Health : Life style disease prevention

and now let's move on to a health segment where false based life of the 21st century has resulted in increase of life start later diseases or disorders especially among young adults regular exercise and meditation goes in a long way in preventing these diseases more detail in this report with the rapidly changing lifestyle in the past few decades prevalence of lifestyle diseases has reached alarming proportions among Indians in the recent years lanceton disorders are not only becoming common but are affecting relatively younger adults they are in the form of non communicable diseases like diabetes hypertension coronary artery disease obesity and in the form of addictions if you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle which doesn't include that you are not exercising we are not taking your diet properly you are not taking plenty of water you are not sleeping well at you are not sleeping at least for seven hours so these are the factors which will lead to all these diseases lifestyle disorders are potentially preventable and can be lowered it is essential to carve out specific strategies to tackle the rising disease burden the mantra today is fitness it is mental physical emotional well-being how you will be mentally physically emotionally well you can only be well if you sleep on time you get up early in the morning you go for work you go do exercises you do some yoga you do some fun I am and during the day you keep working after every hour you take instant recess for ten minutes and that you can walk you can do aerobics you can do a little bit of yoga or stretching so that it keeps your metabolic rate healthy you eat small you eat healthy very small fruits vegetables you eat so eat small eat healthy walk walk walk and do some exercises and then you sleep well once you will sleep well then it is you know it takes care of many many problems and then drink plenty of water plenty of water means at least eight to 12 glasses of water you should drink daily so that your toxins are removed from body adopting the lifestyle may have to reduce the rest of many health problems and keep you fit and healthy Kiran bhardwaj BD news

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