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cut all the highlights and the build-up to the Z's national science and math quiz MFR Nancy Drew Josie and Maxwell everywhere the excitement is right here on join us don't miss it but this Sunday is Father's Day it's a celebration honoring father's and celebrating fatherhood maternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society for us here on the am show we're dedicating parts of today's sure to have a conversation on men's health is all in the spirit and honor of fathers and so here's dr. justo vakama who helped us with some tips to help the men stay healthy we need them to be healthy absolutely his head of cardiology department at the University of hey is it a you know Rhodes University or Kali who okay and happy Father's Day in advance is appropriate well it is ya know it should be like a week celebrate in a week and we're doing two days we're doing today and tomorrow tomorrow okay that's good for joy well as Father's Day mean to you well I think you said the father's got to recognize for once because we are the underdogs yeah when it comes to family we do all the heavy duty work and Amarista credit but we love them we love our wife so I think once in a year if children and our wives who recognizes the public who recognizes that's a good thing have you been axed yet what do you want to do on Sunday well somehow they keep it secret okay they keep it secret okay but I already told them what I want to do okay come on we're gonna watch a movie I haven't watched a movie in a long time so you want them to take you take oh nice that's what I have things to do no it should be easier with some popcorn and ice cream nice one of our sister stations are Sentai affair is hosting father's here on our 4 chord so if you have the opportunity you can just pop on Sunday and Sunday they do every Father's Day I think it's a is an important day just like Mother's Day but we give more credit to men for making us who we are so to Sunday we also get some pampering yeah so somebody said yesterday and and it's so true when it comes to fathers we're talking we try to make that differentiation and we say responsible fathers but when it comes to mothers nobody talks about responsible – we just simply say mothers and that's not fair we're talking father's day irrespective okay so we're excited we're learning how to handle stress and take time off work to spend time with loved ones that's one of your first tips for us yes okay this is very important this is very important what am I saying – because the man of the house or even the man in the family or the man in the country respect or a married or not married contributes heavily to the national cake and by so doing he divorced all his time and energy sometimes to the disadvantage of his health and so we enter by getting stressed we can about getting banned out then out mean you're over doing things and you just keep on doing you get exhausted by keep on doing it because you have to earn an income and then the other thing that we haven't talked much about is depression so all of this downs on the man and then suddenly he's depressed but men are men who don't express ourselves like a lot of other people women women have a way of expressing themselves they can tell you immediately they are not feeling well they are depressed they become sad men we act differently when were depressed we can become aggressive we can become angry and such shouting we cannot sleep and then we can decide I will just stay at work and work like donkeys and that can be a sign of depression so stress burnout is what we should be talking our number one way we don't really recognize okay and then try to help you man if he noticed that he's getting too angry don't Sarah his why she actin Ardis maybe he's depressed maybe there's something bothering him take a break take him out because you know at the middle-age crisis the women's focus is on who the children and then a man is left alone and it's a baby too so now he's alone and the woman is focusing on their children yeah he can easily be isolated yeah and then his emotional care is not really optimized can a man be also stressed because he's not getting sex ever at all or enough of it oh yes oh man under say we yes I'm a man we like sex like women but men are made to Procrit so I was talking on Adam FM that idea and I said a man would like to have sex every day every day woman fortunately God gives you a break during the menstrual period but men can do it every day three times a day he can do it and that is what a man was made for but because we have to take care of business where they take care of wake and we get tired so we can't do it every day so I said if you're tired don't push it maybe once a week once every two weeks okay because mine is so so tired but ideally men who like it every day yes okay that's another the full topic would be another day yes for now I talked about health tips for men ahead of Father's Day special dedication to all fathers please listen and listen carefully into the women as well so what do you hear the doctor say you try to help your mind so that they can handle the situation we're gonna activate the phone lines and be later on so what's a second tip well our second tip should be about how to let me just make sure my list is coming up okay the avoiding a lot of dietary indiscretion okay okay dietary indiscretion and so if you have a situation where diet is pure ganyan that meaning a lot of fatty food a lot of red meat a little carbohydrate which most of us do then you are in for trouble okay we have to balance it what balance it with some amount of fruits a lot of vegetables that way you can get a benefits okay what am i stressing on fat and red meat fat and red meat means you're predisposed to yourself to certain conditions especially cancer of the prostate are as forms of cancer cancer of the colon high blood pressure cholesterol buildup so red meat contains a lot of stuff that we don't need in our body okay fatty food contains a lot you don't need in a body