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hey guys welcome back to my channel health lair dr. Reiter here so today's gonna be a little bit different because I've been getting a few questions on the things that I use myself on a daily basis whether it's beauty products or they might take any vitamins and what I do take if I take anything if I use perfumes if I use cream I usually get to sleep if I use things that I'm asleep I'm stressed out what kind of things I love eating on a daily basis and I include them in every single one I know not every meal but most of my meals in most of the days if I drink anything after I exercise what I do drink what I do take so I thought that I would make this really fun interesting video to share with you a few of the things that I use now no I'm not marketing for these products I am just saying that these are the things that I use I'm gonna tell you what I like using them and if you guys decide that you want to go ahead and use them too that's fine if you have your own products that's also fine if you hated this video you can just let me know and I'll never do it ever again okay so let's begin so let's say I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is obviously I shot well no I said coffee and then I jump in the shower once I jump in the shower I have a few things that I had out that I use obviously shampoo conditioner so blah blah but there is one thing that I love using its Neutrogena oil-free acne scrub and I use it on my face I use it on my chest I use it on my arms and I use it because I just I like the way it smells it smells like grapefruit which I really like it also makes me feel like smooth and refreshed and it helps me wake up in the morning and on top with it you know it's oil free and my skin tends to be a little more oily than usual and this doesn't actually dry my face which I don't like other products because usually when you use something else and you put it on your face it really dries you out and it just makes me feel irritated and my skin is a bit sensitive I get out of the shower and the next thing I take gingka vallabha which is basically something that helps your cognitive processes it helps you form memories it helps you with remembering things especially if you're studying so I've been using this since I started medical school and I just have never stopped another thing that I'd love taking is tumeric I take tumeric because it has the similar effects also tumeric apparently has been found to decrease Alzheimer's and mental disease dementia and memory loss and things like that in older adulthood so I thought this was really important I think to mention another thing that I love taking is Garcinia cambogia now Garcinia cambogia isn't a lot of things I actually just received a coffee it's called Java babe and it has Garcinia cambogia in it and it basically just helps your metabolism which is I think fantastic anything I hope your metabolism is great okay I tend to be the kind of person that I love strong sense like I like perfumes that I can smell on myself throughout the day and sometimes I don't but then sometimes I'll reach over and scratch or I'll put my jacket on after I've taken it off and I get that whiff of my of my perfume and I just I love it I love smelling good I love Juicy Couture and I like it because I also happen to have the cream that goes with it so the reason why I like it is because I can apply this screen that has a scent and it's the same exact scent as the actual perfume itself so I'll put the cream on on my legs on my arms and then when I spray the perfume I don't smell different it doesn't change the way it smells I mean like I just feel like it's more like a homogenous scent you know another perfume that I love using is Salvatore Ferragamo and this is the kind of perfume that uh-oh I just smell so good it just use I feel I don't know how to explain it but certain perfumes and certain scents they just make you feel good about you and when you're walking and like wind rushes by and it moves your hair and your hair smells like it and then you smell it and you just feel happy that's kind of like what smells do for me they make me really happy so I love smelling good and I love people that smell good too and I actually complement them if I can recognize your perfumes i also use Burberry now my berry perfume they change I use this one I've been using this one for a while but I used to use a different one I just don't remember the names I'm sorry one of the other smells and other perfumes that I used to love using was chance Chanel I use that one all through high school I also use Perry oz all through high school and middle school so I mean I I've become like emotionally attached and let me tell you smells have so much power your olfactory nerve that helps you you know smell something in your brain is literally sitting right above the area of your brain that stores memories so when you smell something it's obviously not shocking that you're going to remember something from when you smell that originally obviously you got to apply some makeup cuz ladies we love looking good and we're not like guys guys are lucky they can get sleep and they wake up and they don't care they just leave no for us we got to look good no matter where we go and that was kind of raised you know whenever you leave the house look your best cuz honestly you never know who you're gonna run into what do I use obviously blush yes mascara yes yes yes eyeliner yes none of that's important what I find most important is the base and the concealer so my dad's side of the family tends to look a little bit Lebanese although we are not so I do get dark circles under my eyes and so it's always been kind of like a pet peeve of my to really try to work on on myself and like either hide it properly or like treat my eyes adequate get enough sleep hydrate things like that to keep those bags from coming out but one concealer that I have found that is just it's like a miracle it's like oh you know is by fear it's a foundation and basically it's kind of like a cream it's not oily and it doesn't dry my skin out either it's like the perfect balance of both and then I use their veer brush to apply it so I basically squirt it and then I I don't even squirt it because I actually broke but I open it and then I apply it underneath my eye I'm not gonna do it now cuz I already have it on and then I use the brush to kind of kind of like move it around and conceal my eyes and then I do it for the rest of my face I use it all over my face and I love this concealer like I do I'm like in love with it so that's for makeup so now let's say I'm going through my day and I'm revealing really stressed out because of work or because of studying or because something happened in the family and there's like an argument and there's issues or friends or whatever and I'm really stressing out there's something that you guys need to know cents are very powerful whatever you smell in an environment it's going to affect your mood as well it's kind of like when you go to a spa and you know like there's that spa smell that you automatically feel like really relaxed and calm and serene and like eucalyptus and stuff like that it's very similar to that so I sometimes when I get stressed out I use Evita and it's basically a sprain I just sprayed in the air and I walk