Health risks could come with dietary supplements

a lot of people take dietary supplements to help lose weight but just because you buy something in a store doesn't mean it's necessarily safe Jason law is on your side with information you need to know about supplements Jason taking a pill may seem like an easy way to lose weight or help stay in shape but supplements could be dangerous to your health hitting the treadmill is tough instead many are turning to dietary supplements we found there are more than 85,000 on the market and something else that might surprise you at the FDA dr. Daniel fabricant oversees dietary supplements sold in the United States for dietary supplements FDA doesn't approve products for safety or efficacy prior to them going to market that's right not one of those 85,000 are approved for safety before you buy them it's information Simone learned too late I never really you know believed that it would hurt me she was using oxyelite pro hoping to lose weight my liver is damaged the second main organ in your body so I was very scared she had pretty advanced liver disease she was pretty darn sick dr. Stanley Cohen treated her she could have been a statistic to be very blunt and honest with you the FDA is now investigating 56 cases of acute liver failure or hepatitis across the country linked to oxyelite pro consumers may look at dietary supplement they may look at a pill form tablet form capsule form and they may think okay this is like the medication I get from my doctor or the prescription and the FDA has signed off on it we found more than 6000 complaints of health problems associated with dietary supplements from 2008 to 2011 and the FDA has identified nearly 500 dietary supplements with potentially harmful hidden ingredients since 2007 in doctors warn of so-called natural ingredients natural just means that it comes from the earth and we don't know much about it and that's the problem even so the nutritional supplement industry insists the vast majority of products are safe any health concern is a very serious one for the consumers involved and we take that seriously but we also think that given the the millions and millions of consumers everyday who use dietary supplements that the kind of problems that have been highlighted really represent just a very small fringe of the industry here's what you can do to protect yourself watch out for false statements like quick and corrective cure-all can treat or cure disease natural doesn't mean safe and FDA approved now right now on we have an easy-to-use resource for you it is a searchable database of products the FDA has found contain hidden and potentially dangerous ingredients so on right now Claude and Carol

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