so especially animal fats so you can avoid them and balance it with increased fruit intake and vegetable don't help so when we talk about fruits let's be specific because we're talking to men yes what should is a banana what a melon I think any food that you can you like I hope some people don't like certain types of yeah by Deeley a balanced bowl of tiny amounts of each of them ok so if you don't like the pineapple you pick the Apple I pick the mango you pick the banana but what about this eat enough fruits per day okay and now vegetables fortunately we have some of our soups that has vegetables' in it don't let them overcook it ok I have a gentleman who's in tamale who likes a lot of cabbage and vegetable his change his diet okay Elijah Monte and you see him his graceful his doing very well his diet is strict no red meat and he's doing very well so you don't miss anything okay you don't miss anything by changing your diet okay so more fruits and vegetables to the man part of the tips that we're sharing ahead of Father's Day let's go to tip number three tip number three let me refer back to my list we have the Miss yep exercise daily for 30 minutes per day at least at least why is exercise important most of the conditions that confront men because we do not exercise so physical inactivity and the lines allure of the conditions that we men and women also encounter so high blood pressure diabetes obesity heart conditions Hirata stroke already can trace them to physical inactivity okay so people said oh our great-grandfather's used to be fit and very active because they are walking all the time but now we ride motorbikes with driving cars so physical inactivity is a big problem it leads to arthritis in this obesity with pain sexual dysfunction and depression so exercise on the other hand you see a lot of boom okay it helps treat all the conditions that were mentioned heart attacks it can help prevent it high cholesterol brings it down obesity brings it down sexual life improves it depression improves your depression and so there is a lot of bang to get from exercise when you talk about exercising do you only mean go to the gym no no not necessarily because sometimes you had to get in the mood before you join a gym most of us join the gym the gym company makes money and then you don't make anything out of it because you fail to go and they've made your money so what I always say is I hit the road get some good gym shoes walking shoes kambou which we'll call commonly and start walking you don't have to run you know how to weight lift just walk at least 30 day 30 minutes a day okay you can increase it one hour if you want to lose weight but thirty minutes that comes about 150 at least 150 minutes per week that gives a lot of activity okay all right so exercise daily aiming for at least 30 minutes per day tip number 3 tip number 4 please okay so let me wait for it yeah begin a weight-loss program if you are overweight and cut back the amount of salt in your diet so there's a loaded one but the weight-loss program is critical a lot of s targeting potbelly by the age of 40 actually I'm getting people what aha attention to that so what belly is a harbinger for a lot of disaster what course is it because you're drinking too much beer or what is there's no one single factor for wheat it's a lot of things physical inactivity drinking too my beer depression depressed stress stress the releases a lot of bad hormones called the stress hormones like cortisol adrenaline which actually help you build up fat and then it can predispose you to diabetes our diet is so rich now in calorie carbohydrate so it's a baller banking with a lot of fish our chicken or meat and you lower yourself now the body and his own mind wants to save some of it for later for Lynn season but you never get a lean season so just building up you're always eating is that what gives the the pot belly to yes yes the same thing but a pot belly mainly comes from fat inside the abdomen okay some on a wall but most of it is inside abdomen which is called visceral fat visceral fat is no good at all so we suffer is a fat around intestines covering the intestines around the liver inside a liver around the heart this pretends bad cardiovascular conditions that means that if you have a lot of visceral fat your chances of getting heart attack getting high blood pressure getting stroke goes tremendously up or getting prostate cancer and then bowel cancer goes really up that beat is really up at that point where you get to where you can't do anything about the weights well I don't think so you have you see on TV when 600-pound s a million American programs they lose with all the way down the skin becomes flabby there's nothing like that AJ that they cannot control this how the problem is self-discipline okay people ask me hum skinny I'm no self discipline but I don't eat I work so much I don't eat but if I had a chance I would eat and and grow a little bit choppy but some people on the other hand eat too much so that when order two balls of banku and then add another one then major after that I drink two bottles of beer that is just lunch dinner they repeat the same so there is self-discipline so if you can't self contain and then cut back then you're going to always complain oh I'm getting hungry hunger will not kill you okay hyung go not kill you Jesus I did it how many days sometimes you feel like your body's shaking yes yes but that is window sugar is going down by a tool and really kill you it's a warning that gets on Tim but don't go and get a bucket of orange juice get something small it's some crackers or fruits the other times you eat the fruit okay so I advise men to actually change the diet pattern and stop eating heavy at night avoid eating heavy at night okay it happy in the morning lunch heavy then dinner you cut it down okay the reason is if you eat breakfast you're going to ban it if you'd like you're going to ban it dinner you're likely not to paint it okay let's touch on the importance of salt salt salt go suit our diet that's how I put