through it and it just you feel really relaxed and like in a really balanced set state of mind and I'm able to kind of just like take a few breaths kind of focus kind of do like a little meditative mindfulness of like that I'm stressed out I just sprayed this on myself that now it's most delicious focus on my breathing relax my heart rate a little bit and then hopefully within a few minutes I can kind of regenerate and step back into the the craziness of the world and this helps a lot it's really hopeful for me at least so that's for in case you get stressed during your day but you know I work out approximately between 3:00 and six days a week depending on my week depending on my schedule what I can do so this is a huge thing I'm not a gym member outside of school at school I have access to a gym so my workouts vary depending on whether I'm at school or if I'm at home let's say I'm not in the gym what do I do well I love swimming not swimming I go rollerblading but under the Sun I go running under the Sun I go biking under the Sun so these are things that you need to take into account you know you're in the Sun you can't just walk out there and do your exercise without protecting yourself so yeah obviously you put protecting sunblock on your skin and on your face but for my face I tend to be a little bit picky err I use something different so recently I received a gift from free and I have to tell you that this is an incredible product it's three creams and you do it when you're going to work out or on days that you're not gonna work out it's great for your face either working out or not working out you should be applying all three of these things and it kind of like there's instructions that come along with it and it tells you what it has and what ingredients it has and why it's good for you but essentially you have three steps when you're gonna go running outside or doing something outside so the first one you use is protect me I don't know if you can see that and they're gonna focus yes so it's protect me it's a facial moisturizer it also happens to have SPF 30 so it's a great protectant from the Sun now you do have to apply this like any other you know sunblock lotion you know between 15 to 30 minutes before you even go in the Sun to do that otherwise it's not gonna do anything now you have to use purify me purify me basically like a facial scrub that you use after you do your exercise so you're going to do this facial scrub and it just gonna exfoliate a little bit and you it here it is and I really like it if it has a little granules in it and it just feels really good when you do it on your face it smells delicious also by the way which I want with sense like I mentioned and then after that you pat your face dry and then you apply to revive me moisturizer so I have to admit my face dust like I mentioned tend to be a little bit greasy but with these products my face has not changed like it doesn't get more greasy because I'm moisturizing that's why I'm kind of like iffy about moisturizers on the face sometimes at least from my own skin type and this doesn't do it at all I mean this is just it makes me feel so refreshed so good I feel dry yet moisturize if that makes any sense hopefully it does I'm gonna put information on Freight down below so you guys can access it just in case you know I can do this stuff for all other items that I use but this one I think is one of my favorites so that I'm really gonna do that ok so that was my exercise pre-workout what do I do after my workout do I drink anything ok I am obsessed with body armor this one is grape flavored and it's as opposed to workout drink for me it's just it replenishes the electrolytes that you've lost while you're working out and this has to be like this isn't something that you drink because you went for a 10-minute walk no this is something that you drink when you actually exercise and you sweat a lot like if you go to a Zumba class definitely drink this oh my god so I had it my first super class in a really long time maybe three weeks ago at school and I just felt I sweat a lot like when I exercise I sweat when I dance I sweat so for me replenishing all that sweat that I lost and like all the electrolytes that I lost is really important and I found body armor and listen after my workout I took a sip I just felt revived could be just me my subconscious knowing that I'm replacing things that I've lost from the exercise but oh my god I felt so good the flavors are delicious I'm not gonna lie like they they are really delicious my whole family loves them I have to like hide them when I do get him because my sister tends to come over and try to steal as many as she can because she loves this my nephew really loves the flavors also so they're really good for kids too so the day keeps going by and guess what I have plans to go out at night do I do anything different I do especially for my legs I'm a kind of person that I like to have moisturize and shiny like especially when I go out especially if I'm wearing dresses or short I obsessed with benefit so benefit has a lot of stuff they have makeup I've used all their products and I love them all but by far some of my favorite things to use especially when I'm gonna go out are these so these products are kind of like a lush it's like like shininess to your skin obviously I put some cream on my legs and then I get ready and then when I see that I'm wearing a dress or I finally arrive at my final you know what I'm gonna actually wear to go out which usually happens after I've tried on my entire closet so basically what it is it's like if you can see I use it a lot it's kind of like it's kind of like makeup almost but it smells delicious and I told you I'm obsessed with smells and so then you use this little thing and you scrub it and then you just apply it on your legs and what it does it literally makes your legs like you're wearing stockings and not like those stockings that are really opaque but the stockings that are very like skin color skin tone but shiny so your legs just look fabulous and I love fabulous looking legs so I have two different kinds I use them on and off I'm not a favorite like I I just I love the way they smell I love the way they look I just most so good to see this one and then you just use this scrub it and then you apply it on your legs so I love this because it also smells delicious they have cents and I love cents like I said before okay so that's that okay then I went out I danced my butt off I come home it's late at night but now I have to remove all this makeup or what makeup remover do I use I love cleansing cloths I think they are really simple I use many different kinds of brands I use Neutrogena ones right now this past a few weeks I've been using one and only argan oil makeup and I really like this one because are they put in it it removes the makeup does not dry my face but it also doesn't make me feel like I'll have to wash my face afterwards and it smells delicious you open it you take out a strip you remove it and you can throw it in the garbage can and it's just it's fantastic that's about it for today I will see you guys next week thank you so much for watching don't forget to subscribe and comment and like or dislike whichever it's all good I'll see you guys next week bye


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