that productivity goes up when people are moving and exercising well and that happens that that's true for a large organization or an entrepreneur if it look and if you want more answers beyond this right here I'm going to tell you planning simple here comes the plug go to Tony Horton you're going to find out where I go you're going to find out what I sell you can buy you know a lot of people listen to this and go Tony has a course with Brendon Bouchard co livin large so I can hear that it'll go in here and go out there and I'll go find some else to find solutions you know look I was eight and now I'm not and it's all in that course could it go to Tony Horton there it is products livin large large download it do it my wife did my course twice I mean you know she has me I'm right in bed next to her she could just ask me questions because I like the structure of it and makes me you know take all my notes so here's the thing is you have to trust it you have to have faith in it him RI or whoever it is I would have all these experiences and I would gather up the stuff that made sense to me and I would ignore the stuff that didn't and then I would start to apply it I would stop though drinking doesn't work for me I'm gonna stop eating cake stop eating cake cake has no waffles no I understand how that affects my brain chemistry I want to do it like a friggin Ferrari going hundred miles an hour off a cliff Wham that's how I want to move that's how I want to think us I want to be so you can't just f off and go poor to use party as a verb and get wasted with your pals know you'll never get there ever and if you knew the end will suck because it'll all pay back in the end of the negative way heard it first so I guess we man the myth the legend also follow an instagram and facebook tony s horton and 21 appreciate you guys thanks for tuning in hope you guys got some value life is too short to only go halfway so here this will help you and it kind of helps with all this stuff just right there liquid go go only on the fingers palm and thumb a little turned dry like that pretty quick hourglass so we start here this one is here and we go to the center and we open up and we go back to the center and back down let me to show you what it is so anyone that I can so I'm just going to go I'm just going to go from this corner to the top to that corner okay alright maybe I'll go across too but the key to this thing is speed like you're being chased like there's a fire behind you like you're trying to save your family's life I mean if you meander you won't get there oh man during you ready and by the way this is not the humble Toni talking if I fall asleep while I'm up here tapped me on the shoulder and wake me up speed is your friend you could use your feet you can use your feet on the wall and the wall is pretty slick so you're not going to get a lot of traction on the wall I've already done this three times today good I'm here for you dude you're from Peter everybody oh this is where I sit down years ago I got nothing man has a chalk on your hand yeah I mean you'll go what you can do this is it your fan base is watching a bang go go that's it yeah I see that you're a damn rigger whoo to the right might as well circumnavigate that entire thing beautiful – come on keep it coming get to the right down easy now down nicely done I think that requires applause come on now to the left finish that thing off Rookie of the Year be sure to get it because people above you know most people do not do that why not the Rope why don't we do the rope I used to be evil in high school here come here I'll show you give yourself a moment I'll go this would be easy for you man so some people like the stand and job walk right but we're not going to do that here go down well it was something with definitely something put the rope to your on your side you'll end up with the rope in your crotch that's it Matt there you go that'll work what Peter you have a tremendous baseline you know so here's the thing the bigger the bigger you want to get the harder all this becomes so you have one of two philosophies get big because you think that looks good because your ego wants that or you turn that off and you start doing the functional fitness and because this is the Fountain of Youth all right so I'm 59 if I do this is 60 65 70 75 I stopped doing it well then you know then I lose I lose that sort of edge that other people don't those who would like to have hey Peter vu here and thanks for checking out my channel hope you enjoyed the video I want you to do me two quick favors number one subscribe to my channel so you can get updates when I release new videos just like the one you just watched number two if you'd like to start getting real results in your business in life I want to give you a free action plan based on the core concepts for my number one best-selling book six months of six figures it's called the six months the six figures action guides extremely tactical relevant comprehensive and through a series of simple questions and actions you'll develop the clarity confidence that you really need to achieve your biggest goals faster than you can imagine possible more than 15,000 entrepreneurs like you have already gone through this and they've seen amazing results you're going to love it so I wanted to give it to you for free just for thanking you for watching my videos so you can get it at Peter jvcom slash free and it's also going to be in the corner thanks again for watching looking forward to helping you in every way I can appreciate you


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