them together so salt means high blood pressure definitely yes that's it yes salt means high blood pressure salt means through salt means impotence salt means hot conditions salt means you're going to get a heart attack that is what it means is impossible to do without salt those who that food is like no no ask the people who don't eat salt and they'll tell you all at or and they wouldn't like salt at all well I'll confess ow it's all okay but I'm trying to cut down okay but I have patients who say they would not go back to Seoul but the food is natural and it's really good okay so I guess because it's been part of me the whole time yes it's impossible to imagine a meal you know like a world without so yes a meal without salt is nauseating sometimes you can give you a lot of bad sand but you do it gradually okay start cutting back down okay till the point where you can't just talk so I don't tell people to stop immediately okay you cut down and Ghana we'll talk about two grams it doesn't mean anything just cut down drink up avoid adding the salt when you go to a restaurant okay and then don't go to restaurants where they add all kinds of stuff to attract you msg and things like that so the restaurants should try and help us okay yes very very important tip on the soul let's begin to cut down okay are we on the last one last one okay all right yes so we got two more to go this is one with the last one to go so stop alcohol if you drink why is it so alcohol is the number one problem confronted a man young man get to socialize by drinking middle-aged men think now they are making it they have to drink and then the older man they went play golf and they have to drink now all of these mean that you're going to be increasing your risk for a number of things one stroke alcohol increases your risk for stroke alcohol increases your risk for having high blood pressure even if you're exercising and do you know the other day it come down okay so you see all of these you had a balance you just don't do 110 and I hide in the gym and say I'm exercising there you go out and drink ten bottles of beer no you are a balance everything and alcohol doesn't matter the kind what a beer hard liquor okay the same the other thing about alcohol is that it destroys families it destroys our brain when we hear alcohol within a believer but as one of the least of their worries it causes dementia you forget when you're sixteen yourself forgetting and then you become confuse accruals families I become aggressive and then destroys your liver so all of this gives us this chance to say alcohol should be stopped okay is there a way to begin to stop because you've been drinking for a long time I guess it would be very difficult to say that I'm I'm stopping yes so it's very difficult alcohol the relaxed races over eighty percent yeah so it's very bad you have to get counselor if you think drinking is a problem you're going to counseling see a psychologist fortunately in Ghana we have a lot of psychologists coming up now that's an addiction clinic in kalibo where you can't see in confidence if you want to come there are private addiction clinics and psychology you can give you okay but most of all to binge drinking so we go around we don't drink then we can we kill like robotics don't go away that is also not good that's also not like apart from the fact that you get an accident that night for drink-driving yeah there are a lot of issues okay so the men who hide in the name of oh I am an occasional drinker that's your advice right there stop it that's what it is yeah this is the last tip okay alright so here we go with our last tip for today is all that we are doing fine so there's the fifth one yes okay so this is very important yeah I think if you don't listen to anything I'm going to talk about you should think about this one okay why is it so the problem with men is that we don't check our health we do not check our help so maybe this is today take it from me that you're better at trying to find out what should I do to myself so I told mama V before I came on lying that my gift for Father's Day if you listen to me is to hold your mind what is your dad is your husband or your boyfriend take him to a good doctor like myself okay I'm kidding but there are a lot of good doctors around let them check in thoroughly head to toe give me lab requests check his prostate check his cholesterol his sugar and then tell you what those numbers are once you know these numbers then you are certain that he will live long for you don't buy me an Apple phone or anything like that take you to the doctor do what the amount of money you're going to use for Apple phone will pay for all the health screening and echo excise rest days though given the best gift the next thing about men is that when they're diagnosed they refuse to take the medicines okay so one they don't want to be checked – they don't take the medicine and as a disaster so when the man gets to 50 to 60 then tens become really really bad so no wonder men die faster or at a higher rate than women so on average men have a poorer prognosis compared to men even from childhood men die modern women and won't get old men die modern man and the common conditions are killed men won the depression are talked about two heart attacks strokes was a cancer okay all of these are preventable through there are lower young men with stroke in Ghana that is really mind-boggling so that is one of our biggest challenges another one that we are seeing is coronary heart disease that leads to heart attack so our youngest person at Kali whoohoo are a heretic was 32 years old so we're getting people adapt young age having conditions a young man came in for the tree he needed to have bypass surgery but were able to help him we'll open up the address for him so we shouldn't take it light at all by screening but it takes an average of 10 to 20 years to build these conditions so but I tell you getting the heart attack it will just happen overnight it took 10 years back so I'll zoom in you checked and your cholesterol is high