Health Problems in Refugee camps in Lebanon

if we put the question why are people ill I think there's a lot to do with very poor conditions in which they live very few opportunities for them to be able to take responsibility for their own health the levels of stress means high levels of smoking and all those kinds of factors that one sees across poor communities across the world very poor personal hygiene that's possible because the environmental conditions are so bad there there are poor practices because the levels of education have been bad and then when it comes to women's health especially there is high degrees of personal neglect in the sense that a mother will always provide for her family first in the sense that girls are probably less have of the small incomes that they have girls have smaller share of it and there's a tendency to invest in boys levels of an anemia for instance in women are much higher than in men just levels of anxiety are much higher in women than in men you've got sort of growth issues stunting issues lack of education all those sorts of things which is which is very worried

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