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good afternoon welcome to dr. stock it was a topic infertility I like yesterday kiss someone's inner circle are okay Sam Massell oh so Preity Raju yet oppa topic by discussion certainly Allah gave me money and they ever cheat on course awareness creates a time goes on dr. Johnny Carino's Cremant already gone nursing a gynecologist from image hospital multiple nunchi the screen for numbers equality Samila Mahdavi sinclair fetches condé volume each in the country so thoroughly than the line disconnected on the wise cleric to another cup of tea so me ready gone today hello madam good afternoon eros you want to then much more tycoon unpretty road oka topic Romano well chase suno Nam general cavity so hero 210 college Machado in a new Bala sama silly when a Calista topic partner Charlie Google sweet so soon I that boon is still key done good conscience abdominal nononono mamaliga BP over can agony allamanda Cora 90/60 at loggin together will not come that the 139th I poured on carbon in low I did realize could chair at be peony and heyoka 30mm pine on knotty 15mm Kindle Nadi anti systolic BP diastolic PP and there 96 Tito Stratton on Mikey Oh Michael obtained and a minor 120 60 kookaburra him Kalpana debate agura 120 75 normal VPN Huebner abdomen de la pah cases su CH a lower quadrant fake outlet Molineux you know albumin gotta change call so you Norman chestnut blue carbon is tricky woke up provoked a decade Krita melanda dente Carla poem Gullu BP ela proteinuria at the point 3 gram per deciliter runny it love mum pH key definition each ever know what they only need the Eddie month Assessor here in the criteria the BP 120 protein change and enter simple he program over to sunup are valid Oh Oh car MP any arena minimum while responsible to coach MVP ik one which in the ADA Burcu takuna Vulcan Pentagon e-book a protein and a DJ okay okay and in a money no clear children keep retinas Tanaka cycle okay Mikey regularity boudoir Alan Chi I do are alwa kun the to move into a to era way of corrosion in Chi air do into I do Pedro's will become mere normal Ghani Paragon is tama mata ante me queer away okay Rosalyn chimú Pedro de lijn ad-rock oka streaky oka cracking company Miku one-week delay indent a person algo para el mundo else in the I do are a London Mata but Pedro's Lou me clock setter and a pine in cheek in the Q and a hormonal cascade on that long to Dante pratima payroll chemicals thing at the me who someone in journalism he bio biological ground a rhythm knee yes tricky Varkey Allah given to the ideale pretentious tomorrow manager aagadu so Danville llama keg release an ad difficulty out on the kanka bukit cina formal on the hint and a mirror window or moped Rosalyn Chi but Naru result is a saintly are Climaco era where crows will keep make a gorilla suit only so pada Maduro supa DeRosa Mirchi Panetta follicular strategist egg release moon octopod to me with Sean Lowe so kwangin careful gah ok higher center low molecular imaging this contain mikeg approves no eyes iike tells me okay mom indexed a parent a right I'm gonna call this Connie male topic discussed here don't call our it is not a hollow now must say my page open taken and she may gluten King all right doctor got to Maternity okay Japan drachma Kumari guru hello good evening okay actually okay hello wind based in the mouth put Ted okay okay I'm sure – this is a Reno right Odie she didn't out of the lake on our model you take a minute chances with Mia fine VIN Andy geography oven and in in in the coca-cola kill antidote ocean and clarity conscience channel but anyway McCain Monello chin dikanka general got regular got checkups change condi focus our scissor and Indian car normal out on the unship integral ado definite a hospital can learn D nipple Baga into the grave mother lipo in Apollo general game was not a normal OJ with hunger I put on up to a doctor Cora our pcs Aeron chair firstly the middle school Bacchus rcz r n8 a institutional delivery done in our Mulga deliver chest a vaginal birth after cesarean section and anteron mata so rend OD miku hospital or deliver a volley a la cocoon de indication same on a McCrory current indications from taken car Melissa's air in Chester the on