you take action you might not take medicine but I take action what we're eating excess exercise then by the time you're 40 you're still fine but at any rate 60 you retire gracefully yeah prostate cancer is we can't tell exactly what causes it but blacks had a very high risk and the younger you are the worst prognosis meaning if I'm diagnosed prostate cancer as something yet all this diagonal prostate cancer he would live longer than I would why is that because I have a lot of adren androgens the androgen feeds a concern grows verifies the older gentleman has got no Unruh gene so the prostate cancer doesn't grow that much and a project cancer can be cured if you get it very L can be cured but the issue is a lot of a lot of men are walking around not even knowing not checking and it's a simple test is a blood test they'll check your your prostate sometimes we eat a finger exam or with an ultrasound if you don't want to be violated let them use an ultrasound please check the size of the prostate and then you do it annually if you're at a higher risk start at 80 okay assume your father had an early age start at 80 okay if not by 40 every year check so mothers and daughters please tell your husbands and fathers even the men were of the FRS let them check okay fascinating stuff but the little experience that I have even if you booked the doctor for him he may not go so it's best to carry him along just like how he did when you're young we're young he took it to the house yeah so now is the time to hold him good advice let's give you the opportunity so join us 0 3 0 0 3 0 2 2 1 1 6 9 1 o 2 0 3 0 2 2 1 1 6 9 1 or 2 as a number to call if you want a doctor's advice from the tips that we've given so far 5 tips in all all in the spirit of Father's Day we're trying to help you out one of the things that dog has said you can do you can give us a gift of perfect Father's get gift which is really incredible is to book a doctor's appointment so that we can go through these checks yes a your PSA is which one again prostate specific antigen okay that's for the prostate cancer okay when it's high the doctor interpreted so not all high PSA means prostate cancer so if it is high it could be that the prostate is just big so man we have problems our what topics when we're getting old meaning the prostate can get big and block the urine from flowing okay I can't get into cancer so when it's high the doctor should be able interpreted it is really high to do about then a cholesterol level should be checked regularly at an appropriate level depending on the patient's risk we'll start treatment sugar level should be checked ideally your sugars shouldn't go more than sex when you have been eating okay so it was more than six start thinking am a diabetic or pre-diabetic again you don't have to start medications and then the kidney function is something that we have to really emphasize okay all right let's go to the phone lines now we've got MST's joining us a nest is around the lubob border good morning to you and s hello NS hi Anna okay good morning thank you for calling let's hear your face Hey good morning to talk in this video morning your program is very interesting and very irritated thank you we like the program very much but I want to talk about some of the drinks the normal advertise on the TV some are saying they are good for says well this diable for this understable I don't know I want don't you clarify on some of these pieces to some of the adverts that you hear yes and what what is it I get it for this under and if you normally do some of those in knew why the some harmful effects on our body I want to clarify I get what you're saying but I'm afraid we don't have the capacity to do that right now so let's stick to what we are doing as for the good thing is you have a way of checking because you mentioned FDA so let's stick to that and I speak to Iman Olga Larry and tamale hello am I wrong good morning good morning yes Amano I hope you're well today well great let's hear you yes open that will celebrate a Sunday morning Sunday yeah and so that I'll become fathers and mothers understandable it's not be you not complete a little bit my dad and father time you know get input that they don't and as well responsibilities that God has gone on duty you know God doesn't give you anything that you can handle right so surviving means that it is well and any specific question on what we are discussing yeah I think and what I couldn't do for one of the areas invention and when I took care of my diet of my you know I think I have added a tremendous new yang total in 2012 and I with implemented on that agenda that is I shall did without there I mean that is the Kawada to not vegetable so huge attacking so I think I don't admit at all from there police don't act I started in integral control and I'm curriculum and another people that it is Julia one system in fact lead absolutely go that's some testimony right there thank you very much for sharing Emanuel Gallery in family and all the bests with combining and motherhood and fatherhood together we're proud of you Roger a voice in soon a good morning Rocha good morning yes sir let's hear you yes I want to pan out from dog how old should be a might be before he checked his post real at a level okay doc yes so I mentioned it earlier me say what if you have a family history of prostate cancer in Ghana being a gun in meaning were black our risk is very high so if you have family history of prostate cancer check it early from 30 years on west but a textbook and the recommendations are forty years on ways we should check so most often will start from forty years and then it is nice to check the level once a year when you notice that it begins to go up you check it Sunnah okay yeah and then always interpreted with the doctor discuss with a doctor okay Michael is in a Lube oh good morning Michael thank you for calling me you know were you all very well thank you thanks for asking let's hear you know people at AZ to the doctor thank you thank you well yeah I think something is not that