1. Churchill has finished the Goan contractor and Goan people when he was pwd Minister

  2. Lauzerio we sattari people are well educated then u so city people u people are illitrat that's y u elect the illitrat people's like Churchill joaquim Vijay don't u dare to Tell us uneducate what wishwajeet rane is doing that's his problem

  3. Instead of taking measures to protect the people of goa, by strict testing and checking of fish entering goa for formalin and quality .He is just warning the people not to eat . All people know where fish is coming from during this ban. What is his role? Is he doing his job? Why is he not assuring people dat fish bought will be free from formalin. Each batch should be tested and not random checks or what they call as surprise check which is all rubbish. There should be measures taken to check testing department doesn't take bribes.

  4. Sir Churchill thank you very much for your advice. May god bless you. BJP only loot mar loot loot mar.

  5. Churchill you talk sense n that idiot son of his father's driver talk all nonsense. Wisvajit n Chordessai are only meant to be pimps. Weldone Churchill an for educating ignorant Goan.

  6. Churchill u are right, you have given the advice to Goan people to wake up to save their lives.

  7. Bro im from colva im der for u.

  8. Well done Churchill bab, we goans are with you.

  9. Good advice from bab churchill to all the goans , this formalin lace fish was preserved in January February when it was cheap and now this outsiders charge us double the rate , also it is bad for our health so goans take good advice from churchill bab thanks

  10. Great Churchill bab. ..those are fucking bullshit asshole. ..toiletries. ..choor rane. ..

  11. Sodanch oso ranv goenkar rakondar

  12. Visvajit Churchill may be uneducated but ur voters r uneducated thats why u r fooling ur voters & getting re elected

  13. Valor tuka…….

  14. Thanks Churchill bab for raising issue of fish one minister is aware of this issue

  15. Bab churchil devan tuka Bori bolaiki deum ani vailankani saibinin tuka sodach rakom goikar pasot tum kub vavurta tuji deak soglea goichea ministerani geauchi

  16. Most of the people from Vishavajit Ranea Constancy is uneducated that is the reason he surviving till the day 2 day

  17. Stop formalin fish entering into Goa immediately

  18. Churchill Bab, thanks very much. l like your beautiful advice.

  19. Vishawajit is like his father Toilet man full of shit .

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