top artwork on family planning may change : contain to back to my cousin Cora dr. carp is some potential zone okay madam next to colic reveille chest hello hello yes tell people to Adi no problem Mon Ami Rooney rest Center loamy Kinte they're gonna ever in a qualified doctor on a topic on dogs RL to pitch only McCamey atlas enter only the promotional gotcha only then D definite kamek the girl own de Vaca gynecologist important Chi Mira choose Connelly whoa coverlet miku-miku Kalyan Kuno crew definite America Costa me help Cheston j-money God Oh Connie Miku I got a local Garen only to see me treatment 232 available system gonca Jay Galle get a battery MOOCs are our own inch Cooney children all gala in the concur me roomie mrs. so if they're called a Tesla change Conde than in chief Arthur gamma coq au vin de Portillo castle and Thor Cunha and a little scored on after okay madam next to color code of a chestnut oh hello hello Shepherd mama Peru nothing to put your diamond englishmatt Landsman okay so president dr. cusamano Andy collector and I'm staying super ajaja Pondi I mean who creates to rate comment and it well I II one another he wrote Mindy okay completely exhausted after the cryptic easy body problem and get there oh all right working orally or any tablet teacher and little ensue para whatta a champion is carrying a spirit easily okay Santa Paula rain falling T to a normal government the trip to normal Giroux when auntie vallenato really a credit note about 15 days who has been to the keys on Randy having pregnancy with the councilman chapter okay can you extra didn't kind napkin jump a rose to learning karate containers and elegant and tapioca procedure hit just G fallopian tubes who said at approve you trust Nick winch on biotechnology than instruments to catch a see Diana the inject Chester our time no antibiotic capable son Tandy anti-flu Miko ofloxacin no Tata metronidazole Calif in combination or time look Moon Allah rosal wat also sneak but calm across our roll a token kundi Nathan too many errors to dr. the gurkel take antibiotics is the Muir chapter nap Ithaca klonopin air attack the potent D audit agony hello legally he test to general cafe weeks are whatta you run tests to bug a dark line of stomata control light tuganda illegal chase from the tube at evac iid later who cooks her support house remote only on the conduct Garou in 20 threatened abortion lager treat JC bedrest county he recommend tablet loo this Connelly any maintenance Cosmo cocks are progesterone code I stone taru a lan-evo to malama Co baby concho carry forward out on the abortion desk tagging interpreter antic our baby vegandon car do anyways can Jacinta whatta maybe heart beatin delayed ojos Cavalli Dan Thurber tamale two weeks repeated Kokoda Miku I was from what normal scan okay I need next to color could've a chestnut oh hello hello – mommy parent ma Geeta madam Yutaka Takenouchi oh no okay doctor guys too much already yep anima get down namaste cool yes good little fucker it is just a normal material and I'm not a madam okay Brenda sorry ingest now first to osc2 tablet you see Liam not a DDM say 43 that I had written by a Thai mechanicing okay okay 14 today in this until tomorrow yeah Thank You Mia to tape animal an injection Delta sine 15 participate city 16 scanning grandmother here man Oh hmm at revision la mamma duopoly chain of course if you have a car right now jo jo successfully they pay no anyone was gonna put it injection of taser cuz i injection along next to my cousin 208 a ballistics-gel madam okay then want a big cool make what they got blown up in the cost manager I'm going to come to church and a deacon sorry stannum right are they at the end enter McGee say killer was thrown taken car x-ray induced Jason approved micophone injections called H in Apollo ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome ano cartoon Dona Marta antinol Gary the egg so kazarka way to the Lord or mala each in a pain and a drought you didn't know the intent they into mitosis patient mo Mira Nair equal to choose Cavalli Alan to put in the route on Dante mundo para mundo menses Mandela means his time Roman sister bath Cora he put Takata klonopin Eddie consultant only he painting it animal Emma no endometriosis