the men doesn't want to go to hospital for this kind of screening but it was a big kind of way that we do so maybe if you could just use the opportunity throat Department an organization to organize you cannot screen another website so it can be can help us and my my question has to do with meat this is fresh meat but what each do you have to stop taking fresh meat what each of them do you have to stop all you you you reduce it you know okay Michael thank you very much thank you very much give me the powers by the power vested in me I call on all HR departments but I think Michael has hit the right point where because of the West cattle we are overburdened but there are companies HR has been developed so nicely these days to the point where the welfare of the worker has become some of the point the problem is even in companies where they offer free services people still don't go so Michael argued with you to some extent but to say I stand I think the behavior the attitude has a lot to do with it and no one particular a time company that has an excellent health facility okay but the people don't go so I think it's a collaboration maybe the workers union and so agitated for salary all the time the workers you know should take it upon themselves to organize health talks education and then screening and I'm when you're screamed they'll pick something and then you can't take it from so I think it's a it's a collaboration so change our attitude HR departments emphasize on screening and management all right and then the doctors who are signed to hospitals try and screen the doctor patients I mean in the webcast all right there's a second lecture it at what point should you stop taking meat in it well there is no age there are vegetarians all over the world who have never eaten meat since they were born and I do you fine so there's no age the problem is how much i eating so i remember the last time we're here i said the food in ghana what should you do should we just stop everything and i said no it whatever mother gave you but in moderation okay so you can eat in moderation cut down the red meat but if you can't at any age if you can stop it it doesn't add much okay all right let's do vincent vincent is our last caller vincent thanks for holding let's hear you okay good morning mr v and doctor good morning okay I just want to find out or do you call it a and are you protein in the urine if if you have protein terrine I want to know the causes of the person theory okay Thank You Vincent from the suit its protein should not be in the urine retention of in the urine so if the laboratory is correct and it's put in the urine there number of things to think about the first thing that comes to mind is to check your kidney function there are other instances whether could be protein a urine like infection if you are the infection you could have protein the urine okay if you have a dirty sort of organ the urine is coming out sometimes I have things that come out with it so normally the infections should be so much think about but a lot of protein in the urine number one ting is a kidney the kidney is able to filter the protein and keep it back in your system once you start to leak protein that means the kidney integrity is compromised that mirror you need dialysis but you need to be checked and normally they can't give you medications that will help prevent the progression of the unary I mean in day their kidney function okay so first cross-check talk to the doctor and then letting refer to a kidney doctor if you are not satisfied okay yes all right let's let's do one that came through for my my very dear friend who is watching the show she says I usually record low readings when checking my BP most times I start experiencing headaches I've been advised to increase my salt intake a bit or take coffee or it's different in the case of man she's asking yes so on the whole women usually have lower blood pressure than men until they are around menopausal aged and they the challenge men in terms of blood pressure readings so young woman is not uncommon to have low blood pressure and 90 over 60 is very common among young teenagers and young girls young women the problem is if you have symptoms that means that it's not just a normal routine okay so the headache will be a symptom it's a centum okay it's a symptom but the headache could mean so many tears headache is a symptom that can be interpreted in so many ways so you can't blame just low blood pressure so it's content you to take salt no we're saying don't take salt but in some instances when the blood pressure is very low when it's peasants turns out you feel dizzy it's low we advise take salt okay if your blood pressure is 90 s always and you haven't headache don't blame it only on the low blood pressure okay so I guess if you're seeing one doctor it will be good to get a second opinion exactly especially neurologist there are lot of neurologists are Co abou who are very good interpreting headaches alright doc sarcoma as always thank you very much for this special edition because of Father's Day enjoy Father's Day on Sunday thank you and if the family is too busy let me know okay I could take you to the movies oh yeah okay so that's our healthy Thursday conversation because of Father's Day on Sunday watch out we have another conversation tomorrow here on the am show and our sister station s empire FM is organizing a Father's Day a special hangout and they're just asking you to come you know we'll give you goodies we'll feed you and then we'll give you gifts and there will be good advice and fun right here if you know where our office is and could calmly come by on Sunday it's a hello to mr. Emmanuel Dennis dad C of echo Bank barrier Branch the message is for you to keep being the big brother that you eyes for my producer echo Sam so enjoy the day today mr. Iman old Dennis that sea of Echo Bank barrier branch stay with us we've got some show business Becky's coming up with show business here on the am show to stay

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