Health officials urge people to stop hoarding supplies | KVUE


  1. I went to HEB today and wow was it a mess.
    I guess tap water for me it is…

  2. Hoarding is boosting the economy.

  3. The Hoarding Will Never Never Stop!!! Americans do know better now—but it's too late for them. They should of did this every month for the last 5 years. The government will have choice but to institute nationwide rationing (perhaps ration stamps). The New Norm!!!

  4. Yeah, we see how unprepared they are.
    Why would we take their advice?

  5. All that food will eventually end up in the landfill.

  6. I didn't see any stockpiling in the video. If government officials are worried about stockpiling then they should have already started rationing. At least some retailers are doing it voluntarily.

  7. So if you don't go get your 2weeks supply of food and necessities and have to be quaranteed or are sick that would be worse.

  8. If the government tells you you dont need to do something, you need to do that something.

  9. The Dumb A$$ News Station's Caused This S**T With The Constant 24-7 Fear-Mongering BULLS**T!!!!!!!🤔 So Yes People Get Worried!!!!!! 😠

  10. When do the food riots start, these idiots are just helping it along by
    not leaving anything for anyone else but I doubt that ever occured to

  11. When do the food riots start, these idiots are just helping it along by
    not leaving anything for anyone else but I doubt that ever occured to

  12. People are just plain dumb in general get a grip

  13. All the people who started shopping this week, are all the people who where laughing and smirking. And trash talking behind the backs of people who tried to warn them 2 months ago.

  14. people hoarded houses and left others to die on the streets.
    why expect any different behaviour with food ?

  15. When the government tell you don't panic…… Also be sure to cover up in toilet paper, my sources say its the only thing that prevents the corona.

  16. Me next week: " Everything is full, I can't believe it".

  17. Maybe if the government did their jobs people wouldn’t have to take matters into their own hands! Common sense!

  18. By you saying don't hoard on the news, CREATES more hoarding…just what "they" want

  19. hoarding supplies is something that everyone must do… if you got everything (stuff), you do not need to go outside !

  20. I am 130 miles away from the nearest small city in Texas. The local super Walmart is about half empty of grocery items. One of the guys who stock shelves told me a truck delivered 2 palltets of toilet paper yesterday. They brought in the first pallet and put it next to the aisles to get ready to stock, then they went out to get the 2nd pallet. By the time they got back, ALL the toilet paper on the first pallet was gone. They never even got to put it on the shelves before customers grabbed it and put it in their carts.

  21. These people would be the people who would die if the grid stayed down for 6 months!

  22. How do you stamp fear if the US leader is a pathological liar and an absolute idiot.

  23. 01:57 Women who die their hair are nothing but DRAMA….never date or marry a woman with un-natural hair color. They are nothing but trouble and DRAMA!

  24. The governor probably has a 2 year grocery hoard stash. Do as we say … Not as we do.

  25. if the toiletry isle is a example of how much trust the u.s. people people have in our government I'm glad people are waking up!

  26. The main reason people hoard-buy is to stock up at the current sale prices in bulk. Once the new stocks come in, nothing will be on sale but increased prices.

  27. the weak in action

  28. When they said DON’T .. then DO FASTER


  30. fearmongering is more deadly than Corona-Chan.

  31. They encourage preparedness, but not stockpiling? Huh?

  32. We are not fighting“2 epidemics “, actually we are fighting 3 epidemics and the 3rd epidemic is call: ( toilet paper virus)😂🤣🤣.

  33. Yep you listen to the government and
    I’ll go get toilet paper !

  34. ⚰️1984 Becoming reality!⚰️🔄🔄🔄🔄

  35. If living among humans, many of them mindless zombies who cheer freaks like Trumpsky, you might as well be dead anyway

  36. Who cares what they say stock up on tnings that you need if you need to stay home for three months and if this thing blows over its stuff you will use eventually anyway. And the last thing any of us is willing to do is let our children go hungry for any reason. And think about how much food every member of your family eats in a month if anything i need to stock up twice as much!

  37. All  of  that  crowding  in  the  stores  would  cause  more  of  a   risk  of  being  exposed  to  the  virus.

  38. People need calm down

  39. Weak people that what they are….unbelievable

  40. Why should we trust the government now? Let this sink in…they knew about this virus in November 2019

  41. Urging isn't stopping the problem. Rationing might. Perhaps we need 'coupons' issued, allowing us to purchase x amount of y product until the crisis is over. The wife and I haven't found TP, anywhere we've gone, for over a week now.

  42. Fear may not be a virus but its spreading like one.

  43. When they say don’t panic it actually means…

  44. If a hole opened up are they just going to jump in like if someone told them jump off a cliff they are so dump society sucks i hate people

  45. Limit supply purchases

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