main a diagnosis though so a de Vaca recent are Watty puss a male urinary tract infection of Allah khuda protocol panadeine epic ordinal mortal ADA general de uterus taken in Chi un'ytu topical on decoder infection prone zones Conca orcas are you catch any antibiotic the clear cover to tell them it's can Jace no blue yo HSN and by Templeton here the mi Knox army doctor categorically me samosa discuss see Muraki sorrows are with the scan J's kana treatment is calls us to me Oh canon in extra-curricular a chestnut oh hello hello hello mommy lime no Martin are oh hello hello Meera Chaplin they call Tess area then a problem on the health problem oh yes yeah we're kind of problem doctor that will run our car but – yes Piero a condom so cheap in modern day economic layers in R&D monday 1100 Kennedy talked about the margin and it's happening locally below okay dinero okay hello Inka Dan well let me Kevin a bundle Anaya mixed I rode Samus and a car will not protest chassis mix chaplains are again they can be good no problem uni own entire identity nerdy done malama coach any bundle into enemy mrs. K me bundle Latonya Norton oh no ok so miru in 24 Carboni low thyroid chin young Caracara Khalsa masala Navy Monday oka zone D anti-modern l-dopa like the abortion entire Oman LNG in Manila local quarry abortions I have castlecore down knee at erotica baby mundo gonna buy the garage to beat the karate redundant sama say only rock rock Elena a bundle a Tony and the year a comment I wrote else Cavalli Tabata he pre the TSH nad elevator indigent hedonic etag injured on key tablets per tonne Turk IRA no money it learnt we can eat our chopper eggshell 12 else's knee blood tests on a regular the Jays calls us ok mom in the coca-cola Windham want a bed rest and not even chicken only a cougar a chair Amanda pregnant ladies low bed rest and intervene to know in the can tell cause in T ante stress so basically barrack winema Danville ain't and the Robo so he traveling lottery to well Adam third of the job good in choke attention this code mo so even little though whatever it is pollution I under 3 a then under to bid adieu Dallas are you gerak Oporto be someone a child common pregnancy were generative of soon amidst abortion iPod hello ok do this back up change gonna stick when Yahoo sugar level Senayan Chaparro io 160 minimum normal canonical 178 to delay having a minor problem when gia panama didn't green team except on a meet in an Apollo 95 you Cana anti fasting blood sugar ooh 95 mg per day Elkanah a Kona Eamonn Athena Tarwater in do control Tabata 120 mil chiptune the correct got 160 178 kacha tanka sugar level a mantra ear awakened iacocca want a Mickey pregnancy low sugar routine Anya no yella motor desire diagnosed chest nor do 75 grams glucose by 10 inch hg g TT and a test chase it through a currency after otter diabetic diet petal Alec with a respond of a capita insulin potala nad uka a gynecologist Connie endocrinologist Connie mere samples in China puto Mika Salo hey what a manage the route only at 160 mm – sugar 178 a sugar gotta yell Academy ID and a pregnancy Louie values on it in Kotaku there Martin normal Walter made compact a scholar in the contain a glam roller functional Atlanta mana d GF r bar t pregnant sila values Nanette codeine Chi double hetero recommendation soon a Samba I do fasting connect una mujer away rendu control Tabata wanna catch atanga Miku a sugar an ad e pregnancy launch in Damon on Eddie dr. Garuda Dhruv occurrence adam automata oral GTT with 75 grams it recommendation nama top economy retest will change condi hba1c and Oh Carlton nama glycosylated hemoglobin not a modern Elega cannot make sugar levels boggle a vamo Kota artist la gota tells mana mana if you change Cooney me reverse no endocrinologist quota sampling G diabetic insulin okay first time pregnancy Amma mother Dussehra Miku Amma mother deserve indica Vallecano our time alone a telethon Matta money low pollutant the baby key and a swimming pool on the baby at ninja – it means our to coddle tone Tony Nanami report filter first time allah tala vacati ela fill out and clicking on Terran method mid Chuck Donaghy are on Ellen a time alone a mother dasarha mix hello stone they can come in Conger partner ooh bye MA me how