Health Insurance Sales – Outbound Calls to Clients

when you sell a Medicare Advantage or a Part D plan the government requires that every carrier then calls the client to verify that they understand what they purchased and to answer some basic questions your job as an agent is to prepare the client for that call it's called the outbound verification call it's called different things by different carriers and many of the companies actually include a checklist in the application that says you will be receiving a call they're going to ask you was your agent on time was she courteous what plan did you buy was do you understand it's not a Medicare supplement do you understand that they are in and out of network benefits etc so your job is not just to say hey you're going to be getting a call but to actually explain to them how that calls going to work it's very important that the clients understand that they're not supposed to ask questions they're not being called by a licensed agent they're being called by a call center that's just calling to verify they know what they bought is basically not a Medicare supplement so if they say hey yeah I love my agent she was great I understand internetwork benefit Network benefits but my doctor just changed practices and I'm wondering if he's still gonna be in network now that he's over at Carmel care I can't ask those questions that actually gives you a failed score on that outbound verification it shows that you didn't prep your clients properly because you didn't tell them they can't ask questions like that if they have questions they need to turn around and call you the agent or call customer service you need to just answer the questions asked to them yes or no and you need to prepare them for what those questions are going to be basically did you get the full kit do you know how to disenroll do you understand you'll get you a welcome letter in so many days and your ID cards will be mailed in so many days it's critical that you get a good score because every agents scorecard for compliance will include a column on outbound verification and unfortunately we have a lot of people that get low scores on these outbound verification calls if you get a low score somebody from the company will be calling you to try to re-educate you and explain to you the significance of the call and to help you better train your clients in the future thank you


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