Health Problems That Hurt Your Brain Power (And What You Can Do To Stay Sharp)

as we get older it's important to stay on top of our health and this includes our brain but there are certain health issues that can affect your cognitive abilities now a study looking for links between high blood pressure and mental performance found a connection it aged the brain by 2.7 years hearing loss can also affect your mental health when compared to people with normal hearing researchers found a thirty to forty percent increased risk for cognitive decline and those who suffered with hearing loss and are you one to skimp on sleep not enough time dozing at night can affect your thinking one sleep study found older people did poorly on cognitive test when they got less than six hours of sleep and if you're overweight you should be concerned as well a 2012 study over ten years found obese participants had a 22% decline on testing when compared with those closer to their ideal weight and if you don't spend enough time in the Sun you may be low on vitamin D research discovered that low levels of vitamin D in people were linked to a 60% more chance of suffering from cognitive decline to help support brain health here are my prescriptions as always so first protect your hearing noisy situations can kill the hair cells and nerve endings in your ear so wear earbuds and/or protectors when necessary also eat a well-balanced diet we always talk about this you don't have to give up your favorite comfort foods but do eat them less often also get seven to nine hours of sleep a night create an ideal dark environment with a cool temperature and lastly get enough Sun or take a vitamin D supplement you can also eat foods containing this vitamin like milk eggs and salmon it's also important to watch your blood pressure and take steps to reduce it if it's high having a good social network engaging in regular physical activities and make and managing your heart risk factors could all help your brain to stay healthy while reducing your risk of mental decline for 7 Action News I'm doctor Parton Andy thank you doctor the

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