strongly do but me charity Kouga water aunty at the cable of scan low thelusson gonca he triangular mic recommended scanty for scan then dan cork oval take em on away below polonium a bit de way to see dr. Shepherd on the route on they go and do it if us can okay next caller Cora hello hello hello I must say mommy pH open D party magnetic energy okay indicate delay Gandhi Cal doctor get the Martin MA okay I think you ready treatment is for the nothing much really okay I did it it is awesome half of it only he would know it really Cybermen lady honestly a steadily faatima girl move a tent on a doctor than I do – Norma made me wait in terbaru Naru okay I bet the cuckoo ricado a cougar in Jimmy recovery of a candy in the context dr. Kirk II am on the list a a olanta size and take quality quantity rendu quran mata anti-fertility time low in Zeus aren t any x-ray laser theny high-quality 18 mm ooh 20 mm rich othon delay the correct time low third Kirill is often delayed on any molecule or imaging JC mix chap don't are mere mothers are well taken cock follicular study and a DJ man ho tomorrow dr. Kirk sue Chincha watch oh I was run but eval CUDA treatment chase through Conger Parkin basically in intimate Chalobah rego narew what are you going to target Ramallah a GU Kodokan Chewbacca mutiny fertility chances could have a ruthian Matta so on the Gunny ages to frequent to visit chain deduct Kearney multiple switch and miracle treatment this Conley Oh Canada next to collar could have a chestnut oh hello hello now must aim up a chip and a another guardian you know actually by the nunchaku they be hard on you know no job Ferragamo husband G now gue period to regular route sheep is your only problem for hello no mint ownership is PC wouldn't any problem as a headline about at i reproach Indy okay ladies Avenue your tiny potentially do item on Maori Sangha 2008 in on a Jaguar Lonnie other fellow country by and madam okay Ronnie mr. Capas nanny or children madam in and a chromosomal infection and if any man of lemon JP karyotype changer mana how come out of a nerdy me reentrant a anyway the la Orana car bomb what that is our mana fibrillation approve okay okay abortion I know chromosomal tests Lani offs from wounded oh sorry mikela go changer concurred on LOI me bundle a then put a missile stay dan wouldn't march upon didn't go in Chicago Rica Conde he could make I was remain the information in turn take thyroid Walla at the control only in a proportion so they PC woody luiku go to die Trotta central low on tape portable owned a Kabul Agora abortion Chicago there and a PC would allow a continent a he's Trojan higher ground II abortion I elegant on the cotillion own amo check chess corny Bacchus Aria in the can Cayenne token temir go holla em Dell gammer conceive candy box are conceived I arrow next time Marley can see water top economic baby port only have a hope in life definitely I intend to focus our point enemy row near as a Predacon oh can I be next to caller Cora hello hello Shepherd mommy pero okay monitor continues okay an adjacent anomalies a paranormal owner our own in chiharu point I do an ad highest to hba1c I'm takenaga-kun dan coonley baby low Aviva low poly and a mother demoon de la loi Vedanta conquer he moderately Kouga arrival Apollo say an Amir chapter named Menelik Anika pasar Tamela Mann Act also Toledo sugar or not to you can into diabetic diet and admit follow che Andy his sugar Troodon goes not to original practice switch any part engine broken any dr. John kicker if it's Quidditch Alex occur starting da Vinci or like a platicas three it's a girth of a hinge alley abortion I did well hope Nevada Lukaku than JP y lo que hacen e Vince even W my dad had a bunch of counting and zip code City thank you very much Andy okay yes dr. Jeong ji guru mother for image hospital on the background talk about the consultant evoking a summer cavity dehydration I out cash money McKenna pregnant ladies low so a while jaggabhai in Charlie beeping negligee could the fridge so Chavez month eBay big health could a shallower danger and chapter doctor so dr. Chapin a practical solution if Allah wanted held accountant he was a doctor stock namaste [Applause]

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